How to care for decorative rabbit

Decorative rabbits in recent years have become very popular Pets. In this case we are not talking about ordinary rabbits, which are simply kept at home, and about animals, specially bred breeders for the maintenance of the home.

Many people think that caring for decorative rabbits is no more complicated than caring for a cat or a dog. It is a common misconception.

Long-eared cuties are more vulnerable, so take care of them harder. The man, gathered to make a home such a pet will have a lot to learn. This article will tell you how to care for decorative rabbit.

The selection and purchase of a pet

By choosing a Bunny in a pet shop or kennel, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Pet must be at least one and a half months. By this time he should already be stronger immune system.
  • During the first acquaintance, the animal should be active. If he’s sleepy or sluggish, then the purchase should be abandoned. Perhaps the animal is sick.
  • The pet should not be watery eyes and nasal discharge.
  • His ears should be clean.
  • Skin the gerbil should be clean without damage and suppuration.
  • The coat should be smooth and shiny. The coat should be free of bald spots and signs of scratching.

This approach will allow you to purchase healthy decorative rabbit, which can easily be adapted to new conditions and will not cause unnecessary trouble to the owner.

Breeds of fancy rabbits

When choosing such a pet is easy to get lost. The fact that species of ornamental rabbits very much. They are all very beautiful, and sweet. I want to buy all at once. But the novice breeder should focus not on the beauty and the breed characteristics and conditions.

The most popular and easy for the contents in the home are the following breeds of fancy rabbits:

  • Angora rabbit. He has very long hair. This little creature is at first glance similar to a downy ball. The length of wool of this decorative Angora rabbit can reach up to 20 mm. Of coat care for these animals is quite time consuming. They need to brush at least 1 time in 2-3 days. And during the molting have to comb them daily. If this is not done, their coats formed mats that have to be cut out. Decorative Angora rabbits is recommended for people who have previously kept such Pets.
  • Linography rabbit. This breed was developed in Belgium. These rabbits are luxurious mane on the neck and short hair on the body. They are very sociable, love affection and get along well with children. Weight lenovolenovo rabbit does not exceed 1.5 kg.
  • Fox pygmy rabbit. Coat length on the body of the pet – 7 mm. It is very thick. But on the muzzle the hair is short. The average weight of a Fox pygmy rabbit – 1 200 g. the Coat is usually red color. In fact, because of the color of these rabbits is called Fox. The feature of this pet very short legs. The nature of the phlegmatic pet. Due to the fact that rodents of this breed can be aggressive towards others not in as Pets for children.
  • A bit of Camembert. Rabbits of this breed can be easily recognized by the white coat, pink eyelet, small size and other features that make them look like adorable toys. These Pets are very small. The largest specimens can weigh up to 1.5 kg, but it is very rare. Usually the weight of these rodents less than 1 kg. In the content Hermelin unpretentious, but I like to show character. The beginners with them will not be easy.
  • Rex. This breed is often called the Teddy. The fact that the coat of these pygmy rabbits is very short, very dense and soft. The weight of an average rabbit of this breed hardly reaches 1 200 g. the nature of the pet is very calm. The only drawback – these rabbits problems with the immune protection of the skin.
  • Color dwarf rabbit. This breed is the most popular in our country. The coat of its representatives is of medium length. Weight does not exceed 1000 g. These animals are low maintenance, have a playful and cheerful disposition, perfectly get along not only with people and other Pets. Color dwarf rabbit is perfect for beginners.
  • Dwarf sheep. Of course, this pet is not RAM’s horns, but ears hanging down exactly like a sheep. Moreover, the ears of this rabbit are very long. Their length can reach 20 m Dwarf sheep is considered the largest of all toy breeds, its weight can reach 3 300 g. his Character was gentle and docile. He is very fond of children.
  • Dutch dwarf rabbit. This pet stands out from other rabbits by its unusual coloration: one half of his body (back), ears and the back of the head are black, and the front part of the head and muzzle are white. Rodent is very playful and affectionate.

It’s not all breeds of fancy rabbits, is popular. The list above lists the animals that are easiest to buy in Russia.

The conditions of detention

Care of ornamental rabbits at home very difficult as it may seem at first glance.

Therefore, when the content of such Pets should consider the following factors:

  • Decorative rabbits do not tolerate heat. Therefore, they should create certain conditions. The temperature in the room, which will contain the animal should not exceed 20 ° C at a humidity of not more than 50%.
  • We cannot allow a pet for a long time caught the sun’s rays. So, it is impossible to place the cage with him next to the window facing the Sunny side of the house.
  • Decorative rabbits are very shy and like to hide in the most unpredictable places. In order not to lose the pet, it is recommended to keep it in a special cage.
  • These Pets are very fragile bones, so hold them carefully, but firmly. If a pet suddenly jump, falling from a height of five feet, he would certainly die.
  • It is recommended not to let the rabbits very young children. Kids can greatly scare the animal.
  • Most rabbits don’t get along with other Pets. It is therefore recommended to limit their contact with cats, dogs other Pets.
  • Before you purchase a rabbit please ensure that the house has no drafts. They are harmful for these small animals.
  • In a cage have to be a drinker and fresh grass litter.

