Breed chickens Australorp: description, characteristics

Home poultry keeping is considered the most productive region in agriculture. Among private farmers and Industrialists in a special account of the high performance of chicken.

These include chicken Australorp able to produce up to 310 eggs. That’s pretty high relative to other egg breeds. In addition, they get quality meat.

This breed was obtained by crossing the English breed of Orpingtons, Rangename and Loggername. In Russia, Australorp appeared in 50-XX’s.

Breed chickens Australorp: types

Australian breeders, without the use of modern technology, has achieved the main goal – high egg-laying qualities of hens, with a large body mass. Chicken Australorp are classified by color: black and black.

The breed of chickens the black Australorp

Active chicken, but with a calm disposition. Body she plump, large, covered with black thick pen. On the small head flaunts pentagonal foliate crest. The beak of a bird is also jet black. Design feature of the hull is broad chest and long back. Legs short, the tail is small and bent the line back 45 degrees.

Small Chicks of black Australorps high mobility, good health and rapid development. Their plumage can be noticed reddish spots: on the abdomen and under the wings. 4 months after the appearance, we can gain up to 4 kg live weight. The breed of chickens the black Australorp refers to early maturing, productive, begins to rush with the 135th day of life. In the first year brings up to 200 eggs.

Australorp black-and-white

In the derivation, basing on Australorp black. The main goal was to reduce productive age, with an increase in the mass of eggs. The peculiarity is that this bird is immune to the disease pulloroza.

In the plumage prevailing black color with white patches. Therefore, it bears another name – the marble chicken. In comparison with the original breed, the size more compact. Young, on the 150 th day after emergence, reaches a weight of 1.4 kg. Adult chicken weigh no more than 2.5 kg, and males a little more. Functionality occurs after 5-6 weeks. Year, one laying hen gives about 220 eggs 55-60 grams each. Eggshell cream color.

Australorp black-and-white, prized for white meat. Due to the presence in the body of a special recessive gene. Quiet birds, easily coexist with other feathered representatives.

In addition to black and mottled color, sometimes Australorp white and blue. White has: a yellowish cast in the cervical region, red eyes and bluish of the shank. The blue Australorps, feathers, beautiful grey-blue hue.


According to the poultry farmers, obvious disadvantages to this breed to attribute impossible. Chicken rush regularly, easy to breed, give healthy offspring. Having a friendly and calm temperament, no problem to get along in the pack. Can adapt to existing conditions, feel comfortable in the cells. Even in winter, productivity at them is not reduced.

Revealing the main characteristics of the breed Australorp:

  • egg production is 200-220 eggs per year;
  • egg weight – 50-55 Gy.;
  • dark brown shell;
  • the mass of chickens of 2.6–2.9 kg; cocks – 3,5–3,9 kg;
  • the survival rate of Chicks – 97%;
  • even-tempered disposition;
  • feather cover – black, with a green tint;
  • category – egg-meat.

There are some signs that result in the culling of birds. Such defects include: short body, long tail, sharp teeth ridge, variations in feather color, shank, bright, red eyes.

Care and maintenance of chickens Australorp

Despite the fact that these chickens are not particularly fastidious about the nuances of content, there are standard rules of care. Common to all condition – zero temperature in the room. We consider in detail the agricultural activities, with regard to each.

Conditions for breeding black suit

As the temperature conditions required above zero, in winter the hen house is equipped with heating. On the floor was covered in soft peat layer that prevents bacteria from dampness. So the chickens are not sick with infectious diseases, they need daily baths with ash and sand.

Diet black Australorps, nothing special. Chicken menu gradually introducing: mashed egg, cottage cheese, then crushed grain. Weakened Chicks fed with a mixture of yolk and milk. As you grow, add to standard products herbs and vegetables. On the fifth week, begin to feed boiled corn. In the absence of regular walking, it is necessary to drip in food fish oil.

For adults, a daily set of products, the following:

  • Vegetables: potatoes, carrots, beets.
  • Greens.
  • Fish waste, without bones.
  • Grain.
  • Dairy products.

In the winter, as a source of calcium, give the egg shells. To improve bowel function, put the container with gravel and seashells.

The content of marble varieties

For Australorp black-and-white color scheme, is particularly dangerous increase of humidity in the coop. Dampness promotes the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. The source may be inappropriate litter on the floor. The ideal option would be peat. Due to the bactericidal properties of this material absorbs excess moisture. Then the chickens feel comfortable, not cold.

Despite the good adaptability to cold, Australorp feel better in the warmth. It is therefore necessary to maintain the temperature above zero. The birds should have free and constant access to food and drinking bowls. Young otpaivat only clean and warm water. Different parasites require regular bathing in the ashes.

For a stable functional parameters and healthy, chickens need a balanced diet. Give more summer herbs and autumn vegetables is introduced. Don’t forget about the sand that is required for proper digestion.


Australorps almost 100% survival rate of the young. The sexual maturity comes quickly. Bird family form from 10-14 females and one rooster. Despite the calm disposition cocks, they are large and exhibit excessive activity. Therefore, for such family control is necessary. If the fruitfulness is low, you should replace the Cockerel. Breeding allowed only breed individuals.

Offspring obtained by natural means, is of good healththat can not be said about the hatchery and natives. The hen is a very caring mom: they feed babies, warm them and protect. It should be noted that they hatch eggs, immediately algreba defective to the side. On the fifth day lead her brood for a walk.

The Chicks have a strong immunity. To distinguish the males from the hens at an early age: the presence of earrings, deep pink scallops and thick legs.

It is important to follow a balanced temperature regime. If you keep chickens in a very lit room, then in the future have a negative impact on their offspring. Another distinguishing feature of the breed is a late culling. Often, the hatchlings have come across white feathers and bright, the iris of the eye. But it eventually comes back to normal.

Some poultry farmers, encouraged by high abilities oviparous birds try to cross it. However, this is a big mistake. Good hybrids out it will not work. Despite this, the breed is prized in private farms. Due to: high productivity, beautiful appearance and a calm nature.

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