Kuchinsky jubilee breed chickens: description

Almost every farmer who is breeding pet birds, once saw a chicken breed Kuchinsky anniversary.

You should examine the hen more closely. Now Kuchinsky anniversary breed has a special popularity throughout Russia. But why are these hens since spread and gained such popularity?

This breed is one of the few that has not lost its demand at the time of occurrence of many species of the hybrid type having a high productivity and socks eggs. So, farmers and growers are really proud of this breed. So what is she so attracted to poultry farmers?

How did the chickens Kuchinsky Anniversary of the breed?

Thus, the appearance of this popular type of chickens took place in the middle of the last century. Soviet plant breeders have long tried to get the chicken, which would perfectly match the settings on the meat-and-egg direction of growing chickens. They included in their work are all known then the knowledge of animal genetics. To do this, breeders took their job a few chickens the best foreign breeds, and included a few domestic.

Scientists were going to create the kind of individual that would take from their ancestors only the best features and characteristics. To create such a perfect kind of chicken it took scientists to make their experiments more than one decade. In the end, this breed of chickens originated in 1990.

At the same time the chicken fell in the ranking of the quality standard of the representatives of the universal the direction of cultivation. Also known foreign and national representatives have begun to include this breed of chickens in various exhibitions and shows.

So, the main progenitors of this breed of chickens are considered: Australorp, Russian White, new Hampshire, Plimutrok, Rhode island, Livenskiy. Using combination of so many unusual gene Kuchinsky jubilee chicken combines all the necessary and important features in order to attract the attention of poultry breeders and to become the most common.

Description appearance Kuchinsky Jubilee of breeds of chickens

During the experiments with the creation of this breed, the breeders did not attach much value to appearance of a bird.

The main purpose of their creation was the requirement for the most productive characteristics of birds. This is not to say that birds possess a simple or faded appearance and color. In the description of cockerels and chickens has its own unusual feature.

It should be noted that both sexes differ significantly from each other in characteristics. This is why we need to consider in detail each gender.

  • External data roosters.

The main external signs Kuchinsky cocks took from their ancestors of the breed Rhode island. So, they need almost the same color of the plumage, shiny and long feathers. The main colour of the bird is reddish-brown, and the tail plaits painted completely black.

In the abdomen and chest can occur feathers red, with black edging along the contour, which together are combined in an attractive pattern. The roosters have a body that looks like a triangle.

The wide belly and breast, the back is round shape, strong legs and hips. The neck is slightly short, but has notable lush plumage color.

The wings are small and tightly pressed to the sides of the torso of a bird. The head is large and presented in the form of an oval, also on the head of a well-developed ridge red hue and leaf-shaped. The cock has a large earrings that are very easy to notice when looking at birds. Muzzle the birds does not have any bristles. The ear lobe is small and presents a white or beige color.

The body weight of the cock that has grown to adulthood, can vary from 3.5 to 4 pounds.

  • The special characteristics of the appearance of the chickens.

Compared to the Cockerel look of the hens are a little more modest. So, they are inferior to males in their height and size, although chicken and have a lush size. The average body mass of females can reach up to 3 pounds. Explicit breast and tummy, down-to-earth upper body, which looks like a trapezoid, it is a primary characteristic of the female. Color color may vary from red down to a light brown color.

Breast of a bird painted in black, tail also black braids but do not have the green tint as in the male. The plumage of birds has a large number of feathers, causing the chicken just will not freeze in winter time, when there are dominated by low temperatures and freezing.

The head of the bird is much smaller than the males, and comb with small earrings. Other characteristics of the chicken match with the characteristics of a Cockerel.

Personality Kuchinsky breeds of chickens

The character of each breed is versatile. As the winged bird had a large number of ancestors, it is borrowed from them many positive qualities and characteristics.

First thing in the description of the disposition of a bird catches the eye is its excessive mobility and activity.

Also chickens Kuchinsky Anniversary of the breed will not tolerate to live in confined spaces, have a special love for the space and too curious.

