How to build a rabbitry with their hands: the necessary information

To breed rabbits, you must have a lot of patience, as well as to study their physiological data. Without these skills fail to achieve significant results.

When winter comes, the rabbits would be better to feel in designated areas with heating. Such places are called rabbit hutches.

To produce the breeding of rabbits in the home will come down a small barn frame type. So how to make a rabbitry?

Features rabbitry

The Warren stuff. In order that the rabbits felt well and not sick, properly grown and multiplied very rapidly, they need to create a good atmosphere. They are very demanding, because of poor conditions of detention will do for them, as rabbits will often sick.

To avoid this, it is necessary to observe certain conditions in the rabbitry.

  1. The optimum temperature for rabbits is 14 or 16 degrees Celsius. The room temperature is determined in the place where there is the most remote from heaters space. Overheating or chilling will adversely affect the health of the rabbits. If there is a temperature drop, you will have to use a much larger amount of feed, and it is very unprofitable. The smooth raising or lowering the temperature not so bad for the animals, as strong variations. This all says that you must have a good thermal insulation of the rabbitry. The inside should be installed a good heating and air conditioning. Better use of frame technology when building a rabbitry, and care must be taken about the insulation of mineral wool. You need to pay much attention to the insulation of the floor and ceiling. The material of the roof can be without insulation, but it must be well protected from moisture. Great attention should be taken to the insulation slabs. The cheapest option is the clay pellets, that you can pour into the overlap. And the top will need to apply a decent layer of clay, which is mixed with straw. When the clay dries, you can sprinkle it with leaves. This will provide additional insulation.
  2. Rabbits are very picky about the humidity of the air. And we need to support it within 60 or 75%. You need to avoid drafts. The frame structure will help to solve this problem, because if the construction is made correctly, the drafts in the room will be absent. But inside the rabbitry must be installed ventilation, as rabbits need fresh air. And also to take care of the output gases which can be released from products deposits of the rabbit. The movement of air inside the room should be above 0.3 m/s. For this you need to make the inlet hole which is closed by the movable bars. To be should system near the floor in the corner of the Warren, and exhaust pipe may be near the ceiling in another part of the rabbit hutches. Movable bars will provide the necessary velocity of air depending on the weather conditions. In that case, if natural ventilation will be in small quantity, exhaust and supply pipe you need to put a special fan which can adjust the rotation speed of the blade.
  3. You need to take care of regular cleaning of the Warren. Cleaning should be done at least two or three times a week. It depends on how inside will be an unpleasant smell. To ensure that funding a smaller amount of ammonia, it is necessary to organize cleaning of feces of rabbits so that urine and feces are not connected. If the collection comes in a special tray that is under the cells, then they need to make the slope. If waste is collected in the gutter, they should be done so that the urine penetrated into the lower trough, which is separated by mesh. It is a difficult task, because the grid often clogged. In order for everything to function as it should, have very often to unclog the mesh.
  4. It should also be clarified that the weight and density of the fur depends on the lighting inside the rabbitry, as well as duration of daylight. Rabbits are most active during twilight and night. They do not like bright lighting. The necessary level of illumination of premises for adult rabbits is 50 or 70 Lux . For young rabbits, which is still fattening – 25 or 30 Suite. The photoperiod is 16 or 18 hours, but because in winter you need lights, but not very bright. Order lighting for cleaning and maintenance of the Warren was comfortable, you need to install additional bulbs, but they must be connected to the second switch. Another good option is to install dimmer. It can be installed instead of conventional switch and will allow you to change the lighting.


The simplest method of keeping rabbits is the creation of cells under a canopy in open space. But this option can be applied only in those regions where winters are mild. This type of content is practiced at the beginning of the rabbit when you have no experience. But for more advanced and experienced people who breed, then suggest to still build a rabbitry. The fact is that during the winter the number of rabbits can be very hard to decrease and feed consumption will grow strongly, it will lead to a great loss of money.

This suggests that it is cheaper to build a rabbitry with internal heating. Completely different things in the summer because rabbits to better themselves will feel the fresh air. This will manifest itself in more rapid growth. And outdoors not necessary to think about the air quality regulation. Therefore it is better to make as specifically a shed for the rabbits and a closed rabbitry.

Cells it is better to do low weightto be easy to carry. Then summer will be easy to arrange for housing rabbits outdoors, and in the autumn when will come the cold, rabbits should be recorded in the rabbitry. A time when animals are outdoors, you can use to repair and disinfect premises rabbitry.

The required dimensions
  1. The size of the cells will depend on the breed of rabbit. The larger will be the rabbit, the more space they will require. The average height of the cells is 500 or 700 mm. Cover may be of different designs.
  2. The depth of the cells is 50 or 70 cm.
  3. To determine the width of a lot harder, because males and females are made different sizes.

