How to build a chicken coop in the country with their hands

Use a small chicken coop sizes do not always satisfy the requirements of the poultry farmer. These designs come ready, but the experienced grower knows what results he wants to achieve from their hens. Therefore, building a chicken coop for your preferences.

The novice fancier it is recommended to build a simple chicken coop designs with your own hands, you can move it at any time.

Examples of such pens:

  • one-story portable chicken coop;
  • mobile arch chicken coop;
  • the coop in the form of cars;
  • mobile chicken coop-trailer;
  • mini-coop on the rollers.

Such designs can be moved around the site at any time, they are lightweight. But they put a small number of goals.

Ideal for families is a barn with paddock for 5-20 chickens. When the content of 5 chickens have enough for 3 sq. m. the more the number, the larger sizes require housing. 10 individuals requires a minimum of 5 sq m, 20 chickens, 10 sq. m. If the hen grows fat, it begins to worse to rush, so they assign more space. If the grower raises chickens, the coop you can do less, so that the bird had moved and gained weight.

Preparatory work

Before you begin to build a DIY chicken coop, you need to think about adequate size. And also, think about seasonality and location. When positioned correctly he can become a decorative part of the garden.

Novice poultry professionals suggest to build a barn for chickens near the house and observe the conditions:

  • the presence of dry sandy soil under the chicken coop;
  • the device of the drainage systems;
  • land with a slope to the South-East for good lighting.
  • away from drafts (green fence, fence);
  • the convenience of walking (shelter from sun and rain);
  • the presence of a shallow pond for bathing chickens.

Failure to comply with these recommendations, the chickens become lethargic, start to hurt and less rushing. On their condition the same effect hypothermia, high humidity and overheating.

What is better to build a chicken coop in the country?

To build a chicken coop with their hands from improvised means.

Common materials for construction of the suburban chicken coop:

  • a wooden beam;
  • wall paneling wood for wall cladding;
  • galvanized sheet for the manufacture of a sliding tray beneath the roost;
  • netting for the territory of the parks;
  • the roofing material.

The creation of a green roof (plants on top) protects chickens from overheating and gives beauty to the building.

When purchasing materials for construction is not possible, you can use those at hand. For example, pipes, pallets, polycarbonate.

Wooden structures coated with a solution that protects the wood from moisture and pests.

How to build a chicken coop

To create convenience for chickens is not difficult, it is important to observe the sequence of actions. During the construction of a chicken coop in the country will need to collect enough boards and planks that will become the basis for the design. For Foundation using cement and bricks. Should think about the insulation, to do this, prepare mineral wool, sawdust and roofing material. For fencing area of the paddock will need a few meters of netting.

In the list of tools includes:

  • screws, nails;
  • the level ruler;
  • saw;
  • shovel;
  • hammer.

This set is considered to be the base, during Assembly, may require additional tools.

The Foundation

The construction of the Foundation in some cases is not required: during the construction of a chicken coop small size. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that predators do not attack the chickens. Around the perimeter of the chicken coop install a metal plate.

When the aviary is large, the construction of the basement becomes an important step. And the best option is columnar. In this case, good ventilation of the floor.

It can be made from inexpensive materials, and it is easily built:

  1. Study the drawing prepared in advance, and drive around the perimeter of metal rods, connect them with a rope.
  2. The top layer of soil 20 cm deep removed.
  3. Place supporting tables around the perimeter at a distance of not less than 1 m (for each column, prepare a hole of 60 cm).
  4. The posts have to level with elevation above the soil surface at a distance of 30 cm.

The construction of pier Foundation ends here. Give him time on the compaction. To do this, leave for 5 days.

If you wish to build a coop isn’t only for summer use but for winter, you need to take care of the preparation of strong sex, which is good to keep warm. With this purpose made double floor: the first layer of “subfloor” which is made from any of the boards; the second, “main floor” of quality boards without gaps. Between the layers are laid beams and the insulation layer.

Frame and wall

Not only the floor needs to retain heat, and walls. So the chicken coop to build recommend from quality timber, leaving openings for the Windows for ventilation. Bars fix and upholster them with boards with external and internal parties, and between them put a layer of heat insulation (sawdust, mineral wool).

The walls should be at least 1.8 m in height. Otherwise the hens will be crowded and reduced egg production. To improve the appearance of the coop painted or decorated with finishing materials based on budget. Windows make removable, so that in the hottest period of the chickens comfortable.


