How to butcher a rabbit cut into portions

To deal with butchering a rabbit is able not everyone. Just cut into pieces and put in a container for further suppression is not enough. This furry animal is valued for its meat. In restaurants serving rabbit, the price is expensive.

Slaughtering a rabbit is not easy. One of the main goals is to kill the animal in a humane way without suffering for it, and also without harming the quality of the skins.

The selection of rabbits for slaughter

When breeding rabbits, there is no specific time of slaughter. It is important that the animal has gained sufficient mass. But take away rabbits should not before the age of four months. During this period they can put on weight up to 4 kg. For breeding usually left individuals are more healthy and large, the only way to improve the quality of the population.

For those who care about the skin more than the meat rabbits for butchering you need to select those that were born in the winter. The fur of the animals born in this period, is considered the best.

But those animals that were born in summer, not particularly prized for its fur, especially the skins of young animals, therefore, the cost of this fur is significantly lower. During molting the skin of a rabbit is not worth the effort and time, so shouldn’t be dressing at this time.

Each breeder must know the period of molting eared animals:

  1. Seasonal moulting – it starts from March to April, the second during September-October.
  2. Age molt – they are happening for two. This period occurs at the age of 45 to 180 days.

To make sure the end of the process of molting animals, it is necessary to touch the wool – this method is very simple. If with a light touch, small hairs fall out, the shed is not finished and will have to wait. But if the hair remains on the body of the rabbit firmly and it is thick, then the shedding stopped.

The period from December to January is the best time to slaughter a rabbit. In this period of time the molt is terminated and the rabbits ‘ fur is becoming better and more valuable.

The technology of slaughtering a rabbit

It is not necessary to delay the process of slaughtering, butchering and skinning. Experienced breeders spend no more than five minutes. You can spend much less time you will have all the necessary accessories, and it will affect the fur and meat quality.

Prepare for the slaughter it in such a way:

  1. The rabbit must be picked up and transplanted in a separate cage at the time of 10-12 h. It is not recommended during these hours to eat and drink – this procedure is necessary to clean the intestine.
  2. A few hours before slaughter animal should be washed and wait until the coat is completely dry.

Accessories for slaughter:

  • enamel containers – pots, bowls, or other similar capacity;
  • spacer stick;
  • a couple of knives, one of them a sharp cutting, the other with a slightly dull blade, this knife needs to work with skin;
  • tools for slaughter, depending on the method, the tool may be different;
  • for cleaning hands prepared a basin with warm water and a couple dry rags;
  • for particularly impressionable people who first present at the bottom, it is recommended to stock up on ammonia.

On the first bottom it is advisable to invite friends experienced rabbit breeders. They will monitor the process, to tell and show how to slaughter a rabbit and butcher it.

For quick and easy skinning with rabbit is recommended to use stick-spacer. The tool is made mainly from wood or metal. The strap should be flat and have a length of 20 cm, the Edges are bent in an arc on the circumference, and the ends are directed upwards. The entire length of the tool to the bottom is 30 cm In the centre of the bar fasten hook needed to hang the carcass, and also do not forget about the groove that defines the center of the product.

Methods of rabbit slaughter

To bloodless and humanely kill the rabbit, there are 6 ways they are more common and established practice for many years.

For the best ease of killing, you can use the most optimal variant of the methods selected, therefore, a separate method is used different tool for the bottom:

  1. Stunning. The centuries-old standard way is a stunning method. The usual blow on the head with a wooden club. This technique is bloodless. A significant advantage of this sort of application of this method is simplicity. Not require complex adaptations, and the rabbit becomes dead for a couple of seconds. For a quick and painless killing, you need to put a rabbit on its hind legs. Punch in the back of the head. For procedure, use any blunt object with a size of 40-60 cm, for example, the handle of a shovel or a piece of wooden thick sticks. Taken into account the calculation of the force of impact. If the punch is too strong, the cutting process can be complicated, but we can also see the fragmentation of the skull. But it may happen even worse, if the blow was weak, the rabbit in this case begins to convulse – not a sight for the faint of heart. But if that happens, you must immediately strike another blow, but only with greater force.
  2. The slaughter by quitting neck. To break the neck vertebrae of the rabbit, you must take the animal by the hind legs, the most tightly secured to itself, and the second hand much to take for a head. Next is a broken neck with a sharp turn of the head to the side, rabbit in this case dies quickly.
  3. Electric bottom. This method of slaughtering is carried out mainly on large commercial enterprises. The head of the rabbit is placed between electrical terminals, and then the electrodes are energized and, therefore, animal outbreaks were sacrificed. In home to apply this method not worth it, especially to use the power provided by a standard network. Voltage 220V for rabbit junk. And to carry out the procedure from a household electrical outlet is excessively dangerous for the miner. For such purposes, is designed with special electric stunners – the price of the devices are quite expensive.
  4. 4. The French method. In the CIS this method is rarely used, but widely distributed on the European lands. For slaughter, the rabbit is held in a horizontal position, or lift the hind legs in the air. To kill the king, it should be very strongly and sharply shake. Method, of course, simple, but its successful implementation, it is necessary to have a remarkable effect. The weight of the rabbit an average of 8 kg, and shaking performed with one hand. For this method required a great experience.
  5. Method of slaughter by a shot needle. A device similar to a syringe. Of the device made the shot of the needle and it pierces the brain of the rabbit, then it’s a quick killing – method is more humane and quick. Effective is if the piercing is performed at the level of the eye to the ear.
  6. The method of air embolism. Into the ear vein of a rabbit injected air using syringe. At home this method is used very rarely, but is often used in institutions for medical purposes. In an embodiment of this method of slaughtering, fur and meat rabbit lose its useful properties, because the process of killing and bleeding does not occur immediately.

