Characteristics of breeds of chickens Sussex

An ancient breed chickens Sussex is very popular among farmers. Sussex chickens can beautify any yard, as it has pretty appearance. Their exterior they attract the attention of not only farmers of Amateur and professional poultry farmers.

In addition to bright appearance, these birds have high egg production, as well as tender and juicy taste of meat. Many gourmets prefer the meat of this breed of birds, as it has its unique and inimitable taste.

The birds name was in honor of Sussex County, which is in the UK. There were first bred these spectacular and productive poultry. In England there are even clubs that gather admirers of this extraordinary breed chickens.

For rearing pullets Sussex breeders have used the following species of birds:

  • Cornish;
  • Dorking;
  • orpington;
  • gate;
  • chinchin.
The Sussex breed of chickens description of the appearance of

Color chickens Sussex can be varied:

  • white;
  • print;
  • porcelain;
  • yellow-brown;
  • silver;
  • Columbia (white body, black tail, on the neck of black color in the form of a necklace).

To date, the scientists have plans to bring chickens Sussex with lavender and kukushechka color.

Males of the breed Sussex have a fairly massive appearance, the females look a little slimmer.

Description of the appearance of the rooster:

  1. Wide head, however, is the ratio of the body is rather small.
  2. Pinkish and fairly strong beak.
  3. A small rough comb with five teeth.
  4. The eye is red or orange with a splash.
  5. Red earlobes and earrings.
  6. Massive neck, of medium length, with good plumage.
  7. Short, fairly broad tail.
  8. Set on high, rather short wings.
  9. The rectangular body.
  10. Large and powerful chest.
  11. Muscular calves, medium size.
  12. Soft, smooth feathers.

Description of the appearance of laying hens:

  1. Small head.
  2. Small-sized comb.
  3. Short neck.
  4. Strong paws.
  5. Delicate, soft to the touch feathers (lots of white down in the lower part of the body).
A description of the nature of the breed chickens Sussex

This is a hardy breed of chickens, good tolerance to cold season. In nature these beautiful birds are friendly and at the same time rather proud. They are not aggressive to the children , and willingly come into contact with other birds. Representatives of this breed can be called manually. They have the ability to know its owner and follow him everywhere.

The content of the chickens Sussex

To breed and keep these birds is quite simple. However, it is necessary to provide all the necessary conditions for the care of birds. If you carefully follow and comply with all rules of care, the small Chicks will quickly grow, laying hens will be high productivity, and the taste of the meat of these birds will be unforgettable.

The coop should be large, since the chickens Sussex large size. The roosts and nests should also be large. Do not keep in one coop more polosta individuals.

Method content birds need to be outdoor. But it is also important the presence of deep litter, which doesn’t need changing.

For the meat of these birds was even more delicious, they need to provide the space for free range. Hens of this breed just needed a walk.

Care should be taken that the coop was good lighting. Only valuewise chickens need light in the daytime and at night. After a few weeks after the birth of the Chicks, the light day can be gradually reduced. Lighting is an important aspect not only for young Chicks, but adult hens. If it is weak, then egg laying hens can deteriorate significantly.

Don’t forget about the humidity level and room temperature. These moments also require careful monitoring. Despite the fact that the Sussex tolerate cold weather, the walls in the coop still need to insulate.

Feeding breed chickens Sussex

Feeding birds is necessary to build special feeders and waterers. Adult individuals the best way to feed balanced feed. However, you can feed the chickens and mash on the grains. We should not forget to add mineral supplements.

Chicks fed crushed corn, boiled eggs and cottage cheese. Gradually, in their diet add vegetables, greens, and bran and bone. After a few months after birth to feed the Chicks, you can add the corn.

Well-fed hens will produce a large number of eggs. With proper nutrition, the female’s weight will be more than two pounds, and the weight of males can reach four pounds.

Breeding hens Sussex

Most growers prefer the breed of chicken Sussex. These birds are juicy and tasty meat, which contains a lot of protein and high egg production. In year one hen can produce about two hundred eggs. The average weight of one egg, usually about 60 grams.

Hens are good hens. The instinct of incubation period of chickens is wonderful developed.

Before you purchase a bird, you need to carefully read the description of the breed. Best place to buy Chicks from reliable suppliers.

Flaws in the exterior that are considered a marriage are:

  • the light color of the eye;
  • large comb;
  • the body of triangular shape;
  • a hunched back;
  • narrow thorax;
  • yellow shank.

In breeding hens Sussex is no big deal. Rush chicken start with five months. In summer, the hens can lead a few times chickens.

Chicks have a high survival rate and is very quickly gaining ground. After a few months they reach slaughter weight.

Are considered pure-bred chickens, which have yellow color. Roosters it is lighter than the chickens.

The benefits of chickens Sussex include:

  1. Peace-loving disposition.
  2. Promiscuity in the diet.
  3. Simplicity in the content.
  4. Good adaptability to different climatic conditions.
  5. The excellent instinct of incubation.
  6. A strong immune system.
  7. The attractive exterior.
Diseases of chickens Sussex

Chickens breed Sussex rarely get sick. However, these birds can pick up infections, which are not covered by vaccination.

Birds are not immune from infestation. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to carry out prevention and to disinfect the room. And also, it is necessary to equip the birds bathing that will be filled with ash and sand.

During molting females stressed out. During this period, they need careful care and quality, balanced nutrition.

Having carefully studied all the characteristics, features and advantages of the breed can safely make a choice in favor of breeding hens Sussex.

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