In cells it is better to isolate the cells, it needs to close and be small in size. At this point the rabbit can make a good nest. If the liquor is absent, then the size of the cell will be the same.

Liquor can be arranged in several ways: in the cell is set to cube, made from boards of the desired size, there is a hole for the passage. As well as the construction immediately to protect the part of the cell. What size must be the liquor: 80 cm deep, 60 wide, 40 high. On top of the liquor it is better to install a small shelf where the rabbit will be able for some time to hide from their offspring.

The floor in the rabbitry

In a cage or Warren must be very dry. That is why solid floor is usually not made, it is better to do delity. The more gaps, the better. Of course, everything should be within a reasonable and rabbits should not fall into the floor hole. In the event that floor will be made of a solid piece of wood, then it needs to be done in the slope to the rear. In the floor you need to install the lattice or mesh, through which will flow all the moisture that accumulates during the life of the rabbit.

Of course, the wood needs to be moisture resistant. It would be best if the floor will be double. The first layer should be lattice and the second solid. If you decide to install this kind of floor, you must use the wooden planks with a width of 20 or 25 mm, to nail them it is necessary with a gap of 15 mm. This will be enough to ensure that all waste went through them.

And floors can be made of rigid meshmade from wire which has a small cell. The lower floor level will be the pan, it is better to make from galvanized steel (single piece). It is also necessary to observe the required slope, which is usually in the center of the cell or between two adjacent. The center must be gutter. The metal lasts a long time, it is best to handle with linseed oil. The lower level floor is better made movable, it is necessary in order to make it convenient to pull out and clean.

Some craftsmen used as the underside of the floor flat slate. But it will cause some problems with the organization of the flow. This is due to the fact that slate cannot be bent or touch up if necessary.


The doors are made with mesh. Collect a frame of wood, which then stretched mesh. Nails and screws should be tighten so that they are sharp part was not inside the cage, as this can injure the rabbit. Mesh shall be placed in such a way that from the side of the cage she was flush, since rabbits can gnaw right through this door. And also can use welding to make the frame from several angles. The door is better to do large, because it will be easier to maintain the cage. As constipation using conventional hooks.


Cover the cage you can use any cheap material. It is only necessary to remember that it is impossible to prevent overheating and overcooling rabbits. This means that you cannot just use any piece of metal and throw it on top of the cells. Therefore it is better to use a material which has low thermal conductivity. You can use plywood or OSB.

In that case, if the rabbits will live in a cage on the street without the canopy, then the roof must be equipped with protection from rain. And also you can use a slate, preferably of the wave.

The barn, waterers, feeders

The design of the drinking bowls should be such that it can be easily removed, as they must often be removed for cleaning and replacement of water. For these purposes often use trays, which is made of a strip of metal as a seat that is fixed to the door or the wall close to the door.

There is another option of making the drinker. It is quite cheap. You can use a piece of sewer pipe diameter is 100 mm. the Height must be 80 or 100 mm. Inside the ring fits cropped two-liter bottle. The bottle must be cut off flush with the Cup holder, but must leave a strip width of 2 and 3 cm and length 5 cm 7 cm It is necessary that the glass be easy to pull out.

Sennik is desirable to establish between the two cells, providing a bevel adjacent walls in the shape of the letter V. This method is very convenient in construction. Option for cells of rabbits malesand young:

  • one of the walls made from lattice, attach to it a sheet of plywood or downed from the straps of the shield;
  • followed by fixing it in position with a hook or wire.

The feeders are made from what is at hand. Someone makes plastic and metal trays, some made of wood. Materials for the frame and wall Frame rabbitry is made of wooden beams, or supporting profile galvanized. Less common welded frame made of pipes. Metal construction, of course, the most reliable, but they are very heavy. Most often they are used, if you plan on permanently mounting the rabbitry (Kaletnik).

Most light is produced by cells, made from a profile, but in this case very limited selection of material. Heavy use does not. If you use timber, then the issues of weight does not occur, but there arises a problem – the rabbits can easily gnaw the wood. That is why cells are produced so that the inside was as little as possible protruding corners. This is because rabbits cannot chew on a flat surface.

The cell walls of the rabbitry can be made from completely different materials: plywood, wooden planks, OSB. Typically, the choice of materials comes down to what exists on the site. The most problematic places can beat the tin, and covered with netting. It will not allow the rabbits to ruin the wood. There are also cells that are made entirely from the grid. But it is more suitable for young animals for fattening.

As you can see, raising rabbits requires certain skills, but anyone can learn and make with their hands. You must carefully examine all the conditions before they start to breed. But with due persistence, you can soon learn to deal with it. We have figured out how to build a rabbitry with their hands. Good luck!

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