So, the slaughter completed successfully. Now we should deal with the bleeding of the carcass. To carry out this step, it is necessary to adopt the spacer stick and put the Bunny upside down. The hind legs of the animal should be put on the sharp curved edge of the bar. Legs are getting a divorce according to the breadth of the frame. Pierce is a little below the knee. If the ends of the fixture lies between the tendon and the bone, it is considered the perfect option.

To ensure the normal flow of blood from the rabbit, make a cut neck artery through the mouth or performing incisions on the nose. Also remove the eyes. Usually the blood flows at an average of 6 min After the set time, you need to make sure bleeding. But before that process can in advance to expose the tank under the crawl. The next step is the removal of skins and cutting of carcass.


Using a sharp knife cuts in this order:

  1. On its hind legs in the circle at the top of the knee.
  2. Further, on the inner side of the legs carries an incision over the knee and continues to the next leg, passing through the inguinal area.
  3. At the bottom of the knee front legs, ears and tail are removed.
  4. Then after the slits is performed carefully remove the skins from the carcass. You need to walk to the front paws, after the skin is removed from the head. But the fur on the head is not an important value.
The technology of tanning skins rabbit

For the processing of rabbit skins you must use the General rule. The fixture is constructed of wooden planks, they look like the letter “a”. The Central rack must be in moving condition. For best simplicity should be applied to Board width 30 cm One edge is necessary to round out and sause. Length rule – up to 100 cm.

Step-by-step dressing rabbit:

  1. You must put the skins in warm water of temperature 40 degrees. The soaking takes 4 hours. For the elimination of parasites in water is added formalin 1 ml per 1000 grams.
  2. Next is fat removal (mezdrovyj). The skin is evenly straightened, and then with a knife with a dull blade is eliminated subcutaneous fat. Start mezdrovyj with head and end with tail. Movement of the knife are from the middle left and right.
  3. At this stage, the water diluted the powder and the cleaning of residual fat.
  4. Acid and salt is needed to eliminate adhesiveness and strength of the skin. The soaking is 16 hours, the liquid is added a few spoons of salt and 55 ml of vinegar.
  5. Tanning is recommended by using decoction of the bark of pine or oak. The only way to improve the elasticity and strength of skin.
  6. Then the skin cream is applied it protects against drying.
  7. The last step is drying. The skin is mounted in stretched condition for 24 h.
Butchering rabbit

To cut the rabbit meat you need very carefully. Made a couple of incisions in the lower abdomen. Movement of the knife from the bottom up. Next, break the inguinal bone by turning the hips towards the back. To carry out the cutting to pieces you need in limbo rabbit.

At this stage, the extracted internal organs:

  • removed urinary system;
  • next is extracted the stomach and intestines;
  • cut gallbladder;
  • removed the liver and heart.

After that, the carcass is released from the spacers. Part of the hind legs chopped off with the head. Meat should have a red-pink color.

Step-by-step dissection of the rabbit:

  1. In addition to the groin area, no bone is not necessary to cut or break, the pieces, and it will be in the future as an unpleasant surprise. The butchering is done on the pieces.
  2. The carcass is cut excessive fat areas.
  3. The rabbit is cut at the joints.
  4. At the joints to separate the thighs.
  5. The remaining pieces of the front legs are cut off by the tendons.
  6. Since the pelvic area is cut the loin part of the back and hips.
  7. With the usual rabbit, you can cut a piece of fillet 300 grams. Later in the lumbar area is performed an incision of tendons. Carcass break in two halves.
  8. The back of the rabbit is cut in 4 pieces.
  9. Then cut the neck.
  10. Using a Board and a knife, it is necessary to cut the sternum in 4 pieces. The ribs are cut.

At the end of the cut portions of the rabbit should be placed in the freezer.

Cooking tips

The rabbit has both hard and soft parts of the meat:

  1. On the front legs are tendons and muscles. Hind feet more fleshy, so they are divided into portions pieces and cooked in a cream sauce with vegetables.
  2. The Central part is the most tender, before cooking it should also be divided into portions pieces.
  3. You can also stuff the chicken with vegetables and garlic and bake it in the oven.

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