Brooder for chickens with their hands

Brooder for growing Chicks with their hands to build easy, and such a thing for poultry is very need. Chickens are very susceptible to various external environmental changes.

Especially important proper care in the first moments of their lives. Temperature fluctuations, high humidity, poor lighting or a strong draft for them can become very severe stress. Under such poor conditions even chickens can easily get sick.

Why the need for a brooder for Chicks

To solve this problem, you need to make a brooder for Chicks with their hands. Design the brooder house is very simple, you just need to apply certain skills, but for those who did not miss school lessons, problems should not arise. And a beginner in needlework after several attempts will fellow perfect housing for chickens. Need only a simple set of materials and desire.

The whole process of making will not be long, just a couple of evenings. But efforts are not lost completely, because the youngsters will be in a comfortable environment to live in. There will be equipped with heating and lighting. It is very important for Chicks in the first months of life.

Box – poor brooder

Novice growers often do not use a real brooder house, they fit different cartons or boxes. The course is all that is at hand. But such funds will fit only as a temporary solution to the problem. Constantly use such structures does not.

Here’s why:

  • this design will soon fail because it is very unreliable;
  • aging of the material occurs very quickly, because paper boxes are not durable in that case, if inside there is a living being;
  • it is impossible to make a good disinfection and cleaning, which will lead to disease and even death of the chicken.

Another undesirable factor in the use of conventional boxes is that the draft can easily penetrate into it, will happen very rapid cooling. Chickens will be supercooled and will most likely die. In the box, of course, very difficult to set the required temperature and there is no opportunity to install high-quality lighting. I have been able to deliver a good pan in which to develop litter.

Still need to consider the factor that the Chicks while growing constantly need water, and this substance can easily damage the box.

Considering the above factors, growers should seriously think about building with their hands brooder for Chicks, which has a good margin of safety, and will also be equipped with:

  • a good heating system that will provide a comfortable development of the birds;
  • lighting, without which it can not do any living thing;
  • quality feeders and drinkers that will be placed inside the brooder-house.

And don’t forget about the fact that the design is good and easy to wash, cleanse. Because birds are not able to do it ourselves, and because of all the cleaning will fall on their host. You need to take care of a good door through which you will be cleaning. These factors will provide worthy content chickens.

Required materials
  1. The brooder for Chicks to be used very often and therefore should make it durable. You will need a good and durable materials that will not be afraid of moisture and exposure to sunlight and heat. At home, the preference is usually given to the plywood. And you will also need thin and thick boards in 5 and 30 mm, respectively. Boards will go on the frame, and also some other elements of the brooder.
  2. Walls can be made of fiberboard or particleboard, but their density, as well as of wear-resistance very low compared to a good plywood. Besides, chipboard is not the most friendly relationship with the water, so you should think carefully about what material to use.
  3. Order litter and food do not accumulate throughout the cell (and the Chicks can scatter, if you want to play), the floor surface must be done is not solid, but a lattice. The fewer Chicks, the less you need to produce the cells. Usually made a grid with cells of 10 mm, and the same material can be further used for the manufacture of doors. Litter will fall through the mesh, and then it needs to get into the special tray.
  4. The tray would be made not of wood but of metal and plastic. This will require wall and ceiling panels PVC. They are ideal for installation and ready. This material is good to use due to the fact that it’s just clean and wash, and generally maintain good hygienic condition. As well as PVC will have a much longer lifespan than wood.
  5. You will need several infrared lamps, it is impossible to forget about them. They will need to heat the interior. In the brooder house it is advisable to set the thermostat, so you can easily respond to changes in outdoor weather conditions, in accordance with adjustment of the room temperature.
  6. Still need a lot of screws and hinges to mount doors, and still need to purchase electrical cable and the cartridge, if it is not available in the house. And also need to buy a plastic grid that goes on the door.
The manufacturer of the brooder with their hands

First we need to calculate the correct dimensions. Then draw a diagram and make sure that there are at hand all necessary materials. The size of the brooder will depend on the number of broiler chickens or other species, and also on how long the chickens will stay in this comfortable “apartment.”

You need to provide these details:

  • box with doors that are to be accessed inside for cleaning and filling the feeders and trays for water;
  • the bottom is made of mesh;
  • lighting and heating of air.

So, when you are ready you can start making.

Draw on a sheet of plywood according to the required size, as you learned on the Internet or calculated by yourself. On each side and a rear side of the cage with strips of plywood or bar you need to make guides that will serve for the bottom of the grid. You will need four planks-panels and 2 strips. The length of these blanks should be 2 cm less than the wall of the brooder.

The strips held on the edge of the wall, retreating from the slices side by one inch. Now, when the planks are installed directly above them with a distance of 3 cm must be parallel to attach another strap. It is important to make the operation very carefully, because only in this case the bottom and also tray will be good to move on these rails. Now you can fasten the segments of the bar to the side. It will be a rib to strengthen the brooder. Additional fixing never hurts.

The dimensions of the bars must be calculated in such a way that the top should be flush with the edge of the side wall and the bottom should be placed above the upper limit of 3 cm. Now the three parties are going.

If all the slots were a perfect match in the lower part of the structure, all is made right and you can continue. Cutting plywood last panel will be the next step. To the sides of the frame are securely fastened loop, and they must be mounted in a door. Doors are cut from a piece of plywood and then screwed in its place.

Here are all the details collected, you can now go to the unit mounting locationthat was previously selected. It should be an area where the broiler chickens will be comfortable. The frame is ready, but don’t relax, since there is still one thing. You need to make the bottom of the grid and the tray, where litter will be collected. The size of the tray should be less than the bottom of the brooder. This ensures free running of the device.

The mesh must be attached between the plywood planks in the same way as manufactured frame. In this case, the design will be durable. The litter tray should do the same as a mesh bottom, but as the grounds will be used a light panel plastic. On the front you must use screws to attach the long strap. It will cover the gap between the mesh and the bottom of the brooder and will not allow debris to sleep outside.

In order for a chicken broiler was easier to follow, and also to remove all the construction of brooder and fill it with food and water on the door front is better to make the mesh Windows. For this you will need a jig saw. Should be lined on the doors of the future neck, and a fret saw to carry out all the necessary manipulations. And on that frame, what happened, you must have the plastic network. All this will provide a good and clear view of the entire area of the brooder. No bird will be left without the necessary observations.

Now you can move on to the installation of heating and lighting. All this will be connected to the mains at home. To the Chicks froze due to the large number of lattices, through which cold air to penetrate, the mesh door can be covered with a layer of fabric. This will ensure the insulation of the brooder. If there is a desire for convenience can be put into this place blind. It will be much easier than constantly remove the cloth, and then again to strengthen her back so that she fell. The curtains will be very comfortable in this regard.

The power and location of the lamp can be calculated depending on the size of the brooder, as well as its location. If the design is in a well-heated room, then no need to install the lamp which will get very hot. In this case it is necessary to take care that it is properly lit room. The finished box is equipped with drinkers and feeders, and you can’t forget the thermometers to monitor conditions of detention. If you intend to put in the brooder, a large number of chickens, you need to build stacked cells.

Here it is ready made brooder which will last for many years and take in one brood of birds.

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