The hunt for badger in autumn

On the glory of badger fat, as an excellent cure for tuberculosis and many chronic diseases, there are legends. Badger fur is very high quality and durable, and badger meat dishes are juicy and tasty. Plus – the badger hunt is not difficult.

What does a badger look like and who we all know from childhood. We all saw a Soviet cartoon about the family of badgers – “House in the forest more often.” In the cartoon, the main characters are superbly drawn – badgers. But if we go to the verbal description, the portrait of a badger will be as follows.

This is a small predatory animal from the family of the Coonie. In its genus, the badger is the only representative , so it is difficult to confuse it with similar animals. Moreover, the characteristic distinguishing features of a badger are two dark stripes from nose to ears.

Visually badger looks like a wedge, which narrows towards the muzzle. The body is quite massive, especially before hibernation, when the mass of the animal reaches 35 kg. The neck of the animal is very small, it is difficult to notice under the hair, and it seems that the body simply merges with the head.

The adult male badger is small – up to 80-120 cm in length, of which the length of the tail is from 21 to 24 centimeters. This small, but dense body is held by four short legs, which are stepping on the ground with the entire surface of the foot.

The badger color is very heterogeneous and depends on its habitat and time of year. But there are common signs – gray fur on the back, which darkens towards the ridge, and on the sides becomes a dark-red shade. In winter, the animal has a light gray color, and in the summer it becomes more red than gray.

Badger juveniles, as a rule, are painted in paler tones, which darken with age.

Badgers love comfort and low humidity, so burrows dig themselves in appropriate places. Most often, you can find a badger hole in forests, forest-steppes and mountains . Badgers are very fond of security, so more often their burrows are hidden near thick bushes, in grass and in overgrown ravines . There are often cases when an animal crawled into the mountains , where it settled in rock crevices .

Visually, the badger’s hole is very easy to recognize: a semicircular entrance of a small height – up to 25 cm. A characteristic sign of a badger’s burrow is a recumbent pile of land right at the entrance to the hole.

When planning a badger hunt, it is worth considering that these carriers of valuable fat fall into hibernation for a rather long period – up to 7 months, starting in November. Therefore, in the winter to plan the hunt is not worth it.

Features badger hunting, various tactics

The most current time for the hunt for badgers is the end of summer – the beginning of autumn , when the animal has stored the maximum amount of fat. At this time, it is already being prepared for winter sleep and become very fearful.

How to catch a badger? The easiest way to do this is near the hole. Near their home, they feel safe, which plays into the hands of hunters.

Experienced hunters know that the speed of a badger capture depends on the type of burrow in which it is located at the moment. So, badger burrows are conditionally divided into two types :

  • Temporary – shallow burrows;
  • Permanent – with open tunnels, floors and multiple entrances.

On the first badger hunt, as a rule, go with an experienced hunter who knows the location of the animal’s permanent holes. Also, an experienced hunter will help the novice with the practical study of different tactics.

Most often , badgers are hunted through ambushes . It should not neglect the precautions, because the badger is a rather susceptible animal with a very developed sense of smell.

An ambush is best done on the lee side of the mink. Previously, several traps can be placed near the badger hole to increase the probability of success.

When you hunt a badger from an asshole, the hunter settles in a pre-selected place near the hole. The place is chosen so that it is comfortable to watch both multiple holes of the hole and shoot at the same time.

Then it remains only to wait for the beast to emerge from natural need (the corresponding hole is located 15 meters from the mink) or will return from the hunt (early morning).

It is not necessary to shoot a badger immediately upon exiting the hole. Let him move 15–16 meters away to secure time for a second shot in case of an injured animal.

Ambush is not the only technique of a badger hunt. Many hunters go to the badger with specially trained dogs, use the trap method of hunting. But the ambush method is considered to be the most humane way to hunt animals.

Choice of weapons and ammunition

When hunting for such a small beast – a badger, the main thing is not the type of weapon, but the size of the fraction . But experienced hunters in one voice say that it is better to buy a double-barreled shotgun.

Concerning ammunition, the opinions of specialists are ambiguous. Some believe that the badger should go with grape-shots , while others – with a fraction of 1 or 2 numbers.

Of course, much depends on the experience of the hunter, but do not underestimate the badger. This animal is very resistant to injuries , and even with a fresh wound it can run into its burrow and hide in its numerous passages.

Weapons – this is not the only tool that will be needed during a badger hunt. It will not be superfluous to bring along a shovel, special tongs and a pickaxe . This set is especially useful if you prefer a badger hunt with dogs.

Badger hunting with dogs

In some countries, badger hunting with dogs is prohibited. Due to the fact that dogs burst badger burrows, making them unfit for the whole family, the population of badgers on the planet is decreasing.

But this kind of hunting does not lose its popularity. Most often, for a badger hunt, small dogs are chosen – dachshunds or fox terriers, as well as huskies . Fox terriers and dachshunds are also often referred to as “burrow” breeds.

Badger hunting is a very dangerous occupation for a dog , because a badger is larger than a dog, and it defends itself on its territory.

As with the use of the ambush method, hunting with dogs is carried out at night or in the early morning . The first task of the hunter is to make sure that the beast lives in the selected mink. This is easily identified by fresh ground and feces around the mink.

If the mink is deep, the hunter waits for darkness and is very quiet, trying not to find himself, approaches the mink and lets the dogs go. Dachshund or fox terrier, very angry with badgers, immediately after the team rush into the burrow.

The dog with its presence scares badgers. In most cases, the next night they will live in a simpler temporary mink.

If the hole is not deep, then the hunting method is universal :

  1. Let go of the dog and wait for the animal to push the badger into a dead end;
  2. Using a scapula and pickaxe, open the badger’s mink towards the dog;
  3. Shut off all exits to avoid the badger escape;
  4. Take the badger alive or use weapons.

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