Cage decorative rabbit

Dwarf and ornamental rabbits have become so popular as Pets due to their beautiful fur, good character and interesting colors of wool.

These Pets bring a lot of joy but also a lot of worries for the care and maintenance.

General requirements for content

As for temperatures, rabbits are quite unpretentious. At a temperature of from +10 to +20 Degrees of the dwarf breed will you feel great for decorative acceptable temperature from +10 to +25 Degrees.

What absolutely should not happen, so it drafts and sudden temperature changes. Same hazard for Pets is too low or extremely high humidity. If the apartment provides continuous operation of heaters, it is useful to purchase a humidifier to be comfortable not only Pets but also the owners.


The cage is for rabbit a full house: here he sleeps, eats, plays and grows. Therefore, it is important to keep the cage clean and take care of timely cleaning. If the tray is outside the cage, it will follow its clean a little less often.

Care should not only cage, but also timely to comb the fur of an animal, cleaned and trimmed nails, and sometimes hair (for long-haired breeds).


Will be easy to teach a rabbit to the toilet, because they are easy to train. It is best to place the tray outside the cage of a pet, the rabbit did not have to sleep near the place where he goes to the toilet. The placement of the toilet outside the cage of a pet will allow you to clean the home of the rabbit is much less.

To accustom your pet to the tray, must be constantly put his droppings in the same place as the animals react to smell. After a certain period of time pet will be able to find the right area.

The best option of toilet furry baby will become a regular litter box with a grate “dry feet”. As a filler you can use ordinary sawdust or litter designed for cats. You should pick up this tray with a plastic grill so that droppings fell through it in the tray of sawdust. In this way the rabbit will not to dirty feet.


Rabbits are very active and inquisitive, so they need fresh air and new experiences. You cannot force your furry baby all my life sitting within four walls.

Let the cage for the rabbit to be a temporary shelter where he can hide from danger, and the rest of the time he will have the opportunity to walk freely around the room. This option will delight your furry friend and you.

But do not forget that rabbits are rodents, they are not worth anything to cut the wire. Should take care to limit access furry pet to such things.

A pet rabbit needs not only moving from room to room, but not averse to frolic in the fresh air. For this you need to buy for pet collar and leash, and you can safely go for a walk with my pet. This is a great way to have a good time for both owner and furry baby.


Domestic rabbits differ sociability and excessive activity, so sometimes I can feel sad without company. In this case, it can be addicted to it the same long-eared roommate. Note, however, that two males just will not get along and will fight for territory, so this cooperative Union is not worth taking into account. As for cohabitation heterosexual couples, this option is preferable to consider only if the male is neutered. But two females will get along perfectly and will feel comfortable living in the same cage, not causing each other and the owners considerable inconvenience.

The location of the cell in the apartment or a country house

Adult rabbits usually weigh no more than two pounds, therefore is perfectly adapted to life in the apartment.

In contrast to the decorative rocks, food consumption and waste in dwarf breeds are much smaller.

  • For a comfortable detention in the apartment of the dwarf breeds, it is recommended to build a low podium, so that the animal felt no danger. It is also worth noting that rabbits are afraid of loud noises and, therefore, a place for their home is to choose the most secluded, quiet and cozy.

Rabbits are delicate, sensitive and timid animal. It is not necessary to equip the cage in a crowded kitchen or in the hallway, better to do it somewhere in the corner of the room, so that the animal felt safe and cozy.

It is necessary to avoid draughts when ventilation. It is not necessary to settle pet near the battery or under the scorching sun on the balcony.

  • Decorative rabbits are larger than their dwarf counterparts, thus requiring more space. Ideal for keeping ornamental rocks will become a country house.

If you plan on placing the animal on your balcony or porch, be sure to ensure that the cell was not under the scorching rays of the sun or drafts. The cell must be equipped with a mesh door to pet continual access to fresh air without suffering from the heat. You should construct a cage a small house for a rabbit so he could periodically to rest and hide in a secluded corner.

If you bought a rabbit, but never found a suitable place in the apartment, to set up there cage, release the pet to walk. And in that place he will summer residents like, put the cage. Since the rabbit itself will tell you where he will live more comfortable.

