How to feed the rabbit without rabbit: guidelines and recommendations

Don’t let that happen very often, but it happens that the rabbit dies in childbirth or in the first days after them, or later. And then newborn rabbits left without a DOE-rabbit and the nurse.

There is something else. There is another option: after the kindling of the rabbit for any reason will not accept their young children (for example, she is ill, she has mastitis, etc.). and refusing to feed them. There remains no choice but to feed the little abandoned creatures themselves.

As an independent nurse rabbits

Newborn baby rabbits, it is possible to feed yourself, if the rabbit for any reason she can’t do it. You want to save the lives of babies. To solve this problem you will need as quickly as possible, otherwise the hungry rabbits in a few hours you can die.

Bottle feeding baby rabbits will not bring any difficulties, if the economy is at least one uterus, which had recently given birth, or several of them and they kralytsya one after another. Then you just need to take the kids that are left without milk of his nurse, and put into other cells.

This method is very effective, because the number of eared toddlers often very different and numerous. The breeders, distributing decorative breed these lovely creatures will be more difficult: here they are mom will have to replace yourself.

If natural feeding is impossible, then we have to use artificial feeding. Owners novice this process at the beginning will be quite time-consuming and requires a lot of patience.

It should be remembered that to discontinue this artificial feeding will be impossible as long as the newly born kids to develop the skills of independent eating. The rabbits that have just appeared, is extremely high demand for human breast milk. Or at least it as close to original replacement.

The chances of survival in artificial feeding

In artificial feeding, the chances of survival for the big-eared kids will increase significantly, if the rabbit still managed at least a few times to feed their children.

The process will be much freer if the rabbits turned at least a few days, and with mother’s milk, they had to master all the necessary substances to maintain the immune system.

Of course, there is no guarantee that all babies will survive when artificial feeding is perhaps part of the newborn eared kids to feed will fail and they will die.

If it comes to that, however, surrender to panic, do not: all this is quite a common phenomenon and control the death of the kids in this case – not the owner.

Not only is one feeding of the milk it is necessary to provide to the owner: newborn rabbits are also very require certain temperature conditions. To ensure the necessary microclimate, you can use the electric lamp. It should be set at an appropriate level.

Then you need to check the heat. It’s very simple – just enough to lend a hand. If the heat from the lamp is not firing, then you can start putting some rabbits in a cage for feeding.

What you need to know about feeding rabbits

Breast feed baby rabbits from the very first days of their life is actually quite difficult. All depends on what you need to choose the appropriate food for them. Experienced breeders in such sad cases, use:

Milkintended for breast-feeding puppies or kittens. This product can easily be found in specialized pet stores or normal supermarkets, where there is a large Department with goods for animals.

Natural goat’s milk – a wonderful tool, a great help in growing healthy rabbits. It is especially valuable because is able to raise rabbits not weekly, but newborn babies just born. This milk is rich in fat, so necessary for rabbits.

This product, unfortunately, is not very often available because the dairy goats in our days keep not so often and mainly subsistence farming, so sometimes it takes a lot to run, to find this valuable product.

Fresh cow’s milk you can also try to use, but with caution. This product, as it is actually for baby rabbits are not enough nutrients and fat, if you compare it with mother’s milk. To enhance its fat content and nutritional value, you can mix it with condensed milk. You need to take both products in equal proportions and thoroughly mixed.

However, if the cow you have at hand and have the opportunity to Express milk from her udder last milliliters of milk, then you can do without mixing with condensed milk. This milk contains a quantity of fat sufficient for the growth of small orphans. Fresh cow’s milk should be given without the pipette just give to lick it off her finger. The kids will get used to nursing the hand and gradually learn to drink from his already outstretched hands.

Important! All dairy products that you enter into the diet of newborn rabbits must be not only fresh but also warm. The optimum temperature should be higher than 37 degrees.

If feeding kids with hands you for any reason not suitable, then in the pet shop you can buy special tools which can help in feeding the kids. It will also be quite a good option. As special adaptations for feeding are usually primarily syringes and nipples. So first get them.

If this opportunity is not available, armed with improvised means. Almost any home can easily find the pipette and a small plastic bottle, for example, from the drink or from-under eye drops. All of these tools you need to thoroughly wash, rinse thoroughly and repeatedly pour boiling water.

At the very least you can use the bottle for feeding children. But it should only be used for newborns and young rabbits up to three months of their lives. As soon as the rabbits will mark this period, the nipples no longer needed them, because by this time they have the ability to drink milk from any container, it is desirable that it was with a low side. Suitable flat plate or a conventional plastic cover.

Rules of feeding newborn baby rabbits

It is important to remember that breast milk the rabbits in mouths poured. They just moisten her mouth. As soon as the kid lick with face lotion, this procedure should be repeated until then, until the baby is not satisfied.

How to feed. This process can be long, but it’ll have to be patient to little creatures survived and grew healthy. Themselves just appeared fuzzies may not know exactly how much food you will need for one feeding, so the duties of the host include monitoring the filling little tummies – they must not overflow!

