Incubator blitz from the manufacturer

The main tool is a poultry incubator. To the purchase of such equipment is necessary to approach very responsibly, because the incubator affects how many Chicks hatch. In Orenburg produce incubators Blitz.

This equipment want to purchase many people, because it’s pretty high quality. Incubators doing for the past nineteen years, and the model Blitz is five years.

During this time were invented by such variants of this incubator:

  1. Incubator Blitz the norm.
  2. Incubator Blitz 48.
  3. Digital Blitz forty-eight.
  4. Blitz seventy-two.
  5. Blitz seventy-two digital.

This device is better previous models for many reasons:

  1. It carries a great warranty.
  2. There are options with digital display.
  3. The fan already mounted in the device.
  4. Water is poured very easy and convenient.
  5. Capacity in which there are eggs takes place automatically.
  6. Can work as plugged in at two hundred and twenty volts and twelve volts.
  7. Case material stronger than in other models.
  8. The body can not rust.
  9. Support the required temperature.
  10. Inside the device is galvanized.
Description of incubator Blitz 48

This incubator is provided for forty-eight chicken eggs. However, in place of twenty goose eggs, thirty-eight hundred and thirty-duck or quail.

The frame is made of sturdy components. The manufacturer used plywood, foam for walls and metal for the cladding. The top of the incubator is enlightened, because it’s designed to last. And there is a fan. If desired, the kit is reported a special grid for quails. The mass of this equipment to eight pounds, seven ounces.

The incubator built-in thermometer. The margin of sampling error is just one-tenth of a degree. And also, it is possible to change the level of moisture in the air.

Incubator blitz 48 can be powered from a 220 volt outlet. And also, there is the possibility of powering from twelve volts. For this good battery. If you lose power, the unit will automatically switch to battery power. Battery capacity 55Ач you can use about twenty hours. With the equipment the battery is not contained, it must be purchased separately.

Description of incubator blitz 72

Such a device is much bigger previous. It fit seventy-two eggs. And still have the ability to lay fifty-Turkey eggs thirty eggs goslings, fifty-seven eggs of ducks or two hundred eggs.

The structure of equipment is almost no different from the blitz 48. On temperature and humidity is not affected by weather conditions outside the incubator microclimate.

Weight incubator blitz 72 from the manufacturer – nine and a half pounds. His power of sixty watts. But also, it’s a miracle equipment is under warranty for two years. If necessary, the set comes a regular lattice or grid for quails.

The digital version

The incubators 48 and blitz blitz 72 has a digital version. They have some differences from the simplified models.

Not changed the following parameters:

  1. If the temperature deviates from the set at least one degree, you will hear a beep.
  2. Humidity changes with the help of special dampers. Water is poured from bottles that are mounted externally, so add the fluid do not need to open the incubator.
  3. In that case, if you lost electricity in the network, two hundred and twenty volts, then the incubator will automatically switch to battery power.
  4. The device consumes little electric power in emergency mode, it is enough for twenty hours of work.
Digital versions of the devices a little more powerful

When professionals have come up with a new variant to the above-described equipment, they came up with many innovations. The main goal of poultry farmers is greatly simplified.

They only need to connect the device to the outlet because:

  1. The required temperature at thirty-eight degrees installed automatically by the manufacturer automatically.
  2. The bowl of eggs turned automatically in two hours.
  3. Provided connectors to connect the battery.
Description of incubator blitz the norm

The sides of the equipment is made of pretty sturdy material – expanded polystyrene with a thickness of thirty centimeters. The process of birth, you can watch without disturbing the hatching Chicks, because the top of the container is transparent. Eggs automatically roll over every two hours during the rest of the eggs remain in place.

Such a device, from the manufacturer, with all components weighs only four pounds. In order to configure the incubator blitz rule, the fancier you only need to enter the desired humidity level and temperature of incubation.

The kit includes:

  1. The fan, which is needed to exchange air inside the unit.
  2. Digital temperature controller.
  3. The capacity that’s needed to add water. Complete their two pieces. They are filled without opening the cover of the device.
  4. The power supply is twelve volts, which is required for emergency powering.
How to use blitz incubators

The device must be placed on a sturdy and stable surface. The water tank needs filling and place on the side. Next, you need to choose the right level of humidity, because it is different for different types of eggs.

If the animal that hatches, can float in water, you need to install sixty per cent humidity, and then be raised to eighty or eighty-five. And for the non-aquatic, you need to set the humidity of forty or forty-five percent, and then increase to sixty five or seventy percent.

Next, we need to put capacity for eggs on the shaft of the gearbox. After that, the device cover must be covered. Further, it is necessary to normalize the values of temperature and humidity. In conclusion, plug in the appliance and enable revolution of the tray and heated. The device will warm up in about two hours. The temperature is normal, if the rate of thirty-seven point eight tenths of a degree. Turning system from the manufacturer must be done at forty-five degrees, the possible error of five degrees.

And also, it is important to check the efficiency of the fan and thermometer. These checks should also be powered by twelve volts.

How to lay eggs
  • Every three days you need to add water.
  • Every day you need to check the temperature.
  • Eggs need to put the blunt end up or to one side.
  • After the apparatus is closed you need to check whether all the arrangements.
  • When will start the second phase of hatching, it is necessary to ventilate the tank several times a day.

Two days before hatching is necessary to disable the automatic rotation of the tray. In that case, if the eggs were laying dull side up, then they should be put to one side, but not close to each other. And all tanks must be filled with clean warm water.

Such a device will go both novice and professional. The manufacturer has many models to choose from.

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