Sizes for different types of rabbits

Standard weight decorative rocks up to 5 kg, and the dwarf – 2 lbs. For each rabbit, the cage should choose individually, based on its size.

An important factor in choosing a cage for a Bunny is the amount of time he spends there. If the rabbit will be able to walk freely around the apartment, and the cell will serve as a destination for overnight stays, you can choose the small option. The minimum size cage for dwarf rabbits – 40х70 see

If the cell is used for rabbit a full house, you should choose a bigger, size approx 35х85 see

Decorative breeds of rabbits are much larger in size, and therefore the house they need more. Cell to sleep can be 45х80 cm, and the cell for permanent residence from 50×100 cm

No need to focus on the size of cage for a furry pet, because it should be a place to jump, to run, to have fun. If with mind to approach to the choice of the cell and its arrangement, your pet will be cozy and comfortable.

Do not forget that the constant presence in a confined space may cause the deformation of the skeleton and internal organs. When you select the cells you need to remember that it should be more of a pet at least 4 times, and he was free to stand on his hind legs.

How to choose the right cage design

An important criterion in the choice of house pet is the safety of your pet and easy to clean cage. Structural elements of the cells do not need to select and pose a danger to the animal.

Drinker and feeder should be rounded, and the floor must not slide to the animal itself, not traumatized. The floor should consist of a plastic mesh pallet, this is the most convenient.

Ideal cell – lattice case and the plastic tray to a depth of 15 cm. When choosing a cage it is also worth considering that it must consist of the same metal rods, not covered with paint. Bunnies bite everything that comes their way, so the cage should be durable and the surface is stable.

For bedding it is best to use newspaper, sawdust, straw and shavings – they absorb the urine and absorb the odor. Rabbits love to Potter about in the sawdust, so it needs to be changed as often as possible so that the animal is not ill and is not infested by insects.

Cage for transportation

Often the owners refuse to buy a cage for transportation, explaining that they do not intend to move and pet them ill will not be exact. But in the moment when you have to leave urgently or animal needs vet help, cells for transportation is not at hand.

Please provide the rabbit moving. You can give preference to a cat carrying for transportation. To the bottom definitely need to lay something soft to pet’s paws did not slide and did not give him any.

Cage decorative rabbit with your own hands

For each building the first thing you need to create a drawing and determine the desired dimensions of the future cells. To make the house not difficult and costly.

The necessary materials and tools:

  1. sheets of plywood;
  2. hammer;
  3. screws;
  4. nails;
  5. nail file;
  6. wooden slats;
  7. metal mesh;
  8. hinges for doors;
  9. metal shears;
  10. the tin sheet.


  1. the first thing to start manufacturing sex. It is recommended to make particle Board, with a threshold. On the bottom you need to put a thin sheet of steel (0.2 mm). This material will create conditions for easy cleaning and it is durable;
  2. the door should allow the rabbit to easily get out of the cage. You can do ordinary door of wooden slats and attach them on hinges, and you can make sliding doors with sliding doors. For the manufacture of sliding doors need a rail and a sheet of plywood;
  3. if the plans to make a ceiling out of plywood and the walls will consist entirely of grids, you should make sure that metal fencing is quite durable and will not bend under the weight of the roof;
  4. to create the second tier will need a sheet of particle Board, which need to bond to the walls using screws. The floor of the second floor should be durable and stable to withstand the weight of long-eared pet;
  5. the stairs are also made of plywood, which is nailed to the wooden slats that the rabbit was free to climb to the second floor of his house. Stairs should also be performed efficiently and be durable, not sliding and not falling off. Dimensions ladders width at least 15 cm, and the rods should be between a distance of not less than 5 cm;
  6. paint in the cell does not need anythingthat the animal is not ill from toxic paint, because rabbits love to chew everything. All drinkers and feeders should be securely attached to the walls, to pet them flipped and not scattered. Nipple feeder, it is recommended to place outside the cage to save significant space inside.

Following the above advice on the arrangement of cells for a decorative rabbit with your hands, your pet will be comfortable to live in it and to please their owners.

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