Description of the breed of the rabbit, “California”

Fluffy white bunnies with black ears will not leave anyone indifferent. Bunny has a similarity with the Siamese, and is called “Californian rabbit”. Description of the breed can be found in any online publication dedicated to rabbits, since this is one of the most popular. Pets are suitable for kids to hug, and for industrial breeding.

As ideas for business owners of private land plots is often seen rabbits. Californian in industrial breeding suitable both for fur and for the diet. The animal has an interesting color and delicate meat is low in calories, has high productivity, so the problems with the population, as a rule, does not arise.

Experts say the breed as broiler and are encouraged to provide rabbits comfortable conditions for reproduction in conjunction with competent care.

Brief description

Not to admire playful and beautiful white rabbit with brown ears is simply impossible. California breed is famous for its fecundity and unpretentious character.

Animals can be kept as Pets and breeding stock for cultivation, annually bringing to their owners a stable high income. In the age of forced beauty and regular diets, the rabbit became one of the most progressive industries of the household and costly business for entrepreneurs.

If you follow all the rules of care and cultivation Californians, they will look great, grow fast and the offspring will not keep you waiting

A bit of history

Bred breed by the farmers of the United States in the course of difficult breeding. To get fairly large meat type with decorative skin had to cross the Russian ermine breed, new Zealand white rabbit, large chinchilla.

A new species of rabbit has attracted the attention of leading farmers and quickly gained recognition due to the high productivity and beauty. The rabbits of the California breed well in captivity and are well adapted to the climate conditions of Russia.

The main advantage of the Californian rabbit experts believe the precocity of females and availability of males. Females ready for full fertilization of all in the fifth month of life and first litter will be 10-12 healthy rabbits.

Rabbits of the California breed are valued for their excellent fur and high quality characteristics of meat. When comparing with other breeds, meat output they have the largest. The product turns out very tasty and tender. That is why the media is considered more of a broiler breed, rather than decorative.


Resemblance to the Siamese breed of cats, the rabbit is attached to its unusual color: the main part of the milky fur and contrasting ears, nose, feet and tail are chocolate brown. On average, this strong, stocky animal that weighs 4-6 kg. the Breed is considered to be moderately large.

Such animals have a wide chest and back, fine bone, medium body and brilliant thick dense fur. Rabbit head has a slightly raised appearance, as the neck is short and almost imperceptible. Muscles of all body parts well-developed.

The Californian rabbit fur thick, stuffed and rough that does not create a sense of fluffiness. Moreover, the fur is much thicker almost all other breeds and has incredible Shine. Rabbit ears are not very long, about 11 cm, eyes clear, pinkish-red hue.

Furries are playful in nature, but they are friendly and calm. Despite the fact that the species is quite cold, males retain throughout life a high sexual activity, while females have a high fecundity with an average litter of 9-10 bucks. These qualities distinguish the breed from other similar.

The productivity of the Californian rabbit

Being a mixture of three species, the Californian took all the most valuable qualities. From the Russian ermine breed inherited the milk and high fecundity, as it was the basis of the broiler breed. Already 3 months the specimen weighs about 3 kg and 4 months to 4.5–5 lbs. After 5 months, when the rabbit is fully ripe, the active growth ends.

Care and features of breeding

California breed successfully bred in the North and the South, as it is famous for its adaptive abilities. Thanks fluffy paws individuals tolerate persistent frosts.

Experts recommend to keep animals in special rooms, equipped with comfortable cells with a suitable microclimate. Breeding animals involves the division of the village in spacious cages with a Mesh size 120х60х60 see the floors in mechanized rabbit hutches equipped with mesh floors are not a hindrance to the rabbits having soft hairy legs. Therefore, to organize the Mat is optional, animals thrive in such conditions.

The coat of the rabbits of the California breed should be carefully looked after. Successful foreign and domestic fur farmers indulged the practice of keeping animals in sadovyh conditions. Rabbits Californians sale from fur farms and family individuals as affectionate Pets.

The advantages of the breed

The Californian rabbit is considered a representative of the best meat-surkovoy breed almost all over the world, since among modern broiler breeds it ranked third. Profit from breeding rabbits popular giants is not as great as the yield from breeding Californians, subject to the right of their content.

Main advantages:

  • precocity (already on 5-6 month, a female rabbit is ready to mate and offspring);
  • short time achieve slaughter age;
  • high fecundity (one female per year and brings more than 40 pieces of litter).

Nobody is perfect and even an animal like a rabbit Californian has its drawbacks, which are divided into acceptable and unacceptable group.

