How many live decorative rabbits at home?

The lifespan of a rabbit depends on environment, heredity and diet. In the wild rabbits live for up to two years. The habitat conditions in the wild, death can occur as the result of illness, adverse weather conditions or in the attack of a predator.

Ordinary rabbits from farms not getting a chance at a long life, as they are slaughtered for meat at the age from four months to three years. Other Pets live several times smaller.

How many live decorative rabbits at home?

Decorative rabbits, unlike their relatives that live in the wild live long enough. When choosing a pet, you should give preference pet with a beautiful coat, clear eyes and ears. A healthy rabbit can be active, and show interest in the world.

In order to understand how many live decorative rabbits need to focus on what types of rabbits there are and how they differ from each other. Consider the main ones.

How many years do rabbits live?

Decorative lop-eared rabbits emit a funny appearance, namely the geometry of the ear, which is turned down. Due to this, the ears are located along the head and attach to the animal view. They look like a plush soft toy, with whom you want to continuously play.

Like any other pet, rabbits fold is a creature with a good nature, who can ignore the commands of man, and thereby cause pain. Life decorative kids at home may be different.

If decorative fold receive adequate and proper care, they properly contain and they are treated well, they can beat the record of longevity. They can live up to fifteen years. The average period of life of the animal is not more than eight years. But when you consider that many furries spend their life in the wild, their lifespan is short not more than two years.

Another kind of rabbits is a dwarf ornamental. This breed is more of everything you love. The nice ushastik give preference to children because they have a beautiful external data. Despite the fact that they need less food and water than larger rabbits, but they need several times more. There is a need daily dog walking pet. How many years live decorative long-eared animals? At home the average age of a rabbit is five to seven years. But in some cases, across centenarians. There were cases, when the decorative rabbits lived to thirteen years.

How long can rabbits live at the farm?

Many of the farm-bred rabbits broilers. They fed, watered ad libitum and pay sufficient amount of attention.

But unfortunately, the fate of the rabbits clear.

  1. The life of rabbits-broilers from 70 to 75 days.
  2. Another kind of animals up to 3 years.

The first Crawley score for juicy and tasty meat. The second breed for its fur, which is also valued in the market. These rabbits are bred only for slaughter. But on average they can live as much at home in the apartment. Namely, up to nine years.

Conditions affecting the life

People and animals due to their life something similar. From lifestyle and living conditions directly depend on the term. After all, if people throughout life do not drink, does not smoke, lead a healthy lifestyle to 90% he can live to a ripe old age, and that at least a hundred years. The same thing happens with Pets. Only proper care and maintenance will allow you to determine the time of their life.

Consider the main conditions that affect the age of the rabbits.

  1. The hereditary factor. From heredity individuals will depend on her health and how she will live. Excellent physique Crawley can inherit from their parents.
  2. Support the immune system. Even healthy from birth of the animal can be brought to a ruinous condition. Animals that are unchecked, improperly fed and do not provide time drink short-lived. They fall ill with infectious diseases, and as a consequence, die. For owners of ornamental rabbits you need to clearly understand that a rabbit is not fun, but responsibility.
  3. Caring for a rabbit. Farm Pets be kept in cages and aviaries. But if we are talking about the apartment, it is worth noting that from its very nature, the rabbit’s clean and he will not tolerate dirt or moisture. The animal should always be a container filled with water. A feeder should be filled with food. Rabbits like food grain, vegetables, hay or grass. Most important is the litter. It is best suited for the animal dry and clean straw.
  4. Correct care. Diet, its quality, as well as playing with a rabbit is one of the guidelines for the care of animals. To keep a rabbit locked in a cage or pet will die. The animal needs a daily walk. Not necessarily take him outside, let him walk at home, but less than one hour. Feed the rabbit have varied at least two times a day. In that case, if fluffy had not eaten the food, take it and put a new one. The litter needs to be changed at least once a week.
  5. Good attitude. Not only for rabbits but for any other animal is especially important – good attitude. There are times when fluffies die from boredom or a strong sense of fear. Scandalous family, negative environment animals suffer badly. If the rabbit feels the rejection of his person, he will suffer. As a result, loss of appetite, refusal to eat. In the case of emotional shock can stop the heart.

It should be noted that the life of the animal depends on the owner and his relationship to the animal. If you can’t give him enough attention, start a rabbit is not recommended. Too emotional animal will not have to worry yourself. Therefore, together with a small fluffy happiness you take on certain obligations.

How many live rabbits: signs of old age

In three years the rabbit reaches the age of maturity. As noted above, animals can live for decades, but the process will directly depend on the care and maintenance of the animal. So after three years of pussy will steadily approaching old age.

Signs of old age fuzzies is attributed.

  • The muddy sclera of the eye.
  • Presence of flabby and sagging belly.
  • Falling out of the fur.
  • Long-eared pet is behaving inactive and prefers to stay most of the time.
  • Consumption of food and drink is decreasing with every passing day.

Watch how rapidly fade, many pet owners are simply not strong enough. So many of them use the service – euthanasia animal. In this case, to euthanize an animal only in a veterinary clinic.

How to extend the life of beloved animal?

Extend the life of Eeyore can theoretically. This can only be done when maintaining emotional States, organizing proper care and maintenance.

In practice, should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The cage should be ventilated regularly and be protected from drafts.
  2. The food to include grains and legumes. In the diet rabbit should have different herbs, concentrates and vegetables. It is useful to give in the autumn of mineral and vitamin supplements.
  3. Comply with the schedule of vaccination against serious diseases.
  4. Ushastik should be protected from physical injuries and emotional.
  5. To contact your veterinarian or call it home if you suspect the development of pathologies.
  6. Emotional harmony of the animal is required to attend. The relationship between animal and man must line up perfectly. Therefore, many believe that to extend the life of the rabbit, perhaps due to the emotional balance.
How many years rabbits: what you need to know the owner?

To ensure that your pet lives a long and happy life need to know that decorative big-eared weak spine. Especially this question is relevant for those who have small children in the family. Rabbit need to be protected from falls and injuries. Otherwise, the animal will not survive, will die.

Another important fact, about which know not all owners of big-eared. These animals have a strange tendency to eat their own droppings. If you suddenly noticed that the litter is absent feces, do not be afraid, rabbit they just ate. Ushastik you need to perform this natural process. Thus, the animal helps his digestion.

To summarize the above. Rabbits live as many years as they are destined. They can live for 75 days happy days and can live up to thirteen years. No matter how much you spend time with her big-eared pet, you need to understand. A rabbit like no other, needs your care, attention and understanding!

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