Tips and reviews for sports shooting

Tips and comments in relation to sports shooting, of which to some extent will affect hunting and target shooting.

Watch the flight of the targets at every opportunity. Beginners want to shoot and not to watch.

But watch the plates as they fly out of the typewriter, and mentally mark the point where you would like them to break, good training, helping to learn to break the flight into separate phases and to track moving objects.

The eyes must be trained to see fast moving objects.

In the process of training desirable to apply the D. S. is less than 0.75 mm, use full choke.

Drobova wide scree will not teach you to shoot accurately and precisely. At the event, which was dominated by a result, it is possible to use a D. S. up to 0.5 mm.

Of course, with the corresponding preliminary test. How such a change rational, hard to say, given the purely psychological factor.

When the target will go “reluctantly” and the subconscious will start to push in faster shot. In General, it is desirable to have the scree diameters of 60-70 cm in the affected area of the target.

Home workouts. Practice in the choice and accompanied by imaginary goals, doing this exercise with open and with closed eyes. This will help develop muscle memory, culture of trigger pull, and the basics of imaging.

Don’t let the emotions, both negative and positive, to overwhelm yourself. Learn, at least try to direct your inner energy to the next target. All the energy and focus is directed on the plate.

Everything else, other arrows, weather, the operator of the ground, quality of ammo, weapons, etc., no longer exist as an obstacle, even the word obstacle as if in nature there.

Check your clothes. Make sure that the system is a rifle cartridge has not changed, remained the center of the scree, altitude, slope of the butt (weapons with variable settings of the Lodge) and so on.

The offset locations of the tabs could change your entire lock and load and make inconvenience while tracking. Wear the same shoes for competitions and during training. A change of shoes, adding or removing the height of the sole, can lead to changing your the ready and break muscle memory.

Check out of small glasses. If you wear corrective glasses, annually pass the test at the eye doctor.

Before the shot for a few seconds imagine how you give a command to start the target, carry out the leash, maintaining the correct line of sight, and how you confident and in the right place to break a plate.

Representation is a powerful technique in all sports, which helps to achieve perfection. The performance tells the mind what result you want to get this team to perform an action on the maximum of your abilities.

You missed? Mentally the perfect shot, you miss the next target.

Don’t focus and don’t react negatively to distractions, failures, misfires, noises. Learn to block distractions, treating them as normal sounds and events.

Follow the breath. Produce a relaxed breath, before giving the command to run the target. Make this technique part of your making. Oxygen will give you a surge of energy and will allow you to see the target earlier and more clearly. It also helps to relax the mind and body.

Controlled breathing will help you, if you feel that you are tense or overly relaxed. Learn how by changing the frequency and depth of breathing, to monitor individual heart rate corresponding to best understand and target treatment.

Raise an eyebrow, before giving the command to run the target. If you look in the mirror, you notice that the eyelid partially covers the iris of the eye. In times of stress, this happens even more due to muscle tension.

Up to twenty percent of the light may be lost. The reduced vision will lead to the fact that the target will be to see dull, to make an impression fast flying. Open your eyes wider, then give the command.

When it is your turn to shoot, put the gun with the feeling that you and the gun are one. It is important this time to learn to feel. It is a complete lack of the slightest inconvenience, the weight (mass) of the gun as if flowed and merged with the body of the arrow, becoming its natural and necessary complement.

To reinforce the feeling of oneness with the gun, it is necessary to control the density of pressing the cheek against the butt. Pressure must be felt to obtain a sense of unity. Therefore, the pressure must be uniform.

Monotonous prokladka extremely important to maintain the proper position of the eye and rear sight for consistent and accurate shots.

To finish today’s conversation, I decided a topic which has recently become current among fans of small-hunting shooting sporting. More advanced sportinguistas include in its training for the classical disciplines of shooting sport.

Yet will only affect the term of landovica, like the rhythm of shooting. Under this title in no one case should not be understood the speed of the shot or the pace of training. Although both often dominates the shooter from the other team members.

Feel the rhythm and learn how not to fall under foreign influence, the easiest way is shooting Olympic trap.

Pay attention to the rhythm of the shooting members of your group. It’s fast, slow, smooth or ragged? Mentally you have to maintain your own rhythm and keep in mind that an unstable rhythm of the other participants can force to start to hurry or slow down.

Forget about everything and start your own countdown from the start of shooting. This will help you in maintaining your rhythm and develop a sense of time.

Problem too slow and ragged shooting can only be solved if you know about this problem. Those who think that adherence to a smooth rhythm doesn’t matter, will be more likely to miss!

Note that arrows in a group can strongly exert pressure (sometimes deliberately) into your rhythm, if you are focused on maintaining your internal rhythm.

If you lose your internal rhythm and start breaking plates sooner or later than you used to, then the result is unlikely to be satisfied.

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