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Here in central Wyoming our winter has been very mild which in turn makes for an easy winter on our wildlife, namely antelope. With easy access to winter feed, the antelope around the state are in great shape and we are anticipating a banner year for horn growth. With that said, now is your change to hunt antelope in Wyoming this fall.

SNS takes pride in the difference options we offer for antelope hunts. For example: the quality of our hunting camps are second to none. We offer cozy rooms, comfortable beds, and hot showers, not to mention a dedicated full-time cook. The meals are outstanding and you won’t leave the table hungry. If you don’t feel like camp is quite your style, we offer town hunts.

You will arrange your own lodging and meals, SNS will take care of the rest. You hunting guide will pick you up each morning at your hotel in Casper and return you at the end of the day.

For those of you that have preference points, this is the year to cash those in! Come and spend a week in Wyoming, chasing TROPHY antelope, and making memories, what more could you ask for? Make 2018 the year that hunting Wyoming pronghorn becomes your favorite memory.

For questions about preference points, booking options, and availability, give us a call 307.266.4229 or to request a free brochure, click here.

More information about antelope hunting:

The core of our antelope hunts take place on our Hunt 1 option. These hunts are conducted on private leases that SNS has managed for many years. Our ranches contain several hundred antelope, and this hunt offers almost nonstop action. It’s clear why this is our most popular antelope hunt. Mature bucks can be found in every herd (hence why it’s a great year to cash in those preference points) and we average a 97% success rate on these hunts specially.

Our trophy antelope hunts can take place from either camp or town. If you’re hunting from camp, the dates of your hunt will determine the camp you’ll be staying in. Our town hunts take place out of Casper, Wyoming, where your guide will pick you up every day.

You’re probably wondering, what determines a trophy antelope…

We describe a trophy antelope as a buck having a 13 inch horn or longer and a Safari Club International score of 70 or more. When hunting with us, you’ll hunt hard and harvest an antelope that will be larger than our minimum standards, more than likely.

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