Under the roof comfortably accommodate all the required facilities for chickens. So make it a gable. It does not accumulate snow, which helps to avoid moisture inside.

The procedure for fabrication of the roof:

  • stack the flooring-insulation (slag, expanded clay);
  • fasten angle beams;
  • attach the roofing material;
  • covered with slate or another roof.

As you can see, to construct a gable roof is easy.

The interior space

Interior decoration to focus on. Nests and perches are placed in such a way that the hens raced well.

The calculation way is simple:

  • one chicken needs at least 30 cm;
  • need timber 40×60 mm, round;
  • placed at a height of 80 cm from the floor;
  • under the perch and place trays to collect chicken manure.

The roosts should not be placed one above the other.

The arrangement of the slots:

  • take boxes filled with sawdust (wicker baskets);
  • have them in the corners of the house (height above the floor 40 cm);

On the floor lay the dry material or straw for the convenience of the chickens, so they will be more comfortable. It will accumulate litter, which will facilitate cleaning.


Spring chickens separated by 10-12 individuals and provide them with a separate place for walking. If the chickens closely, it becomes the cause of infectious diseases.

For chicken coop with run, additionally equip the enclosure, the size of which should be in 2 times more of the house. Build it on a level green plot, so that later when range chickens have enough nutrients that they find in the grass and soil.

For the construction of the enclosure is prepared:

  • bars;
  • the metal mesh.

The chicken is a construction with several sections. One of them hung with hinges and used as a gate.

The construction of a summer coop for broilers

For cultivation of broilers with their hands can build a chicken coop-tent small area. Ten hens will be enough for 5 sq. m.

The manufacturer of the chicken coop:

  1. With screws and assemble the boards 2 of the side frame. In the upper part is fixed with screws. At the bottom of the Board is fixed at a distance of 35 cm from the bottom. In the middle part of attached struts and put a rectangular sheet of plywood, it will serve as the ceiling and floor simultaneously and to give rigidity.
  2. Staples or nails, attach the mesh-netting and making a door.
  3. The role of the roof is done by two sheet of plywood attached on each side. The ridge is formed by two horizontal boards.
  4. A feeder and a drinking bowl attached to the door. Equip roost and nest of straw.

If there are no screws, use nails. Put them not to the end, and is bent so that the bird didn’t get hurt. For convenience, the birds are preparing a ramp from a piece of plywood with cross rails.

The lighting in the chicken coop: the device Windows and electricity

In order to maximize the light penetrated into the hen house, the window openings do on the South side. If lighting is not enough hens, they become sluggish and less rushing.

The total area of window openings shall not be less than 1/12 of the floor.

For admission of fresh air Windows should open. Mesh protect them from predators. In the summer the Windows open.

With the purpose of the artificial lighting set lamp is based on 1m2 of the required power is 5 watts. With relay you can adjust the length of daylight in winter, it should be 17 hours. Shade locations with nests and water drinkers and feeders, by contrast, require good lighting.

Major hen house for all seasons

If you plan to raise chickens in the country all year round, the coop needs to be insulated. Carried out the system of additional heating for high egg production in winter. Windows need glazing and fluff the cracks if the frame is old.

The Foundation of all-season chicken coop should be strong. With the goal of building a cooking pit depth 0. 5 m On the perimeter of the formwork and pour the concrete. Wait a few days for complete curing.

The thickness of the walls should be more than 20 cm of thermal insulation using mineral wool. Windows and doors should be closed tightly to avoid drafts. Floor insulated with Styrofoam and put a metal mesh for protection against rodents. Boards lay on top of the grid. They make the floor warm.

Roosts for chickens laying hens in the country

After construction, it is necessary to pay special attention to perches and nests where the chickens will be comfortable to lay eggs. Ten chickens missing 3 sockets. For the summer period in the zone range set the perches, the distance between which should be from half a meter above the floor. Nests filled with straw and regularly changing it. Over the roosts make the visors.

Hay is not used, because it decomposes and becomes the medium of propagation of minor pests and infection.

Bright lighting for chickens – the reason for the decline in egg production. Therefore the nests should be less illuminated than the rest of the house.

For coop residential accommodation chickens make additional ventilation of the corrugated tube. Make a hole in the ceiling and bring the pipe up. This provides good ventilation and does not create a draft.

With proper arrangement of the henhouse: creating natural ventilation, proper lighting and a warm room; the birds will carry all year round.

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