Steel for hunting knives

Hunting knife – a reliable “friend” any hunter who helps him with the butchering, gutting, skinning and many other things. Typically, the blade is made of high carbon steel for a hunting knife.

Prices for knives in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, starting from a few hundred dollars for a hunting knife of acceptable quality.

The steel hardness is measured in HRC (units hardness Raquela). The higher the number, the greater the concentration of carbon in the steel for a hunting knife, the higher the hardness of the blade of the knife, the longer it will retain its cutting surface. Ideally, if we talk about the hardness of steel, the oscillation units according to HRC in the limit of 55-60.

There may be another marking, showing the amount of carbon in the steel of the knife 420 is less than 0.5%, 440 – 0,75%, etc. the Most common labeling of this type is marked 440C or 1.2% of carbon in the steel, which equals the marking 58 – 63 HRC.

If you care to hunting knife has kept its edge, had anti-corrosion properties and is easily sharpened, the steel alloy must contain chromium and molybdenum.

A great alternative, obtained by high-temperature forging a powder mixture of metals, is a “technical Bulat” CMP 440V, which bypasses the traditional 440C several times and perfectly retains the original sharpening. This long knife is sharp enough, but to re-sharpen his improvised items will not work, he needs a special home care.

American design – steel 154 CM or the Japanese equivalent – ATS – 34 – worthy competitors that are sufficiently flexible and retain its strength even at a hardness of 60 HRC, but are expensive. This steel differ from 440C only weaker anti-corrosion properties.

Worthy of attention and popular Damascus steel, which is the result of in-hammered strips of tying steel rods, which contain different concentrations of carbon. Strips repeatedly twisted, re-pierce again and realize this procedure only then forging of the resulting piece of metal blade hunting knife. The strength of the blade increases with the number of strips of rods. Damascus steel is very beautiful, but not resistant to corrosion.

There are very many counterfeit knives made from Damascus steel, which is easily distinguished by the absence of a characteristic pattern of the blade. In addition, these exquisite hunting knives from Damascus quite expensive and not everyone can afford, especially those knives which are made of stainless Damascus.

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