How to put a hen on eggs. Chickens hen

For any farmer to have a good hen is a great success because so many pet birds often refuse to sit on the eggs. But beyond that, they very casually can relate to his nest, and even to abandon their nests.

Some fastidious species and did not wish to sit on the clutch. Therefore, a reasonable question arises, how to put a hen on eggs, using her natural maternal instinct, which is to tell the bird that she is, first and foremost, the hen – mother, and not just the feathered creation.

How to determine chicken hen

Among other chickensthat are in the chicken yard, special attention is drawn to the small size of the chicken, which bubble and walk around the yard constantly hunched.

But if the more closely you observe them, you immediately notice the following differences:

  • A more lean appearance.
  • Smaller earrings and comb.
  • Bare belly.

Constantly sitting in the nest, even when they were gathering eggs and trying to bite the hand, showing unfounded, at first glance, aggression.

These characteristic behavioral factors are the first indication that the hen is ready to hatch the eggs. Such individuals begin to clohting, so they are often called klockami or at home with the hens.

First stage: how to put a hen on eggs
Equipping the home for the hen

To hatch the future generation of a chicken, mother hen, which is worth its weight in goldand any farmer, because not every chicken is able to take on the responsibility of hatching and raising young Chicks. This natural quality not inherit all of the chicken species, although in some cases, this maternal instinct to Wake up with artificial methods which are quite effective. As a result, even “frigid” chicken can be a good hen.

If a hen shows a desire to sit on the clutch, while starting to quotate, it is necessary to equip her comfortable place for hatching eggs. For this you need to make a separate nest in a darkened area of the coop. First and foremost, you must knock down a box of appropriate dimensions. Quite suitable for a cozy chicken house, 70 by 70 cm, which need to be put away from perches and feeders.

If you have got several hens, it is advisable to create a separate space from the rest of the chicken stock, using various wooden partition or a grid – netting. Feeding hens and other procedures also need to be isolated from the rest of the chicken family.

Lining eggs under the hen

First you need to prepare fresh eggs. One hen is enough for 12 eggs, although this number is preferably only under large specimen. The broiler chickens incubating future offspring nature is not intended, this breed of chicken created for other purposes, so the hens are making very problematic. For breeding will only fit alanskie thoroughbred breed, although meat chickens can also be done laying hens.

Before you put eggs under a hen, you need to make sure that they are fertilized. This can be examined by the candling or just take clean and recently demolished without different physical disabilities. Importantly, not only to choose high-quality eggs, but also to stimulate properly a hen to sit on them. And will poultry to hatch their offspring or not, here already all depends on your ability and skills that you must use in order to make simple chicken good hen.

The best period for the beginning of the incubation is usually considered the evening hours. Therefore, to put the hen in a prepared socket you need after the evening feeding, covering the nest with a wicker basket.

Times a day is required to release the hen for feeding. At first, hatching eggs, feed the chicken only need whole grain, and drink clean water.

After four days , the basket can be removed, since the chicken eggs have already hardly will rise. In the period of incubation the hen tries very quickly to feed and to drink, and then immediately rushes to the clutch.

Accidentally squashed the eggs should promptly be replaced, but to make such manipulations should be only in the first few days.

After a week the eggs can be checked for the ovoscope, but it should be done in the absence of the hen. Eggs in which no embryo, are immediately removed from the General mass.

On the twenty-first day since the beginning of the hatching Chicks will be asking to go out and proclivity shell. But the more comfortable a henthat this process will occur under the strict control, in contrast to the incubator to monitor and control the process of hatching and the emergence of newborn Chicks into the light, observing the correct temperature needs himself a birder.

Second this: how to put a hen on eggs

As mentioned above, not every hen is able to hatch offspring. And this quality can be not only innate, but acquired due to the fact that the owner of the home poultry house often could ward off the bird from the nest, thereby producing she has the appropriate instincts. Although chickens are pretty forgiving poultry, and the skillful handling they are able to restore their natural function of the hen, even after a stress.

Special training the future hen is not required.

The only condition for growing healthy chicken offspring is her proper feeding which is the following:

  • To include in the diet of crushed shells in powder form.
  • To include in the menu of chicken feed, enriched with vitamins and minerals, which can be purchased in specialty pet stores.
  • To comply with the correct dosage feeding for the required density of the eggs, otherwise complications can occur when hatching Chicks.