How to keep

Keep newborn babies should be upright at “attention.” Thus, you will contribute to the development of kids conditioned reflex: if taken vertically, then we should be there.

What portions

Should wash their hands before procedures and before to take in hands the baby Portion for feeding rabbits should be small, otherwise, the milk going into the lungs the animal, and the kid can choke to death.

The young rabbit who had just been born, a day should be given no more than five ounces of food. If you are feeding fuzzies to five times a day, one artificial feeding it is necessary to count one ounce of milk or formula.

When feeding eared crumbs no need to overdo it: they need to eat not more often than five times a day. To the question – why are such precautions, because they drink mother’s milk, how they want and nothing stops, the answer is: the fact that artificial feeds contain insufficient amounts of fat, and the composition of milk differs considerably from that given to the rabbit at feeding mother.

Should also not rush when feeding. First give fuzzy a bite to eat, then let to rest, the baby took a breath before taking the next portion of food.

At the weekly rabbits portion needs to be increased: they give food to 2 times more than breast, that is approximately 10 ml per day. But you can’t give everything at once. All you need to do so gradually, introducing the ml until you reach the norm.

When the baby turns 2 weeks, portion again increase, and that every day he will need 15 ml of food. For sitting you will need to wipout 3 ml.

Kitchenware and a device for feeding should be as clean as possible, they should be carefully washed after each feeding.

You cannot begin to feed, if the owner is not carefully washed his hands. Sterility is one of the fundamental aspects in the cultivation of healthy rabbits, which for some reason was left without a mother.

Care and care of rabbits

You need also to monitor the work of the intestine of the baby, and the tummy. To ushastik grew healthy and vigorous, you must pay attention to their cleanliness and personal hygiene. After each feeding you need to wash fluffy muzzle and under the tail.

Special attention should be paid to wash rabbits after defecation and urination, because newborns ushastik themselves in this situation to help yourself not be able. But to get sick from unsanitary conditions can easily.

Rabbit before you begin feeding their cubs, in their first licks, pushing her baby, moving from the umbilical cord towards the back of the legs. Thus, it affects the stimulation of the bowel, contributing to its successful delivery.

That is why pet owners who inevitably had to take on the role of mother rabbit, it is not necessary to forget about such an important hygienic procedure. Otherwise, the little rabbit will have a very serious bladder problems (he often just bursts, and the baby dies) or cracks, which not only harm the health of the baby and cause him sharp pain.

Assistance in the evacuation

The rabbits needed help in bowel movement. Every time before feeding with a damp cloth need to massage the tummy, strictly starting at the navel and ending with the hind legs. And only in this direction! Massage promotes evacuation of the intestine of rabbit.

If defecation has not occurred, then this may be for two reasons:

  • There was little food.
  • All the milk to soak through.

If the baby does not determine the intestine, still this procedure is strictly necessary to execute every time! Complete this procedure only after two weeks after the birth of the young rabbits.

Introduction of complementary foods

At the same time – that is, after 2 weeks after birth companions need to start to give roughage. For the initial fishing lures great fresh carrots. It must be thoroughly crushed on a fine grater.

As another add-on will fit:

  • small grass;
  • hay;
  • leaves.

Be sure to give the rabbits and clean, preferably boiled water. For this, the optimal strategy is to install a nipple drinker. This will make life easier for them and little bit you. Only kids will need to learn to use it, because they can’t immediately understand why they have this adaptation.

Useful tips

When the bunnies would be a month, they should already be accustomed to “adult” food.

Important! Before you start feeding the baby, should know:

  1. When artificial feeding young rabbits it is necessary to monitor the condition of their stomachs: then fuzzies all right only shows elastic and slightly convex tummy. If the abdomen is sunken, it should call the owner alarm.
  2. Rabbits should be active and calm at the same time. Inactivity and anxiety suggests that the power that is given them is not enough. So, dose can be increased or insert 1 feeding.
  3. And hungry rabbits do not sleep, can coarsely flinch in my sleep or a lot nervous, be aggressive.
  4. Important and color of feces. If the baby is healthy, the droppings would be a greenish color. If not – then it becomes brown. It is important to pay attention to the dimensions of the stool: the balls are so small that they can not always notice.
  5. Rabbits are nocturnal animals, so they provide a dark area, where they could hide. Night light in a box with newborn needs to be repaid, and a warm water bottle wrapped in a rag, very welcome.
  6. To avoid infection (the immune system in babies is usually very low) the entire inventory, be sure to boil.
  7. Milk or blend better to cook in a water bath.
  8. The temperature of the food simply dropping on your wrist: if it doesn’t burn – you can feed.

Of course, that fed with artificial diets to feed healthy rabbits is very difficult, and not everyone has enough patience. But if you can grow from helpless babies healthy and happy rabbit, you may feel pride in their work, because such work, how to feed baby rabbits no rabbit, that’s true heroism.

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