How many day can carry a chicken egg, when rushing better

The people running the farm, mostly chickens . Optional is a meat breed, the hens are kept and in order to obtain fresh eggs .

Therefore, especially beginning farmers, is seriously concerned with the question:how much of the day the hen lays the hen , because they want to know how much it is possible to obtain eggs in a month, a year. Is it possible to do this business.

To give an exact figure is impossible, as different factors affect how often will rush chicken . Let’s find out what are these factors, and how many eggs can give us the hen . What makes it better to rush?

The number of sacrificed chickens eggs per day , per month or per year depends directly on the conditions of detention.

The main thing you need to do it all year round to maintain in the coop right climate and right to feed the chickens .

  • Due to improper maintenance, the hen may begin laying worse, and even stop laying eggs .
  • An important factor is also the time of year – summer hen day egg production than in winter. What year is warmer, the more should be carried eggs .
  • You can talk about the average, how many eggs the hen carries. Of course, from year to year the performance will be different.
  • A day . With proper maintenance one hen at home carries one egg a day . But it is in the summer. In the winter hens we rush through the day.
  • A week. For seven days the hen brings from 3 to 7 pieces. Again, the exact number cannot be called as influenced by the time of year, the breed of the hen and the conditions for its content.
  • Per month. During the month the hen carries in the order of 15-30.
  • A year . Practice shows that the layer gives an average of 200-300 eggs, and under very favorable conditions, is able to sweep better, giving up to 330 pieces. However, in the case of the poor lighting of the chicken , temperature changes and power outages, the chicken will carry less. A day can be one egg. Some hens refuse to rush in poor conditions and cease activity.

It is interesting to note that he was recorded case, when the hen was demolished in the year 371 egg. So, sometimes gave more eggs per day . There are cases being under one shell, two yolks, you have probably seen it. But, nine yolks in one egg is a rarity, however, took place and such.

How many eggs the hen lays in a day, a year, depending on the breed hens.

All breeds are divided into three categories:

  • meat;
  • egg;
  • meat-egg.

Farmers specializing in poultry, try to get in a year how many eggs, if you are interested in this product. How much will be borne by the bird, is affected by its breed, age, and, as noted, the conditions of detention. Stress and unkempt chicken coop will not force the bird to rush better, but to discourage rush – can.

In the summer, when days are long and the food varied birds, as a rule, rush harder. In winter they require high-quality lighting, and food enriched with vitamins and microelements.

How many eggs per day the hen lays is the hen? In industrial environments often achieve results that hens lay as much in winter, how much summer. To improve the performance in winter, and through the observance of some conditions. The main thing is lighting and power, but another important factor is the temperature, humidity, parasites, etc.

Consider the factors which determine how much product is produced.

Proper nutrition. The balance of macro – and micronutrients chickens will provide strong health and high performance. Food should be fed on schedule, avoid overfeeding, and underfeeding. In the diet should contain fats, proteins, carbohydrates (in the correct proportions). Different grains are mixed, and thereto is added water or milk. To improve egg production poultry necessary green vegetables, calcium and phosphorus.

Temperature. Low temperature diminishes the effectiveness of carrying eggs, so the chicken coop should be warm.

Illumination. With the lengthening of the day egg production increases. In this regard, in the autumn and winter in the coop should be of high quality artificial lighting. It is recommended to use fluorescent lights. Sure that light was not less than 14 hours, otherwise the bird will not have enough time to relax properly. Increased, 14 hours a day, will provide a capacity of around 1pc/day.

Humidity should be 60-70%, otherwise performance will decrease as the hens will be uncomfortable.

Egg production depends on how many chickens live per unit area. Too much density will cause a decrease in the productivity of poultry. Recommended per 1 m2 to accommodate 4-6 chickens depending on their weight. The increase in the number of chickens will negatively affect the number of eggs that hens lay at a certain period of time.

To increase performance during the winter period, it is necessary to establish the range of the bird. Birds need to release in the yard at least briefly, so they compensated for the lack in motion.

The performance can be affected by parasites, so you need to handle the bird from mites and pereedem. In the home can be an effective pest control with the use of sand and ash.

When the chickens start laying eggs

Eggs – one of the most popular foods in many countries. From them prepare a delicious and inexpensive meals. Who thinks about that, where does this product and when the bird starts laying. But the farmers are interested.

The beginning of oviposition said that the bird is sexually Mature. If the bird is growing and developing normally, it will ripen just in time, established for this breed.

The kind of hens with a combined degree of productivity, begins bearing after the fifth or sixth months.

Women belonging to the heavy meat breeds start to lay eggs after eight months.

Fighting chickens start to produce eggs after the 9th of the month. Small breeds with high productivity begin to produce eggs at 5-6 months. Chickens are small breeds with low productivity, will rush after the seventh month. The bird hybrid autosexing-type eggs appear in six months.

Light alanskie chickens in puberty come after 5.5 months. If the bird was grown in the right conditions, and it is healthy, the indicators are relevant. When maturation occurs during autumn or winter, decrease the temperature readings, and daylight is reduced, it can not start to give eggs within the specified period. The chicken that started laying before winter, provided the content in a warm shelter and proper feeding, lays eggs in winter.

Whether you want cock?

Most uninformed people think that the house will certainly be a rooster, because without him chickens can’t lay eggs by natural causes. However, in reality not so. The process of oviposition in adults of Mature chickens naturally, and the cock not needed for this. However, these Chicks will remain unfertilized. However, their food can be consumed without fear. The quality and taste are normal. In this case, the gardeners get rid of poultry every autumn, because the content of their winter lesson troublesome, but in the country rarely lives all winter. Vienna give birth to new chickens. If you want to breed the bird, slid the cock. With it, performance should be higher than in the incubator.

What is the egg

This is a large female reproductive cell. The cell consists of a main shell – yolk. When it is ripe, it falls into the oviduct. As you move the yolk is covered with a protein. The process can take up to 20 hours. Later shell is formed. It protects the yolk and the protein from damage. After 40 min. after the egg his place in the genital tract is the next cell and the process repeats.

For a large number of products, chickens should be fed properly. A quality food will become the Foundation of forming good fruit.

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