Feed for rabbits with his hands: how to cook

In order for the rabbit grew big and brought the farmer a lot of meat, you need to carefully monitor his diet. Care, content and balanced feeding depends on the ability of the rabbit to breed.

Breeders when choosing a balanced diet prefer to feed. It contains vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the growth and development of the animal. Feed can be purchased or made on your own recipe. Preferring the mixed fodder, breeders, providing convenience in its use and storage.

Feed for rabbits with your hands: ingredients and recipes

Balanced diet of an animal directly affects the speed of development rabbits, for meat yield and value of the fur. Nutrition of the animal may be different, but the rabbit needs to obtain the necessary for its development nutrients, elements and vitamins.

The complexity of the question of power is that the breeder must constantly calculate the daily rate of a product that will go into the food. Effective and simple way to feed rabbits is a specialized feed. Its advantages include that it has required scaling, which corresponds to the growth of the animal. And it helps daily to gain weight.

In the spring and autumn period animals are fed grass and hay. During this period, reduce the consumption of cereals. But you need to be prepared for the fact that in these seasons the set weight is reduced to a minimum. In this period of the life of the animal it is important to have time to translate natural diet to feed. The transition from one type of feed to another should be carried out by the farmer gradually.

Ideal for achieving high animal productivity. Obtaining high-quality fur and achieve a high level of meat factor is feed. Today in specialized stores sell balanced feed. It is also possible to purchase a us specializedlivestock enterprises. You can not spend the money needed to buy food and cook it yourself.

The composition of feed for rabbits: what they eat and choice of food

To ensure that the crawl has received full development, it must obtain the vitamins, nutrients and minerals. This need can be fully filled in the case to give a good balanced feed. If you opted to purchase the stern, there is a huge choice. Sometimes even an experienced breeder, can be complicated with the choice of a quality product. Purchase of feed differ by manufacturer, composition, energy and nutritional value.

When you select a specific feed for rabbits should pay attention to the following factors.

  1. Manufacturer with a good reputation.
  2. Age purpose of the product.
  3. The species on which they feed.

The composition of feed for rabbits should be based solely on plant foods. It includes 50% of grain crops. It may be corn, oats, wheat or barley. The remaining 50% is hay, vitamins or herbal flour. In addition, many manufacturers add a feed, bran, oil cake, meal, and flour of meat and bone meal or fish.

Feed for rabbits at home

Despite the variety of composition of the purchase of feed, many farmers are preparing it yourself. In that case, if the size of your farm is huge, and feed you will need a large number.

Therefore, in addition to desire to cook it, should be reserved for special equipment.

  1. Drying.
  2. Chopper.
  3. Crusher.

Many farmers in order to reduce the cost of use of the mixer and the nozzle is put on the drill. This option not only saves budget but also allows you to efficiently grind the green grass. And also, after you mix all the necessary components. If you feed plan to include grains, without crusher you can not do. Depending on the age of the rabbits, many farmers use a meat grinder. In order to make pellets you need to buy the pellet mill and skip the mixture through it. The advantages of this equipment should include regulation of the size of the produced granules. After the food was crushed it was dried, and then fed rabbits.

Feed for rabbits: recipes

In order to prepare feed for young stock, we offer you to use the following recipe. The number of ingredients will be conditionally presented as a percentage.

You will need.

  • Grass meal – 40%.
  • Barley – 30%.
  • Sunflower cake – 10%.
  • Peas – 8%.
  • Bran – 5%.
  • Molasses and 2.5%.
  • Yeast – 2%.
  • Meat meal or bone is 1.6%.
  • Phosphate feed – 0,6%.
  • Salt is 0.3%.

Each of these ingredients are crushed and ground, and then mixed together. Further, dried and fed to the rabbits.

The second recipe feed based on the nutrients. This feed for rabbits is recommended to prepare only the females during lactation.

For its preparation you will need to grind the following components.

  1. Herbal flour – 30%.
  2. A grain of barley and oats, 19% of each ingredient.
  3. Bran and meal, – 15%.
  4. Fish meal – 2%.
  5. Meat and bone meal, and 0.5%.
  6. Yeast – 1%.
  7. Salt of 0.5%.

For the production of this feed you need to take all the above ingredients. Grind them and mix all together. In order that each ingredient tied to each other, you can add water. Then you’ll have mass in the form of porridge. It should pass through the granulator. If a pellet mill you have not yet bought, use the grinder. The prepared mixture need to be dried.

