Re-registration of weapons in Regardie: how much and where to run

Almost five years ago in “the HORN” was published my article “the science city is quiet,” dedicated to the re-registration of hunting weapons. What has changed in the intervening period, today Regardie has a so-called service in the center of Russian cosmonautics – the city of Korolev.

All in all, I was not surprised in the changes that gave us the leadership of the new Department. ut the follow-up call to the licensing Department did not consider it superfluous.

For reference, everything is clear, but mandatory registration on the portal “public Services” is somewhat strained. However, the answer: “I Have no Internet” sent to the MFC to receive a one-time password…

Naively I did. Name, social security number, e-mail, phone number, and after 10-15 minutes it turns out that I’m on “Services” for several years.

Here was my first mistake, refused to update the old password.

The password in the bowels of the computer there was no problem, and “public Services” I was out, but the password is persistently refused to recognize.

As it turned out later that you can go to the website only need for exactly one of the three (snils – e-mail – phone) is proposed to identify the items.

Combining with the old password regularly received notice that it must change. If I have to, do. Get on the phone needed SMS; acting on muddled instructions, regularly receive notice about the lack of privacy of the access key.

Finally, like all right, but expired five minutes allotted to this manipulation, and I must say everything first.

Finally something happened, but to go into my account somehow just never left.

Having studied the proposals in the gun Department was limited to the appointment on time. Popped up price: 280 RUB my computer Saga is over.

And on the appointed day and hour certificates, and all copies thereof, documents and guns headed to LRO.

A little bit about what preceded it. Found in the search engine coordinates the city’s substance abuse and mental hospital. Immediately popped up the next proposal to save time and money – to deliver help to the house.

Act like a law-abiding citizen. A psychiatrist and foremost khodka, Cup for pee-pee only “people with a gun.” Fill two papers, a contract for the provision of services and something. A few minutes of nervous waiting, sign four papers and help is at hand.

Mental hospital – the establishment of a special, if not for the white robes, then to understand, where the doctor and who is the patient, difficult.

And on the website information about the inquiry touches, the approximate meaning of the words: “Our mental hospital is the best, for a reasonable fee you will receive a certificate on the same day”. Hour waiting to talk with motorists and hunters in line, and need help available.

Here we should digress a warning for visitors to such places. In the queue was the motorist, whose private clinic “divorced” to EEG for 800 RUB, saying that without this examination the psychiatrist will not accept.

And the last medical “touch”, the final reference 002 o/u in the medical unit № 6 MCC Royal space Corporation. Here I would like to mention, this is the final therapist.

Checking hands, feet, and everything that could prevent to hold a gun, the doctor checked blood pressure, listened to chest, and to the question why such attention to my person, said, “the Duty of every physician to give the patient advice on the maintenance of health, to prescribe the necessary medications.” That was a pleasant surprise.

So, I’m on the verge of LRO at the appointed time. No one, I am one, and started… All help are driven in the computer, it is not so quickly obtained. Inspection of rifles. Any remarks that smooth-bore guns assembled in long cases.

I have a registration renewal for two guns and a license to purchase. No questions why a third barrel, only sound nice sum for the license.

I passed into the following hands that should fix in your account on the “public Services”. And everybody here is repeated what I wrote above.

As a result, the solution is found, invented again a new password, apparently this is a standard situation.

When LRO I was under the impression that employees are “on the ground” employees of Regardie very sympathetic to the gun owners who suffer from innovations “gods”.

Less than a month, and on call, what about my business calmly replied, “been ready”, casually mentioning that the information is in your account on the “public Services”.

The only positive aspect of e – services- 30% discount, which in my case amounted to a nice bonus – 900 RUB.

In General, except for the financial component and electronic tricks (due to weak computer literacy), no difference after five years is not noticed.

The final calculation was:

  • Psychiatrist – 2400
  • Mental hospital – 800
  • Hospital – 800
  • Extension 2 units – 700
  • License to purchase – 1400

Total: 6100 roubles

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