Features of incubator Cinderella

Many people who have your suburban area or a small area near the private residence, repeatedly asking purchase domestic animals. And not always we are talking about dogs, cats and aquarium fishes.

The content of egg and meat of birds is also very interesting and profitable occupation. With the right attitude to this fact, you will be able to completely deprive yourself of the need to buy eggs or lean meats in the supermarket, but also get a good extra income.

An important element for fast and productive output of chickens is the incubator. Not necessarily to have a large farm with hundreds of animals. Such an arrangement would be useful for home use. A good incubator can provide an excellent hatchability of eggs throughout the year. And the presence of many interesting offers on the market of agricultural products allows you to make the right choices, which will correspond to the indicators of price and quality.

And among a broad range of instruments, incubator Cinderella is very much in demand. He will be a valuable boon for the experienced poultry farmers and for beginning farmers.

The main characteristics of the incubator Cinderella

This model is a special electrical device, which is necessary to ensure stable electrical connection with a stable voltage of 220 volts or battery at 12 volts. The main feature of the product is the ability to maintain the appropriate temperature through the use of hot water. The appliance heats the water, pouring it in a suitable container every three to four hours. No contact with electrical equipment it can work more than 10 hours.

If access to electricity for any reason, you can avoid problems by imposing the enclosure plastic containers with hot water. As a result of this simple Ruse the temperature inside the unit will remain optimal even without utility power.

Incubator Cinderella has a durable foam body that keeps the body warm and heats up quickly. In the inner part is a quality heater that occupies most of the area of the device. This element provides adequate temperature.

Another interesting feature of the equipment is subject to automatic coup eggs. Throughout the day the eggs are turned 180 degrees about ten times.

The incubator provides a controlled thermal sensor. Its manufacturer has installed on the lid. If the inside colder, the unit automatically switches to warm. In addition, together with the device are electronic thermometer, powered by ordinary batteries.

The main advantages of the incubator Cinderella are obvious:

  • the highest hatchability of goslings. Subject to the key rules of operation and the use of quality material process to a successful conclusion is 90 percent, much higher than models from other manufacturers;
  • small size;
  • an optimal cost.
Types of incubators Cinderella

You can find several modifications of the incubator, which differ in the method of the coup eggs.

Among them:

  1. devices with manual coup. Considered the most simple and affordable. Great for beginners in poultry. To achieve the desired results will have to turn the eggs at least every four hours;
  2. devices with manual coup. Equipped with a special mechanism of revolution that’s turning the eggs after a certain period of time. To have the process run evenly his need to control;
  3. devices with automatic coup. The most advanced modifications is equipped with auto flip function eggs. Every four hours the machine flips them on their own, without your help;

In addition, incubators Cinderella may vary with the capacity of eggs.

  • The most affordable and simple modification is for 28 eggs. Flip will have them in manual mode. This option will be a boon to beginners;
  • The following variation accommodates 70 eggs. Is easy to operate and high quality work. Eggs are turned automatically, after a certain period of time. In this unit, it is possible to dissolve not only chickens, but geese and ducks. Its dimensions are quite compact and make up 66,5 x 55, X27,5 cm, weight 3.8 kg. Recognized among the experienced growers who prefer high-quality equipment;
  • The most expensive version is able to accommodate just 98 balls. It is possible to display different types of birds. Known for excellent build quality, ease of use and high productivity;
The advantages and disadvantages of the device

The incubator Cinderella there are lots of advantages and disadvantages.

Among the advantages are:

  1. ease of operation and the absence of any special instructions for use;
  2. small size, compact size;
  3. support from Autonomous battery power of 12 volts;
  4. excellent performances of vyvodyaschy offspring;
  5. adequate intake of electrical energy;
  6. relatively affordable price;

The main drawback is the lack of full automation. In order to avoid unpleasant situations it is better to carefully follow all the processes that take place inside the equipment. It is important to take into account temperature changes and the intensity of the coup eggs.

Usage instructions


To manage the incubator Cinderella will be able even by a novice birder, or a person who has never dealt with such a technology. Enough to be the preparatory stage to lay eggs and carefully monitor the temperature indicators and humidity level.

Before you start to use the incubator, it is important to study all safety rules and read the instructions.

  • The device should be put on a flat surface. It is important to securely lock it so it was in the same position all the time of incubation;
  • Thoroughly coat the inside of the appliance with disinfectant substances. The removable parts can be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate. This should be done before each next bet eggs;
  • At the bottom of the device you can install plastic jars. The dry air will have to take about 5 tanks. When normal humidity is enough two products. In jars filled with liquid that must be regularly replenished by evaporation;
  • Over design it is important to install the plastic grid;
  • If possible, buy a battery at 12 volts and connect it to the incubator. In the event of a power electric network, the device automatically switches to the backup power source. One full battery is enough for a day of work;
Coup eggs

The most painstaking and important event in the breeding of chickens is the correct laying of the eggs. It is important to check the suitability of eggs for incubation using candling. Bad copies can be put aside.

For those who don’t know, candling is a special device to determine the readiness and quality of eggs for incubation. It also allows you to monitor the status of the embryo inside the egg during incubation.

Be sure to label the eggs in the usual marker before you put them in the incubator. This will allow to follow closely the procedure of the coup. The label should be applied to the upper part of the shell that allows you to flip them over without too much difficulty. After that, they can be placed in the appropriate cells.

In a vertical position sensor to measure the temperature. The top cover shall be established over him.

In each chamber should be not less than one liter of hot water with stable temperature below 90 degrees Celsius. If the incubator is not fully loaded, the water temperature can be below 70 degrees.

You must also install electronic thermometer on top of eggs. It will help to monitor the incubation period and monitor it at any time.

Don’t forget to connect to the device pivot mechanism, and then have to wait half an hour and start the device.

Try to regularly monitor the temperature inside the device. They should not fall below 38.4 degrees Celsius. If the temperature exceeds 39 degrees, it can cause unpleasant consequences.

Also watch the volume of water in the trays. It is impossible to prevent complete evaporation of the liquid. As soon as it becomes smaller, replenish the bath.

Do not open the lid of the incubator unnecessarily. Intermittent ventilation will not be superfluous, but to open the lid can only be for 3-4 minutes.

Following these tips and instructions you will be able to enjoy the beautiful hatchability of Chicks in the incubator Cinderella.

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