You can cook a variety of feed. They can be prepared using a granulator or through a meat grinder. The important thing is to calculate the right proportion. You can feed the animals as dry mixes, which are convenient for storage. So, to make a mush and serve immediately after cooking.

The composition of feed for rabbits: the options

The composition of feed for rabbits may be different.

But there is a basic list of the components that are required by animals for normal growth and development.

  • green forage;
  • roots;
  • tubers;
  • crops;
  • dry grass, including hay;
  • silage;
  • concentrates;
  • mineral substances and vitamin complexes.

In mass production, all components are mixed. They can grind to succumb to the pressing and granulated. Regardless of which method was chosen as it turns out mineral-balanced feed for animals.

Balanced feed is conventionally divided into three types: complete, concentrated feed and additive.

  1. Complete food full fill the need of the animal for nutrients. Is used as the main type of feed.
  2. Concentrated, administered only with rough and juicy forages.
  3. Feed that includes minerals, proteins, complex of vitamins. This is not an option as the primary. It is used as a Supplement with other food.

Together with the fodder necessary to give the animal juicy fodder or hay.

Dry food or mash: which is better?

Many breeders prefer dry food. There are a number of advantages. It is able to reduce the amount of time required for preparing nutritious food, unlike the mash. All that you will need to do the farmer is to pour the pellets in the feeder. And also this facilitates the calculation of the daily requirement.

With the help of feed dry rabbits gain weight quickly and grow well. Dry feed is able to protect your Pets from various infections. While the mash is a storehouse for the development of harmful pathogens. The only negative, which is present in the feed of the dry kind is the high price.

The process of manufacture of mixed fodder with his own hands in detail

Virtually all breeders rabbits cost blender, meat grinder. But in some cases, essential granulator. Instead, in order to save use the drill and mixing attachment for a cement.

Thus, granular food obtained caloric, which is necessary for rabbits.

  1. The first thing that is done is crushed the grain and other components.
  2. The finished mixture is put into the granulator. The size of granules can be determined using the appropriate nozzle. For different age of the animal needs its own granule.
  3. The extruder mixes the mass and forms it. After that, it conducts heat treatment of components.

The feature of pellet mill is to work it as a press. Thus, we get food stored less than after treatment. High temperature during manufacture allows to release the products from toxins and harmful microorganisms. Mechanization of creating high-quality feed, it becomes impossible without the use of specific equipment.

Many farmers use brushcutters. It is cheap and a waste of this is justified. With its help it becomes possible to procure required quantity of hay for rabbits and to spend the minimum amount of physical effort.

Dryer is a necessary equipment. With its help it is possible to avoid mildew and mustiness. Crusher is also essential, as it allows to process wheat and other ingredients into flour. Many farmers used Savoy mill, it helps to grind the oil culture that are necessary for creating high-quality feed.

Feed for rabbits: the results

If you have a small farm and do not have the necessary and expensive equipment. Do not despair, you can substitute some of the work being carried out by the equipment manual labor. You should always remember that the main advantage of manufacture of mixed fodder for rabbits with his hands is low cost and control of the ingredients. After all, you are depending on your livestock you can do to change the proportions and recipes. In that case, if you have to prepare a lot of food, you will always be able to sell it. This is a great option for additional income.

Part of quality feed always includes cereals, green food, vitamins and animal impurities. An integral part of the diet of big-eared are cereals. This bean is responsible for weight gain and maintenance of the animal, fiber and protein. For rabbits may be suitable for corn, wheat, oats or barley. But you can also include seeds of sunflower, soy and legumes.

As green fodder, you can use any stem plants. In natural food you can add fresh cut grass, vegetables, root crops, straw and even the tops from the garden. Green feed is responsible for the growth and development of the animal. Using it helps to reduce the cost of the finished product.

As vitamin supplements and animal impurities you can use: milk in dry form; soybean meal; sunflower seed cake. In some cases, use yeast and chalk. And I also have to include fish and bone meal. These supplements will need the animal as an immunostimulant.

The composition of any feed is always dependent on available components, age, species, sex and state of health of the animal. Regular use of the feed allows you to accelerate the growth and development of the animal. Helps to avoid the occurrence of diseases, and to support the immune system at the proper level. Unlike other feeds, rabbits receive a balanced diet, and the farmer optimizes the feeding.

It is worth remembering each and every aspiring breeder that when feeding forage, prepared with his own hands or store-bought (industrial production), the animal should always be a constant access to water. Mandatory condition for the proper development of rabbits is access to the grass and the Seine, whether it’s in the feed or not!

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