Nick Clewlow’s Early Season Trout Fishing Essentials

Whether you favour carrying your essential bits and pieces in a pack, or in a vest, there are a few things I really wouldn‘t be without but first off I do need to mention one of the new vests that has just landed in–store, the Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest.

It‘s nearly time to head back out onto the rivers, so we asked Nick Clewlow to take a quick look at some of his tackle essentials. What‘s in the pack, Nick?

Not only is this a brilliant bit of kit, as you would expect from the team at Fishpond, but it is also made with entirely regenerated nylon waste materials, such as fishing nets and old carpets, and as such it represents an industry-leading effort towards sustainable design. All of us here at Sportfish are well in favour of that!

Now Watch Nick’s Reveal His Essential Kit

Moving on to the bits and pieces themselves, I love these Leeda Profil Leaders, which are a great and very affordable leader option. 3lb, 4lb and 5lb cover all my early season trout fishing perfectly.

If you plan to fish dry flies then you must ensure you have a bottle of Gink in your pack, it‘s one of the most important things you will carry. If you fish CDC patterns, then Frog‘s Fanny or Dry Shake are great options.

Along essentially similar lines (no pun intended) the other product I have with me, which I find vital on sunny days and clear chalk stream water, is Mud. When fish are coming up to your fly and spooking or refusing, you need to remember that it may not actually be the fly that‘s wrong, but the visibility of your leader. Treat it with some Mud and see if that encourages the takes, by making your leader ‘disappear‘ you may find the fish are more confident.

Of course a fly box packed with appropriate patterns for the beat you are fishing is a must–have. My fly collection is a little disorganised…but if you like to keep things neat and ordered (and you really should) then these C+F Small Waterproof Boxes are excellent. As far as patterns are concerned, you‘ll find me with hare‘s ears, daddies, shrimp and caddis and klinkhammers, but go with what you have faith in!

Some quality forceps on a lanyard are essential and I‘ve got my trusty Sportfish Gold Loop 5.5in Scissor Pliers, which are a combination scissors and forceps for de–barbing, unhooking, trimming line. Totally indispensable!

Also indispensable is a decent pair of Polarising glasses, with amber lenses ideal to maximise the typical low light intensity we experience at first and last light and those oh–so–typical grey UK days. Costa for me, with those all important sunrise silver mirror lenses.

Finally, a cold drink on a hot day or a warm brew on a chilly spring morning is essential, pop a YETI Rambler in your bag and you‘re covered.

Have a great season!

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  1. Treat it with some Mud and see if that encourages the takes, by making your leader ‘disappear‘ you may find the fish are more confident.

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