How to make a water bowl for rabbits with his hands

For the normal life of the rabbits need food and water. When the content of animals in the home most convenient to use a special waterers that will provide Pets a sufficient amount of clean water.

Adaptations for water you can buy at the pet store or make your own hands. Self-made waterers will be cheaper and you can make them suitable for your Pets.

The basic requirements for the drinkers for rabbits

The animals should always be free to access fresh and clean water, so cells are equipped with special devices. Some inexperienced farmers can use the trimmed plastic bottles or cans of canned food. But such containers pet may be tilted, and the water becomes dirty very quickly.

So that the water remained fresh and clean, drinking troughs for rabbits shall conform to the following requirements:

  1. Stability. Water containers are best secured to the wall of the cage so they don’t tip over. Otherwise, the floor is always damp, and this is one of the main causes of diseases of the paws of animals.
  2. Hygiene. To achieve constantly clean water only if the used capacity of the closed type. In simple cups liquid quickly contaminates food and wool.
  3. Capacity. One rabbit a day, it takes one to one and a half liters of water. To pour in too little water several times a day, you should choose a device with sufficient volume.
  4. Convenience. The animal should be comfortable to drink from devices for liquids, and their master is to pour water into it.

Rabbits are very active animals and even in a large room capable of tilting. Therefore, drinking bowls for them needs to be reliable and sustainable. It is best to make the drinker for rabbits with his hands, selecting the suitable kind of fixtures.

Types of drinkers

There are several types of devices with which to provide the animals with sufficient amount of water.

Cup drinker

The capacity of the Cup will fit, if the cell contains a small number of animals. You can use any suitable container that you want to weight that the animals are not turned. For this Cup you can use a clamp to attach to the wall or hung to her cargo.

The disadvantages of this device include:

  • not fixed Cup moving animals often upset;
  • capacity is not reserved about getting in her hair, food, feces and other contaminants;
  • to keep the water in a pot was clean, she will have to wash several times a day.

However, wash and disinfect the cups is quick and easy. They rarely break down, and of these animals it is convenient to drink.


Rabbit farms are used for animal automatic system, which consists of tanks and connected water pipes. Such designs are suitable for a large number of animals that drink from bowls. The tank is equipped with a special float, which falls when the Cup is emptied. As soon as the float drops to a certain level, the Cup is filled. As a result, the animals are always provided with fresh and clean drinking water.

Their hands such a structure is difficult to make, and will it not cheap. However, it is convenient to maintain, which is important for those who contains a large number of animals.

Vacuum drinker

Drip or vacuum design consists of a Cup and mounted it inverted bottlefrom which liquid is supplied. When the Cup is emptied from the bottles into the water. On cold days in these tanks the liquid freezes, that is their downside. And if the bottle water is always clean, the bowl is not protected from falling into her hair, excrement and other contaminants. To maintain the vacuum design are simply so many farmers choose this type of drinkers.

Nipple drinkers for rabbits

The most popular devices that are often used by farmers. In the liquid fed through the hose that is connected to the water tank. Capacity, which is in a cell, is provided with a nipple in the form of a special ball. To drink, the animal gets tongue on the ball and poured from the vessel portion of the liquid.

The advantages of nipple devices:

  • the water is always fresh;
  • the liquid doesn’t spill, so the litter is always dry;
  • garbage does not get into the vessel;
  • the water coming out the portions and not sprayed, so always refill it no need;
  • it is easy to add to liquid medicines and vitamins.

But such devices are not adapted to frost and standing in stores is quite expensive. So many farmers made their own.

Nipple drinker for rabbits with his hands

For the manufacture of nipple designs will need to buy a nipple, a rubber or plastic hose, silicone sealant, tape and a plastic container or bottle which is attached to the wall of the cage or shed. Bottle is better to choose with a capacity of one liter and a half.

The nipple can be done independently, which will need the valve and two stainless steel tube. One of them should be narrow and short and the other longer and wider. Some craftsmen made the nipple out of the plastic handles cutting off they have the case.

Manufacturing process:

  1. In the lid with a heated awl or screwdriver you need to make a hole for the hose.
  2. The hose is inserted into the hole. If the hole is larger than the diameter of the hose, the tube is wrapped to the desired size tape.
  3. To avoid leaks, place the hose connections and the cover is treated with silicone sealant. Processing must be carried out on both sides of the cover.
  4. Bought or made with their own hands the nipple is inserted into the hose and is attached thereto with sealant.
  5. Ready nipple drinker is installed on the outside of the cell. The hose is threaded through the bars, nipple to nipple was in a cage. Capacity is set at such a height that rabbits were easy to get to the nipple, and a hose freely flowing water.
Main nipple drinker

If rabbits are many, you can make a design from which water to drink can several animals. For this purpose the tube, wherein the bore holes for the desired amount of nipple nipple.

The nipples are inserted into the rubber tube, in which pre-made holes. Prevent water from leaking, the holes are sealed with silicone.

A large container of water can be installed anywhere, even in another room. Most importantly, to bring to her and tube the hose. This tank will be easy to check, fill water, clean and disinfect.

How to teach rabbits to the nipple drinkers?

If the containers in the package animals drink themselves, then use the nipple they need to teach. To do this the farmer needs, which will need patience. Rabbits should demonstrate how the drinker, and how it can get water. For this you need to tap your finger on the nipple, then hold it to the muzzle of the animal-in-hand with drops of water. He needs her to sniff and maybe lick the water. This procedure should a few times. Most often how to use a nipple drinker rabbits understand pretty quickly.

How to make vacuum water bottle for rabbits?

For making vacuum fixtures will need:

  • plastic container with a volume of one liter;
  • the wire, which will be attached to the bottle;
  • Bank from-under a sprat or other bowl.

To do with their hands such drinking bowl is quite simple.

To do this:

  1. With a heated nail or an awl on the sides near the bottom of the tank to make a few holes. When in the Cup water is not enough, of them under pressure to flow fluid.
  2. The bowl is placed so that its most part was in a cage.
  3. Through the bars of the crate wire is passed and it is done in several loops.
  4. The bottle is installed in the bowl and attached to the wall of the cage with loops of wire.

You only have to fill the water tank, which will start to arrive in a jar or bowl.

How to water the rabbits in the winter?

In the cold season the liquid in the troughs freeze that complicates the process of providing animals with water. To avoid freezing, capacity is first wrapped with a thick cloth and then a layer of insulation, which do not allow water to quickly freeze.

Farmers who have the skills of electricians, make their hands of several boilers heating system is mounted the bowl of water. But this design is not entirely safe for animals and for the farmers themselves.

It is easiest to buy a special electric drinking bowl that will maintain the water in heated condition. Such devices can be bought in pet stores or markets.

Very easy to make the drinker for rabbits with his hands. You do not need to spend a lot of money, as some types of fixtures can be made from scrap materials, as long as the drinker was very easy for the rabbits and for maintenance.

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