Features of the La araucana breeds of chickens

La araucana chickens – one of the breeds that are most populyarnostyu in modern poultry production. This breed of chicken are low maintenance, have good egg production and delicious nutritious meat.

In addition, La araucana chickens breed known fact that eggs are colored, namely blue. The eggs are blue, which people get from this breed have a high nutritional value and calorie content, contain large amounts of nutrients and play an important role in the diet.

La araucana chickens breed description and origin

Eggs, they are always well sold in the markets of agricultural products. A detailed description of this breed can be found in the Internet and specialist literature on poultry.

This breed appeared in South America, in Chile, even before the country was colonized by the Spaniards. La araucana is the name of an Indian tribe, which was engaged in breeding of these original birds. In the detailed description of the breed, which can be found in the poultry reference, stating that the hens of this breed are very small and his tail is almost invisible. The fact that the Indians, who initially engaged in breeding of this breed, deliberately set a goal to create a “tailless” breed. This is because a large tail is considered by the Indians as a hindrance in cock fights, which at that time was a very common pastime.

Colored eggs that carry these birds have gradually acquired a blue color due to the fact that the local breeds of chickens in South America actively crossed with living in captivity and in the wild pheasants. That is why the eggs that carry these unusual chickens, there is a bluish pigment. For this reason in Germany joke that La araucana hens are ready Easter eggs, requiring no additional staining. Eggs blue colors look very impressive. In the description of the breed says that the blue eggs La araucana hens have excellent flavor and are very nutritious.

La araucana breed of chickens especially

In the description of the breed, which can be found in the literature for poultry farmers, it is said that La araucana is characterized by the following features:

  • The tail is barely visible or almost absent;
  • Yellow-red eyes of medium size;
  • Very short neck and small head;
  • Weight from half to two kilograms;
  • Tufts of feathers on the face, resembling a mustache and beard.

The nature of the layers that carry unusual egg blue color, is quite interesting. The hens are very calm and peaceful (although in the period of incubation, it is better not to bother),but males, by contrast, are cockiness and love to fight. It is no coincidence that henscarrying eggs are sky-blue, many centuries participated in cockfights.

La araucana breed of chickens: content features

La araucana breed of chickens are fairly low maintenance, so breeding them is very profitable. Despite its southern origin, they easily adapt to any climate and can stand the temperature up to about minus six degrees Celsius. In the period when the temperature does not drop below this level curati needs no heating, so the La araucana chickens – a great way to save on heating. When the weather is hot, walk the chickens are not recommended, as they do not tolerate hot weather and prefer cool. Therefore, it is desirable that the place for walking bird was in the shade.

In order to properly contain these exotic laying hens, you should consider the following important points:

  • La araucana chickens love to bathe in the ash, because ash has a beneficial effect on their plumage and overall health. So the birds have to be such an opportunity. Ashes to sprinkle in the coop, but you can on the street, in the ground walking birds.
  • To relax the birds prefer to roost, so the coop must be made of wood roost. On a perch one meter and can accommodate three chickens breed La araucana.
  • You must make sure that in the area where the chickens will walk, not growing poisonous plants and flowers.
  • If in the household there are other breeds of chickens, birds of La araucana breed must contain separately. It is desirable that they do not contact with other types of poultry. First and foremost, due to the fact that the end of the line-La araucana differ cocky disposition and never miss an opportunity to demonstrate your fighting spirit. But no less important is that La araucana is not mated with other breeds of chickens in order to avoid the degeneration of the breed.
  • The diet of the representatives of the La araucana breed is no different from the diet of other species. Hens and chickens are happy to eat fresh greens, feed, vitamin and mineral supplements. The main thing – time to adjust the diet of birds, depending on the time of year and the health of the chickens.
La araucana chickens: why they are beneficial to breed

Raising chickens-La araucana is very profitable, and this is due to several important reasons:

  • Eggs that has a beautiful sky blue color, always in great demand in agricultural markets.
  • In our time few people professionally engaged in breeding of this breed hens, so there is no intense competition.
  • Chickens require minimal power and maintenance, but also easily tolerate cold and even light frost.
  • Birds almost never get sick and have a strong immunity many serious infectious diseases.
  • Arayna before reach sexual maturity.
  • Birds have unusual, beautiful exterior. The exotic look of these chickens at once attracts attention.

In order for the La araucana chickens became profitable, it is necessary to properly manage the care and feeding of these birds. You should start with the construction of a chicken coop. The chicken coop should be, above all, warm and dry. If the tree is more than minus six degrees, the chicken coop you can install the heater.

Attention: when heating the chicken coop with the help of a radiator it is necessary to observe safety precautions!

In order that chickens are often pleased by their sky blue eggs, you need to carefully monitor the diet of birds regularly enriching it with the necessary vitamin and mineral supplements.

To walk the birds is best on a small lawn covered with dense vegetation. During the walk it is necessary to follow the birds, so they do not bite debris and inedible items. On the dog place the bird should be free of debris, glass fragments, metal objects, on which the birds could get hurt.

La araucana chickens are often infested with parasites, so you need to pay attention to osoboe antiparasitic treatment. Birds should not be in contact with other Pets to prevent fleas.

If you follow these simple tips, you can get quite a decent profit from breeding hens breed La araucana. The main thing is to get a veterinary certificate for the products. And chickens and eggs, and chickens-pullets will definitely find a buyer on any agricultural market, as long as the chickens were healthy and well groomed.

The La araucana breed of chicken: practical advice

Those who choose to engage in professional La araucana chickens, happy to read the following useful tips. Their main goal is to improve the quality of life of chickens and increase egg production.

Little chickens do not recommend feeding fresh, fresh growth, green grass. Fresh grass could trigger excessive gas, and the chicken may even die from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sometimes hens peck La araucana eggs. In such cases, to swear and to be angry with the bird makes no sense. Hen not doing this due to the fact that they have a bad temper, but because of the fact that they do not have enough calcium, and they hope to get him out of his shell your own eggs. In such cases it is recommended to enter in a poultry diet additional vitamin and mineral supplements containing large amounts of calcium.

If the number has more than one cock, to keep roosters should be in different cages, so they had no contact with each other. Otherwise, the roosters can make a hot fight and cause each other serious injury.

Should closely observe the General health status of chickens. Healthy hens and cocks are very active, happy to eat the offered food, vigorously move. Sick chickens, by contrast, are characterized by lethargy and slowness; if the disease is caused by parasites, birds can often scratch and show General concern.

The birds should be a balanced diet. Dry plant food should be alternated with fresh. Winter birds it is necessary to add additional vitamins.

The chickens must always Be the required amount of water to do this in the garage you can put a number of automatic drinkers. Waterers should be washed frequently, in order to avoid falling into the water of pathogenic bacteria.

Breeding La araucana chickens will definitely benefit in the case if you follow all recommendations for care for these rare birds. Despite the high degree of adaptation to the environment, birds are susceptible to parasites and also to heat and sunlight. All you need to remember when choosing a place for the coop planning process and breeding birds. Eggs in sky blue will always find a buyer, and impressive-looking “tailless” chickens will long to please the gas of its unusual appearance. La araucana breed is one of the most interesting and unusual breeds of poultry.

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