How to make a cage for chickens with their hands

When breeding chickens there are different difficulties, in particular, not immediately able to determine the place of detention of juveniles. Rescue a chicken house being that you can do with your hands.

Novice growers often do not have enough information for the production of cells, this article will help fill in the gaps.

Design features

Cage for chickens has to reliably protect its inhabitants until they grow up. In the cage the chicken should be safe from predators, rodents, dogs and cats that do not eat away the Chicks. It is desirable that the cage was mobile.

Chickens should be enough heat and light. In the case of location of cells on the street to put it under a small canopy under which the Chicks will hide in bad weather: in the hot sun or rain.

A lot determineshow many Chicks you are going to contain. If the number is small, will fit the compact design of the wire, even without a bottom. If you plan to raise poultry in large numbers, to save space it is recommended to put crates in tiers. For quick and easy cleaning design equipped with a removable tray bottom.

Never place the cage in the draft. The birds must have enough space. In these conditions chickens can live until the age of 45 days. Then they can move into the corral. In a crate with a volume of 1 m2 can accommodate up to 50 Chicks.

Independent production

More economical to make a cage for chickens with their hands and not buy it.

The first thing you need to determine how much you want to raise Chicks. This information will tell you what should be the size of the chicken house being his hands. Solving this matter, make a drawing of the cage or at least outline the scheme design.

To use this better in the warmer time of the year and for a small number of chickens (around 10). The crate is quite easy to make your own hands at home.

It is assumed, that the design will be on the street, and can be moved from place to place.

The materials of manufacture are:

  • Aluminum wire.
  • Galvanized wire mesh with a diameter of cells 16х24 mm.
  • Pliers or pliers.

The procedure is the following:

  • The mesh is cut into sections. You should get five pieces of the desired size. Two – face, two lateral sides, one for the roof.
  • Harvested segments of wire, with a length of about 3cm.
  • Fasten wire elements of the design.
  • The roof is fixed on the one hand, to be open and accessible to the chickens.

The design may not be the bottom. In this case, the design will be easy to acquire the shape of a parallelepiped, and take up little space during transportation and storage. However, the Chicks are transferred in this case separately.

The crate with wooden walls

Let’s talk about how to make a cage for chickens, using sheets of wood or plywood for making the walls. To make such a design with their hands quite simple. It turns out to be convenient, but the transportation is subject bad.

For production you will need:

  • Sheets of chipboard or plywood.
  • Galvanized sheet.
  • Mesh floor (chick age of 15 days is selected, the grid 10×10 mm, for birds older – 15×15 mm).
  • Screws.
  • Nails.
  • Jigsaw.

Algorithm of actions:

  • According to the design drawings with their hands using a jigsaw cut a piece of chipboard or plywood. Should get two blanks for the end walls, one for side, one for the ceiling, which is better to make folding.
  • It is recommended to do the front side wall of wire mesh. Through it easier to monitor chickens and they see what is happening around. The elements are held together with nails, dowels, screws.
  • For equipment floor use the grid with the small cells.
  • From galvanized sheet metal fabricated a removable tray that is put under the mesh floor.
  • Your hands can be done heated. With this purpose, the ceiling near the back wall install 3-4 light bulbs, power of 50 watts. It is preferable to choose matte, as overly bright light irritates the nervous system of the chicken.
Stationary battery cage

For keeping large numbers of chickens or broilers with their hands are encouraged to build multi-tiered (battery) cell. So, it turns out a multi-story design that can accommodate many birds in a small space.

You will need the following:

  • sheets of plywood and galvanized metal;
  • wooden bars;
  • fasteners;
  • mesh of cells of different sizes.

The algorithm is as follows:

  • Of bars according to the drawings is the frame.
  • Of the sheets of plywood are made of the side wall.
  • Using chicken wire masteritsa floor.
  • From sheets of galvanized metal pallets are made according to the number of cells for the collection of garbage and litter. Located under the mesh floor. Floor the top of the cell at the same time will serve as the ceiling of the room, walking below.
  • The roof of the uppermost crate is recommended to make wood.
  • The open side wall of the draw from the grid with a wide mesh. Near the wall on brackets good attach feeders.
  • All the elements are held together by screws, dowels or nails. To begin Assembly, it is recommended from the bottom of the crate, and added to it the following tiers.
  • Mobility designs its equipped with wheels.

Novice poultry brooder is often tailored packaging boxes, crates and other suitable containers that were at hand. The advantages of such solutions in low complexity and low cost, however it is impossible to use them all the time.

The reasons for this are:

  • Normal wear and tear of the structure.
  • The ageing of the material.
  • The inability to conduct high-quality disinfection and cleaning between batches of chickens.

In addition, cardboard or other temporary brooders bad resist to draught, rapidly cooled, they are harder to set desired mode of temperature and humidity, to provide high-quality lighting and to equip the removable tray for droppings. It is worth considering that the Chicks for the development of all the time we need water and damp, at first, food.

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages the grower needs to take care of the building cells with a good margin of safety and having:

  • lighting system;
  • system for controlled heating;
  • drinkers and feeders according to the number of Chicks inside.

Everything else, design should be easy to clean.

Whichever accommodation for chickens you decide to build, remember to put it in drinkers and feeders that can also be made with their own hands. Young chickens suitable vacuum and nipple drinkers. Wash waterers and feeders daily as the Chicks who grow up without the chicken more vulnerable.

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