Decorative rabbits quickly get used to the tray, but they love to clean. Quite a few times to forget to clean the tray, and the pet will choose to toilet new location.

Choosing the correct cells

Decorative rabbits should not be free-range. These little rascals with pleasure eats wooden furniture and definitely somewhere to hide. To avoid these problems, you need to purchase a cage. But not anyhow what, right.

Cage for dwarf pet must meet the following criteria:

  • The length of the side walls of the cell must exceed the length of the animal 4 times and more. The more the pet will be free space, the better it will feel.
  • The bottom cell has a smooth and slip-resistant. Use grid as pan will not work. Paws animal will get stuck in it.
  • The litter should only be in the tray. As bedding it should not be used.
  • In a cage it is necessary to install avtopoilki, a bird feeder and a small nursery for green fodder. All these elements of the interior should be heavy enough that the animal could not turn them.
  • If you plan to contain from 2 animals (male and female), then you need to buy twice the cage. In addition, the need to build for females house. In it she tools socket for future rabbits.

Cell best installed where there is no noise, bright sunlight, drafts and heaters. The room must be well ventilated.

How to care for decorative rabbit?

The basis of caring for this pet for the observance of purity. It is the main condition for the health of decorative rabbit.

Caring for a pet, you need to adhere to the following rules:

  • The tray need to be cleaned out at least 2-x times a week.
  • From time to time a pet should be evicted and cleaned his cage with the help of disinfectants. But you can only use those substances that will not cause harm to the animal.
  • In summer the cage should be cleaned 2 times as often.
  • Every day you need to clean their cage dust, hair and dirty bedding.
  • We must not forget daily to wash the bowls and refresh the water in it.

Need only forget to clean the cage, as a pet will immediately start to cough and sneeze. In addition, evaporation from the tray of a small animal can cause an allergic reaction in the household.


Rabbits – rodents. So they need to feed green forage, hay and mixed feed. It is advisable to regularly add to the food of the pet various vitamins and minerals.

The diet of the animal as follows:

  • Mixed feed. We are talking about special granular feed, which are freely sold in specialty stores. When feeding these forages should be remembered that the animal is finicky. He first chooses from the trough of the natural grain and leave the pellets. But to remove them is not necessary. Rabbit definitely will return for them.
  • Hay. It must be present in the cell of the animal always. Most importantly, to ensure that it was not rotten.
  • In a cage decorative rodent have to be twigs of fruit trees. On them the animal will grind down the teeth.
  • Salt stone, and a small piece of chalk.
  • Green feed. It refers to grass, leaves of various plants. Green feed should be given in moderation. The fact that the excess of green mass can cause stomach upset in the animal.
  • Fruit. They give the animals occasionally and only after the age of 4 months.
Health care services

These animals susceptible to the following diseases:

  • Stomatitis.
  • Mycosmos.
  • Infectious rhinitis.
  • Pasteurellosis.
  • Coccidiosis.

Decorative rabbits often have problems with the intestines. We are talking about constipation.

In these animals there is a tendency to disease of the eyes and ears. Sometimes problems create too quickly growing teeth.

Special attention in the care should be given to the bot. If the pet appears worms, he most likely will die. To avoid this, you need several times a year to give the animal anthelmintic drugs.

It is very important to vaccinate your pet. Vaccines help protect it from pasteurellosis, listeriosis, paratyphoid.

We should not forget about comprehensive annual vaccination against myxomatosis and VGBK. Do not be surprised if the veterinarian does vaccinated against several diseases from one ampoule.

Must not forget to cut the claws of these rodents. If this is not done, the pet to damage your skin when scratching.

Nail trimming should be carried out using special pliers.

Games with your pet

These animals need daily to get your dose of entertainment. If the owner does not play with them, they at the first opportunity begin to Skoda.

Should be daily to let the rodent run around the apartment or house. Thus it is necessary to follow him so he doesn’t get hurt.

For fun rabbits can be purchased a variety of toys: balls with bells inside, balls. You can also make the toy with their hands. It’s enough to make in cardboard box holes and put it inside a cotton cloth.

Designed for grinding teeth you can throw a small animal wooden carrot.


Rabbits are very sexually active.

This can cause the following symptoms:

  1. In puberty, the pet may become aggressive.
  2. The animal may suddenly change place for defecation.
  3. The rabbit may begin to dig the floor of the cell and thereby hurt himself.
  4. Animal can stick not only to other Pets but also to humans!

Cure sexual activity of rabbits there. If you do not want to deal with their breeding, it is best to sterilize your pet.

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