Features breed Chinese silk chicken

The Chinese silk chicken known to people around the world for over 1000 years. First of it is mentioned in the diaries of Marco Polo – traveler, is known in many countries.

There are many different legends, myths and controversy about what actually happened, this ancient ornamental breed. One of them spread the Dutch breeders, who were telling customers that the chickens happened after he crossed ordinary chickens with the rabbits.

There are people who think that birds of this breed the real fur, like a mammal, but really it’s a lie. Chinese silk chickens first appeared in East Asia. Today, this breed is in high demand from the farmers, the cultivation of various chickens.

Description of the breed characteristics and productive indicators

Chinese chickens differ from the others in that they have black bones, muscles, dark gray, and brownish-blue skin. Thanks to the distinctive color of its meat is not difficult to discern the colour of the meat of conventional chickens. In some countries, for example, in China, this meat is considered a delicacy. Chinese silk chickens fluff replaces feathers, resembling animal hair.

Another distinctive feature of the breed Chinese silk chickens is the presence of five fingers, they are also covered with soft feathers. Two fingers are placed behind and three ahead. If you pay attention on the head of chickens of this breed, you can see tanks of small size and fluffy beard and crest. The downy feathers of chickens are shades of several colors: blue, lime, black, and even milk.

The back feather of a bird is quite wide, but short, and the body has a rounded shape. Her tail has tail feathers and braids. Appearance the Chinese crested chicken has a very attractive. Moreover, even the decorative breeds of chickens are eaten. This meat is very dark, is not attractive, but it’s delicious and tender with a pleasant taste. It contains much more vitamins, protein and other nutrients than simply white meat chicken.

Many people wonder, when this breed begins to rush. They usually begin to give their first eggs on the fifth month of life.

The advantages of the breed

Besides the fact that these birds are quite attractive and beautiful, they have their own special agricultural purpose:

  1. their meat has a delicate taste, unlike the meat of ordinary chickens. It has amino acids, vitamins several groups (b, C, E, a), And also globulin that contribute to the strengthening of bones and muscles, to extend youth.
  2. thanks pahovom the plumage of this breed, you can use their cover as well as fleece. After this Kuru cut, new feathers will grow back from her for about a month, maybe a little longer. Two haircuts can be collected from one individual about 150 grams of down.
  3. eggs large, though she is small and decorative.
  4. these birds are fairly quiet, they don’t like to fly, always happy to hatch the eggs. They even sometimes put eggs and other poultry: average chickens, kachek, ducks.
  5. birds of this breed are unpretentious to the conditions of detention. They can easily do multiplication in the Russian climate.

Black silk is the most ancient representative of this breed. Its fluffy and soft the cover and funny topknot bird resembles the dog breed poodle. Additional decoration the black chickens are whiskers and a beard.

The insides of these chickens (Chinese characteristics):

  • black dice;
  • leather black and brown color;
  • grayish-black meat.

Size black Kura is very small and weighs only 1.5 kg, the cock may weigh more. Due to the fact that the chickens are covered with feathers, they visually seem bigger. Exotic it seems, and that the shoulders they stand, and the legs are short and fluffy. Earlobes are turquoise in color, and the comb and beak are blue.

Another nice feature of the black chickens is that for the year it can lay about one hundred eggs. Birds are not wild, they are very kind and happy to go on hand, love affection, allowed themselves to be stroked.

Fluff black chickens are very appreciated. Cut them about once a month, heads harvested about seventy grams. This fluff is used for knitting. Chinese black Kura easily tolerate cold weather, even if the coop without heat. They don’t need perches. The diet of the black Kure needs the same as usual. However, if the owner wants the bird swept, it is necessary to provide her with a warm existence in the bright space.

The crested form is the best fluffy in the world. However, poultry has its drawbacks: it often hurts, and the owner must pay special attention to the health of the bird, which is exposed to a great variety of bird diseases, such as properiety, fleas, ticks, and improper content, they will no longer maintain the previous view.

If the diet is not balanced, can clogged pores or inflamed digestive tract. If the bird happens the diarrhea, it will make it attractive coat in a sticky wad. Therefore, the owner, it is important to keep order and to maintain cleanliness in the premises where the chickens live and what birds feed on. Clean the chicken coop, balanced diet and attentive care – it’s all you need to remember to the owner that the birds were strong and healthy. Also you should know that black chickens require walking.

The description of the characteristics of breeding birds crested species

The breeding of silk chickens requires considerable expenses. One individual costs about fifty conventional units. In order to obtain offspring, you must have a rooster and a few hens (less than five). One egg is viable for about a week, the bird usually incubates for not more than fifteen eggs.

The opportunity to purchase an egg of this bird is the residents of large cities. Sell Chicks at special stores and markets.

Chicken Chinese black chickens exactly the same way as ordinary. Temperature removed gradually, starting with thirty degrees in the first week, reaching eighteen in one month. Begin to feed boiled egg yolk and crushed grains, gradually expanding the diet. Crushed grains should make up at least half of the diet, it is also necessary to give vitamins and cooked vegetables.

Meat of this bird

In China, a bird valued for their beautiful appearance, but also the special composition of its meat, because dark meat, and entrails of birds have special healing properties. Also this meat is more nutritious than white and full of all sorts of amino acids and vitamins. In dishes prepared with black meat, contains no fat. These dishes are well absorbed by the human body and have medicinal propertiesand are also suitable for people that support strict diet.

Dishes prepared from meat of a black bird, in any case should not be fried. Broth, soup, curries and stews – the best options for cooking.

Thus, based on the foregoing, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the breed, it can be concluded that birds such as Chinese chicken is suitable for all farmers, despite their cost, they are very beautiful, attractive, kind, and dishes from their meat worthy of the best praise. The man who will give his farm a few birds of this species, hardly ever regret your choice.

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