Feed for laying hens with their hands

Nutrition is key to good health is absolutely any living creature. Chickens in this respect are no exception because from what food they get depends largely on weight gain, egg production and normal functioning of this bird as a whole.

The basis of the diet of laying hens, which are grown to produce eggs, can be a feed. It contains a large amount of nutrients needed by the bird. If you want you can refuse to purchase store food and to make a choice in favor of his making their own hands.

To make home-made feed for their laying hens is not such a difficult task. So he was useful for chickens you need to know the ingredients and their correct dosage. In this case, the chickens will not get sick, will be good to gain weight and to have good productivity in terms of egg production.

The benefits of using animal feed

Feed, which are of high quality and are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST, is only available in factory conditions, where their production are used special technologies. Their use allows to provide the correct balance of minerals and vitamins. Like that is impossible to achieve when the feed for laying hens produced at home.

Have a feed that people give chickens, compared with conventional power has certain advantages:

  • the immune system of young animals is significantly increased when the diet is present in the feed. This concentrated feed and different from the usual mash that poultry farmers are preparing for chickens with their hands;
  • consuming concentrate feed, chicken receives all the required elements and nutrients that strengthen bone tissue. But thanks to her and the build-up of meat. In addition, thanks to the composition of feed trace elements improves the formation of the eggs;
  • use for feeding chickens feed, fully corresponding to the standards GOST, provides the body’s production of poultry antibodies that make it resistant to various infections and in addition allow you to exclude the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and prevent the destruction of birds;
  • phosphorus, which is present in the composition of quality feed, it helps to prevent poultry diseases rickets, and also contains sodium, which improve egg shell;
  • the presence in feed of calcium ensures the obtaining of bone and promotes the formation of the eggshell.

In addition to the feed for the normal development of the chickens need to remember to give them water in large quantity. Water must be fresh. At each change of water should be purged from the bowl. You need to constantly ensure that the birds had no problem with water. It is also necessary to pay attention to the troughs in laying hens was always fresh and clean water.

Those growers who make their first steps in a case like chickens, are interested in the question how many times a day to give the birds water. For this reason it is necessary to say that birds need water in large quantity. First the water must give five or six times a day. Gradually the amount should be reduced to 3 times a day. Feed the bird is necessary to give only dry. Experts do not recommend giving wet food as hens, eating this food, you can face the problem of poisoning.

The risk of poisoning in poultry is highest in hot weather. We must not forget that if the combined feed to pour boiling water or use to dissolve hot water, then the entire value of this product is lost. If you are using a feed for feeding of chickens is eliminated the necessity of inclusion in the diet of birds of other baits. The result is a easy, economical diet, which contributes to the normal development of the birds and eliminates health problems have grown chickens.

The pros and the composition of feed for laying hens

Quite often, the feed is provided in the form of granules. This food has certain advantages:

it is more efficient than vegetable food;

It contains the right balance of nutrients and trace elements. Quality characteristics of the feed, which is produced in factory conditions, is considerably greater than made by the poultryman with his own hands. Therefore, if possible, when breeding birds should give her only concentrated fodder factory production.

Use when breeding chickens granulated feed allows you to achieve faster results. The bird that feeds on quality forage, faster gaining weight. In addition, this diet positively affects the fecundity of individuals. If daily to keep the bird as a power feed, then it will noticeably increase the immune system, and in addition will be provided with the normal flow of metabolic processes in the body.

If we talk about composition of feed, it includes the following components:

  • vitamins;
  • trace elements;
  • grains, particularly wheat;
  • vegetable fats;
  • flour or yeast.

It should be understood that the feed for laying hens produced in different variations, therefore, the composition can vary. However, the above elements are present in any of the stern regardless of its manufacturer.

How to choose feed for laying hens?

The distribution of the norm of feed in the diet of chickens, as well as the composition that you want to keep the bird, depends on age. Avoid overfeeding the birds, as if laying hens appears overweight, it will have a negative effect on egg production and productivity of poultry is considerably reduced. This is due to the fact that the formation of eggs at night. For this reason, it is mandatory to feed the bird in the evening.

With regards to the selection of a suitable feed for laying hens experts do not give any specific recommendations. However, some advice from experienced breeders all need to be taken into account. Well distributed in our country feed PC-11. For laying hens it is the best choice. It can rightly be called a full meal for birds. The poultry farmer who uses it for feeding animals, there is no need to make additional manipulation for the preparation of the feed mixture. Enough to buy this kind of feed and then you can use it for eating chickens.

For poultry farmers available and concentrated fodder KK-1. In its properties it is noticeably inferior to the stern PK-11. If the grower uses for feeding his alone, to provide adequate nutrition for the birds is impossible. You additionally have to provide other food.

In order for hens develop normally and happy with good productivity in terms of egg production, you must use as the basis of the diet of mixed fodder PK-11. Experts recommend doing the premixes with the use of this feed in combination with the waste at home.

For growing laying hens this food should you choose for the reason that in its composition it contains components that positively affect the growth of egg production. The eggs obtained from the laying hens, they have a strong shell. If the hen will hatch her Chicks, then they will have an increased immunity. However, you must remember that the presence of poultry a large amount of vitamins constitutes a threat to health. For example, if you have chickens in their diet will be a large number of calcium, the shell will certainly acquire a higher strength, but the chickens will be laying much less frequently.

How to give feed laying hens?

To laying hens please you a good indicators of egg production, you need to know about the rules of feeding. Give feed the bird twice a day. The first feeding in any case should not be delayed. Do not forget that the chickens belong to the early birds.

One bird shall be the daily rate in the amount of 120 g. it is Usually divided into two parts and give each technique. Note that along with the morning and night feeding birds is no less important. The minimum amount of feed that can be given poultry is 75 g. If during the day the rate of feed is greater than 150 g, it increases the risk of obesity among birds and causes a decline in egg production.

You should know that in growing chickens greater danger is not underfeeding, overfeeding birds. Increase the dosage of feed and number of feedings to 3 times a day if the bird is included in the Cumulus age. You need to ensure that the feeder was not filled to the top. Chickens have the habit to dig for food. Optimally, if the feeder you will fill in a concentrated feed 2/3. If the food your bird is used pelleted feed, and then you can pour it directly on the floor. In this case you will stimulate activity in the birds, because, in order to collect all the grains that are present on the floor, they have to try.

Feed for laying hens with their hands

Novice poultry experts give a recommendation to acquire a compound feed plant production in order to provide to individuals of normal weight and good egg production. However, not all people have the opportunity to purchase factory food. In such a situation, it is possible to prepare your hands at home, using recipes from the experts. So, for cooking food you can use the following recipe. It is the most popular and many novice breeders have resorted to it for cooking food with their hands.

To have a complete concentrate feed, which can be fed to poultry, it is necessary to mix the following ingredients:

  • corn. It should take in an amount equal to 45% of the total feed;
  • sunflower meal – 7%;
  • barley and wheat – 12%;
  • fish – 6%;
  • chalk and peas, 6% and 7% respectively;
  • herbal powder – 2%;
  • fodder yeast 3%;
  • salt -2 teaspoons;
  • soda – 0.5 teaspoon.

All these ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, after which the feed is ready.


Chickens in the yard quite often. They give birth many, since poultry is cheaper than breeding cattle or pigs. To bird well-gaining weight and happy with a good rate of egg production, it is necessary to provide adequate nutrition. To do this, every day in a bird feeder the bird you need to put the factory food, which contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. If you have a budding poultry farmer of the means to buy it, you can prepare the feed with your own hands. It will be a good alternative to the factory concentrated feed and will allow to achieve high performance efficiency in growing birds.

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