Proposed mandatory video recording of the use of weapons

The state Duma continues to please the gun owners. The impression is that citizens with guns, especially with traumatic, one of the main today’s problems. What initiatives do not offer – one of your last.

“According to Oleg Nilov, a lot of crimes lately is made with the use of traumatic weapons, the main purpose of which is self – defense and protection from violence. At the same time, do protect citizens is difficult to prove in court that the use of weapons was justified. The proposed bills are designed to protect and unarmed citizens, the very gun owners”.

I would like to see the statistics before talking about “a lot”, and, most importantly, to share that General statistics on the lawful and unlawful use of a weapon; to understand how many lives are saved non-lethal weapons, and how many times it was the reason of refusal of a crime?

While there are no statistics to speak about the dangers or benefits of traumatic weapons pointless. And it is very interesting how the proposed amendment will protect “unarmed civilians”?

“The first innovation is the name of the man with the gun, says the author of the idea. – The COP’s badge number, bright, brilliant, large. And the owner of the weapon – a traumatic or combat – must be a sign”.

Something that reminds you, dear reader, was one “democratic” country, which also marked individual citizens, so it was easy to distinguish from the rest. By the way, it ended very badly…

And if in fact – what are tokens? Want to highlight armed citizens, just ban concealed carry, and everyone will carry a gun in an open holster on top of the clothes, but experience has shown the futility of such a measure. In addition, at whose expense is all this? Oh yeah, more on that below.

“The next innovation – mandatory video recording of the use of weapons. According to nil, technologies allow to embed in a badge police video recorder the size of a match head, and at the time of extraction of the pistol from the holster it can automatically turn on. Thus it is necessary to stipulate that it was not possible to erase the video nor the owner of the weapon or the attacker who wants to do it.”

Very cool, you have to buy camouflaged camera is a felony, and to require such wear is normal.

But here the question – is worn the weapon every day for years but rarely used and not all; as if no video camera is broken, or the batteries sat down – once recordable the owner of the weapon to blame? Not to mention the technical or financial side?

Camera of a match head, and the battery, and 9 months of winter and cold? Will you oblige a “man with a gun” from shackles to wear?

Well, the cherry on the cake:

“But to obtain such a badge will need to re-register. And this, according to the Deputy, is also an important point, because today is “bred” a huge number of weapons, and not all of it is properly registered.”

That’s a real indicator of immersion in the subject, you hope to catch unregistered firearms re-registration was?

Once again we are faced with trying to make life difficult for owners of legal weapons, and covered it all against illegal guns.

If even the legislature has no clear understanding of the differences between these phenomena that can be expected from the amendments to the law?

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