Construction of mini-farms for rabbits

Do not underestimate this business, like breeding rabbits. If you thoroughly prepare for it, it can bring considerable profit. Rabbit meat not only tastes great, but is very useful. It contains a lot of needed by the human body elements.

This product is well absorbed and does not cause allergic reactions. Even doctors advise to include in your diet meat rabbits, because it helps to normalize digestion.

This is a great choice for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. But the problem is that rabbit meat is quite a rarity. Besides do not forget about price, which is the highest among all types of meat.

If you still decided to create a business raising rabbits, you first need to assess their capabilities and prospects in this event. First you have to determine the place where you keep animals. This question will disappear by itself if you have your own site where you will be able to allocate a place for keeping rabbits.

After that you need to know what housing will be needed for your wards. So don’t rush to buy these animals. For starters you should learn what conditions are necessary for their existence and will you be able to provide them.

One of the main questions that arises from novice breeders – where to keep and breed rabbits. Whether you need them to keep the fresh air or they can feel in a special enclosure. How to organize a rabbit farm that the animals felt good.

Given the number of issues that have to be solved in the process of organizing the business, raising rabbits, it becomes clear that this is quite a laborious process. However, if the right approach to its implementation, it can provide a very significant profit. At first, of course, not all think about the construction of a large farm, and this is due not only to lack of Finance, but also with the lack of sufficient space for its placement.

Whether you need a mini-farm for rabbits?

If you decide to first build a mini-shed, you have a lot of difficulties:

  1. Given that your rabbits will live without cages, their food and water will quickly be contaminated, and this leads to the fact that the feces gets into the food, there will be unsanitary conditions in which there is a risk of infecting your charges.
  2. In this accommodation you will not be able to control the reproduction of rabbits. The breeder will have to regularly monitor that close relatives are not crossed too often, as this will negatively affect the quality of the breed.
  3. Rabbits bred in cages, have a tough tasteless meat. You will have very few willing to purchase it, so the prospects of such a business is highly questionable.

With the above in mind it is best to find the money and place to build a mini-farm. This option is often chosen by breeders. Principles for the establishment of mini-farms for the breeding of rabbits was laid by the famous Russian scientist Igor Nikolaevich Mikhailov. Its main merit is the creation of methods for optimizing the living environment and breeding rabbits. He also proposed ideas for a substantial increase in the offspring of animals. He managed on his own experience to show how can be developed an effective method of keeping and breeding rabbits.

Types of roleterm

The vast majority of rabbit mini-farms built on the ideas Mikhailov. They are all tiered structure, which has a section for rabbits of different ages, feeders and waterers. If desired, any beginner breeder can build a company alone.

A rabbit mini-farms from conventional, first and foremost, their size and appearance.

There are 4 types of farms:

  • Country;
  • Decorative;
  • Household;
  • Industrial.

Deciding on which option to choose, you need to come primarily from scale economy. Mini farm is a versatile building that can be organized not only in a very small area, but quite a large territory.

Among the issues that arise for novice breeders, one of the most important is: does it make sense to order a ready-made mini-farm or should try to do it with your hands, using available funds on hand. Today there are many companies that can offer everybody ready rabbit mini farm. However, buying them is very riskybecause there is no guarantee that the quality of the materials used in their manufacture will be high. If you purchase one of these mini-farms, then at some point your players can get sick and die. Therefore, the best option is to make mini-farm for rabbits with his hands.

And before the implementation of the plan, you should find drawings of the mini-farm and get acquainted with the nuances of its production.

Design features of caliciform

Any rabbit mini farm contains in its composition a number of mandatory elements:

  1. Stand
  2. Office for walking
  3. Cage with drinker and feeder
  4. Nested branch
  5. The upper tier of the uterine and jigging separation

Feature mini-farm for rabbits is that they are Autonomous and more functionalthan normal cells. They mandatory are hopper feeders that allow you to maintain a clean and feed regularly to replenish its owner once a week.

The mini-farms have large water tanks with a heating system. This gives the opportunity to contain the rabbits, even under the open sky and in the winter months. Additionally, the design includes a receiver for manure and pits. They are designed to collect secretions of animals, they can be used to maintain cleanliness in the cells.