As the hen need to choose only the hen which she is willing to sit through the demolished egg. Otherwise, you will have to raise hens yourself or to buy already ready and it is desirable to have good friends. But you need to know that the future, a mother hen is ready to assume the responsibilities of the mother only after you reach a certain age. For chickens – hens it should be at least one year.

Restless chicken, which loudly Dotes and tries to quickly leave the nest upon the approach of a man is not suitable for hatching Chicks. To determine the appropriate variant of the mother – hen you need to enclose the nest eggs dummy. Then, carefully observe the behavior of the chicken. If it is within a few days we did not have masonry, then surely you can’t go wrong with the choice of giving her the role of mother hen.

So, next a hen has proved itself from the best side, and you can now carefully replace the eggs for real, but to do so, preferably at sunset, placing no more than fifteen eggs. But we should consider the point that if the hen will notice sloppy substitute, the entire process can be attributed to no, because it will simply cease to care about your future offspring, sensing something was wrong.

Initially you need to determine and isolate a private place for the hen to make it not hurt to sit on the eggs other relatives, which may even rasclaat offspring in the absence of the mother. We should not forget about the constant change of water is always near the nest.

Fly ash – sand bath is as necessary as water. For the adoption of such baths it is necessary to fill the shallow basin above components in equal proportions and put it on the floor. With proper care the appearance of the hen chickens will not keep itself waiting long and they will make their first sounds after a few weeks of their hatching.

How to put a hen on eggs: expert advice
  • To put a hen on eggs, first thing you need to worry about a separate place for her. For this you need to build a specially fenced off and shaded corner with partitions that will serve as protection from the rest of the chicken species. This place should be well ventilated and be moderately warm.
  • Nest it is best to build directly on the ground, digging a small hole and filling it with a soft hay or straw. Then choose the suitable size of a bottomless box and combine it with the excavated hole to make a comfortable nest that the hen will be comfortable to go outside.
  • Experts recommend initially get to sit play mother hen to egg dummies, is filled with sealant or wax. These fillers accurately correspond to the internal content of natural eggs that will be a good stimulation for future breeding.
  • The evening period is the best time of day to substitute artificial eggs real. The only condition in this case is the accuracy of lining, which can create a sharp contrast when changing hatching out of eggs. Sloppy substitution can cause mistrust associated with maternal instinct and a mother hen just leave their familiar spot. And to get her to come back to be quite problematic.
  • If done correctly and carefully, then the chicken will enter quietly in its nest, and slacking off the eggs with a beak and wings and set down gently on their future offspring. Although it is desirable to observe and control this process in order to avoid possible misunderstandings.
  • The most enjoyable moment for any birder is the hatching of chickens, which usually occurs at the end of the third week from the beginning of incubation. This amazing phenomenon brings a lot of positive emotions not only fish, but also the owners. But to be a mother-hen can not every chicken. It has long been observed that this natural quality is only granted to those individuals who were themselves hatched in a natural way, and not hatched out of the incubator. So you need to take this into account in the initial selection of Chicks.
  • Before you put a hen on a clutch is necessary initially to prepare fresh eggs, selecting the best quality of them. It is important to remember that for proper and healthy development of the future chicken offspring need to take into account quantitative indicators, that is, put under one hen not more than 12 eggs.
  • When selecting hen in the first place you need to focus on egg and meat breeds of chickens, as the broilers for this mission is absolutely not suitable.
  • Before you put the hen on a clutch so it was completely calm. Therefore, the best time period for this will be the evening hours after feeding. And she completely calmed down and sat on the eggs to cover it with a basket.
  • At first, the breeding must release the hen at least once a day for feeding, which should be composed of clean water and whole grains.
  • Four days later a cart for planting on the eggs can not be used, because the chicken will already be included in the mode of incubation and will leave the clutch only in the case of a rapid feeding or a small preventive procedures in the form of mineral baths.
  • Upon detection of the crushed eggs they should immediately replace with a new one, but it can be done only in the first few days of hatching.
  • A week after the beginning of planting chicken eggs, it is recommended to check them by candling at a time when the hen is not in place, not to create a stressful situation for the mother.

The process of removing chickens hen house for any poultry farmer is a rewarding and interesting occupation. Watching the hatching yellow Chicks, showing special care and love, unwittingly become the participant of amazing events like the birth of a new, even a chicken’s life. And the economic benefit begins to go by the wayside, when they begin to Tinker with these little creatures. And these inexperienced youngsters turned out healthy generation, need to invest a lot of effort and warmth, which will become a pledge for their good development.

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