Acceptable defects:

  • elongated head and neck;
  • disproportionate body;
  • ears placed to the side;
  • vague and dim color of the nasal mask;
  • thin weak legs;
  • small deviations from the norm silkiness and elasticity of the fur, long hairs;
  • slight pigmentation of wool under the eyes, on the neck, near the nipples and anus;
  • yellow fur;
  • unwanted deviation from the norm the color of the claws and eyes.

Unacceptable defects:

  • possible small weight gain (sometimes the individual may not get the weight up to 4 kg due to the nature of the body);
  • control of obesity (individual does not have to cross the line in 6 kg);
  • constant quality control of fur;
  • uncharacteristic for standard eye color;
  • the possibility of unusual color (white wool dark spots and Vice versa).

If the breeder notes of such deviations, the individual is discarded and sent to slaughter.


Relationship to food the representatives of this breed is very naughty, especially among the young. For good and proper development of young females and males need to pick up food high calorie, high protein addition to the starter packs for young.

If the supply is insufficient and the animals do not gain appropriate a certain date a lot, are added to the feed processing plants of animal origin. A useful Supplement to the lure will fish or bone meal, dairy products average fat content. Oilseed cake and meal to give necessarily. Order food is better absorbed, rabbits are put probiotics that improve digestion.

Broilers need to be fed enough, providing him with unlimited amount of food. Constant access to clean drinking water is required. Water should always be fresh and to have room temperature at any time of the year.

Statistics kindling

Single standard breeding females contains, as a rule, from 8 to 11 kids, each of which weighs 45-50 gram. Energy growth in newborns is high, so during the day, the little baby is gaining, on average 40-50 g. Rabbits at birth completely naked and white, pigmentation and the hair appears a little later and with age becoming contrast and more. Weight kids mainly depends on the number of fellows in the litter. Statistics show that the winter breeding brings healthy individuals, and in other seasons the cubs are born weaker and have abnormalities in development, more likely to die. Winter Californians experts prefer to breed, but spring, summer and autumn to fatten and to give in further to the slaughter.

Females Californians very caring mom, but sometimes their concern transcends. The girls gently put the kids one by one and lay them down to those in the absence of their own hair not frozen. A single unscrupulous females that do harm to their offspring, throwing them and biting, cull and is deposited from the children.

The female remains pregnant for about one month. In conditions of farm breeding it is important to divide California rabbits by gender. Up to 3 months to distinguish the female from the male rarely even experienced breeders. When reaching puberty, that is 4 month of life, the animals share. This practice allows you to control the population and the quality of the future newborn individuals, controlling and preventing spontaneous coverage. It is known that sexual intercourse between relatives of the rabbit brings you a dead or severely defective offspring.

To assess the readiness of females to copulate you, a little bit after watching her behavior. If she runs around the cage and behaves quite actively, is in the teeth of hay and pulling down, it is a sign of readiness to become a mother. If you Pat and cuddle the rabbit, she takes a pose for copulation lying on the abdomen lift the butt. The period of availability lasts for more than a week, usually 3-4 days.

Caring for newborn baby rabbits

Rabbits-the babies are born blind, deaf and naked, from the second day covered with fuzz and gaining vision at 10-11 days of life. Start to pick up crumbs only when the hair fully cover the body.

Only one person can look after new born rabbits. He is obliged to control the process of kindling and immediately remove the stillborn animals. The monitoring should be every day up to 1 month.

Caring mother-DOE-rabbit for the California kids during the day and no more than 5-10 minutes (not constantly with them). Day the female tries to stay away from cubs, as dictated by instinct. So in the wild the mother protects children from danger, diverting larger predators from the nest.

Females often become aggressive after the birth, so it is important very careful handling during this period. Savagery should be seen as an attempt to protect the offspring of the alien and with time it will pass.

At the time of birth and during the lactation period the females are very shy, so in a fit of panic may behave inappropriately, for example, inadvertently smother the baby.

Fur farmers indulged often meet with denial from females of offspring. It happens in a state of desire copulation with a male. Unscrupulous female not cares for kids, builds a nest, strangling the newborn during lactation. A mother weaned from rabbits for 10-12 hours and sits for an active male, then return back to the children.

Experts recommend keeping a round-the-clock control over the lives of the little rabbits, to observe the behavior of the female, to remove dead animals, as in the first couple of weeks the mortality rate is very high. If a female brought a large litter, and the second no, kids divided equally between the two females. The smell of human hands rabbit tolerate well, so do not abandon the babies that were touched they knew. Before you pick up the rabbit of the offspring, it is necessary to isolate them, and perform the work to return to the place.

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