Such design allows to maintain the cells most favorable conditions, allowing the breeder to visit their wards once or twice a week. Besides the fact that they significantly reduce the risk of diseases in animals, such structures are conducive to the breeding of rabbits.

Quite popular with novice breeders are bunk rabbit farm.

In their design we can distinguish the following main elements:

  1. Roof
  2. The frame of the upper tier
  3. Feeder jigging compartment
  4. Drinker
  5. Pitched mine
  6. Bunker kombikormov
  7. Nursery
  8. Frame of lower layer
  9. The pits
  10. Liquor
  11. Folding bench
  12. Tool box

To make this mini-farm with your own hands, you will need materials, which anyone can easily purchase:

  1. Plywood
  2. Galvanized iron
  3. Fiberboard
  4. Boards, beams
  5. Roofing material
  6. Press the cardboard
  7. Paint and nails
  8. Tools for the construction

Once all the materials are prepared, it is necessary to study existing schemes of manufacture and choose the one to use. Also, it does not hurt additionally consult with experienced breeders of rabbits, which can give a lot of valuable recommendations on the organization of this business. After gathering the necessary information, you can start the construction of mini-farms for rabbits.

The process of making

Special attention is to be paid to the fact that the wooden parts should be treated with antifungal drugs. This operation will help to avoid the formation of mold and mildew that can cause serious animal diseases. Simple enough in manufacturing is waterers and feeders that you can make your own hands if you have the necessary drawings.

Mini farm of rabbits can be mounted anywhere due to its compactness. Because it requires an area of 1.4 m2. Most suitable for summer cottage place for her would be to backyard. It is not so important exactly where you place the mini rabbit farm. It can be placed under a canopy or in the open air.

Such designs are very popular among the breeders in the first place due to the fact that they significantly reduce the time for cleaning and animal care. The breeder need not more often than once per week to replenish food and pick up trash. All necessary operations will require no more than 1 hour, and with experience all work can be done even faster. This has been confirmed by multiple experiments Mikhailov.

Mini-farm for rabbits differ from normal cells in that they are provided with favorable conditions for accelerated growth of the animals. The essence of the proposed method lies in the fact that up to three months, the rabbits feed on mother’s milk, after which they are transferred to adult food. This approach to feeding has many advantages. It allows you to not only improve immunity, but also reduces the risk of diseases. As a result, young rabbits not only gain weight quickly, but also grow stronger and healthier.

Use for rabbit breeding mini-farms is preferable in terms of sanitary situation. They created more favourable conditions than when using other methods of accommodation. This opportunity provides a hopper system in which food stays clean, eliminating any possibility of contact with animal faeces in drinking and feeding troughs. Thus, the resulting meat becomes more tender and helpful, and the cholesterol in it is completely absent.

Such conditions have a positive impact on the quality of the skins of animals. Made from this fur products have a long service life, they do not fall out of the villi. On the consumer properties of such fur can be compared with the furs more valuable and rare animals.

About saving the mini-farm

To ensure quick growth and get every year a delicious and tender meat, it is necessary to monitor the health of animals. From health depends on how quickly the rabbits will reproduce, as far as the quality of their fur, which ultimately determines the ultimate profit of the owner. It is also very important, some investment will require a business at the initial stage and after a while they will be repaid.

Mini-farm in this respect, it seems the best choice:

  • It has a very simple design that can be done independently with the participation of a minimum number of materials and tools.
  • To embed requires a very small area – not more than 1.4 m2. It is possible to arrange on any empty area without the need for special preparations.
  • The service life of these mini-farms can reach 10 and even 15 years, and during this period they will not have to re-rebuild.
  • The mini-farm is profitable and that saves a lot of time of the owner so he can do other things.

Business raising rabbits is one of the most promising. This is explained by the minimum of means necessary for its organization. Among the available ways to keep rabbits many owners choose to manufacture mini-farm with their hands.

It is very simple in its execution structure, which can be done even with minimum knowledge. They are easy to care for, and provided them with popularity among the breeders. Though some knowledge would be required in order to choose the right scheme for the mini-farm and to create the conditions for the rabbits in which they will grow strong and healthy.

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