In birds the male character is slightly different. These proud males from time to time is able to show anger and aggression, and I love when everything has a procedure, they follow most closely.

In General, the whole family of birds is very noisy and restless, but special difficulties in the content owner they bring.

Growing up and stage socks Kuchinsky eggs chickens

For doing housework all owners try to select individuals who are able to quickly and efficiently produce carrying eggs and to do this with an early age.

It is this kind of chicken and corresponds to the data requests. Usually young birds begin to lay eggs at the age of 5-5,5 months from the moment of birth.

Sometimes there are difficulties with the maturation and formation of the CSD, but it happens rarely and the reason for this is often excessive overfeeding the birds.

It should be noted that too large and too overfed chicken, you will not be able to carry out the clutch at the right age, and besides all this, the bird’s condition may significantly worsen. Therefore, the grower must follow a special diet throughout the entire process of growing hens.

Indices socks egg this breed also delight. Of course, to the egg breeds of hens of the Champions that can carry 360-400 units of eggs throughout the year, Kuczynski breed far enough, but this breed is the most productive and revealing.

One year the bird is able to lay 180 to 200 eggs. One such egg will have a mass of 60 grams. She the eggs will be sufficiently dense, and its color is light brown.

How the process of hatching eggs from chickens Kuchinsky?

Stage of breeding the number of hatchlings is quite simple, as nature itself has taken care to ensure that the birds still have their basic instinct of Chicks.

So, by using your instinct, hatching eggs, chicken automatically raise their kids, care for them, resulting in a survival rate for each future chicken increases.

In one season the chicken Kuchinsky Anniversary of the breed can grow to about two broods of chickens and remain in good shape. Unfortunately fanciers in the process of hatching and caring for the chickens the possibility of new socks eggs stops for a moment. As soon as the time birds begin again to produce toe of the eggs.

However, this feature is not the only benefit of these birds. So, this breed can easily be used as a hen other eggs, from which the other species of birds refused due to the lost natural instinct.

Features chickens breed Kuchinsky anniversary

Breeding this type of chickens will not cause any difficulties for the farmer. In addition, kids on the second day can be distinguished by gender.

Little males have a more clarified the pen color, resembling orange shade.

And small females have dark feathers, brown or brown.

Chickens in a short period of time is able to gain weight and growth. One month of life weight of chickens varies from 700 to 800 grams, provided that the rules of feeding are observed. Survival of small Chicks will depend on the conditions in which kids live and what care they are being.

The average survival rate of young Chicks equal to 90-95%, in calves, this figure is not different from the adults. Usually poorly developed and the sick chickens die one week after birth.

Although Kuchinsky anniversary breed has a special warm feathers and is not afraid of the cold weather, the Chicks still need to keep warm, especially during the first days of life.

How easy it is to take care of young?
  1. Once the Chicks will hatch under a hen, they should be well dried and placed in a container equipped with a special and warm bedding.
  2. The process of feeding nestlings should occur every 2 hours at night must be complied with a break for 6-7 hours. Also in the cage you can place a feeder with a special grain mixture, so the chickens will be able at any moment to eat when they’re hungry.
  3. It should be noted that the grower must regularly remove any food and expose tableware disinfection after each feeding boiled egg or other wet product (cereal, yogurt, or cheese). Thus, various germs spread very quickly in a nutrient medium and capable of causing harm to the body of young individuals.
  4. Is strictly prohibited of newborn Chicks to get wet any way, so feeders must be installed in such a way that the chick could not turn her.
  5. All the time observe the temperature readings indoors, where the kids who live without chicken. So, hypothermia Chicks can lead to various diseases, and in some cases even death.
  6. Regularly engage in change mats, which are used to relax the Chicks, so it was not an area where you develop and comfortable feel of various bacteria and pathogens.
  7. If you can, carry out the separation by sex, and make farming them individually. Both males, and females should be fed mixtures that have a high protein content. But the hen should be given a relatively smaller amount of feed, 4 months after the birth of birds transferred to prekladovy diet.
How to feed chickens Kuchinsky?

Thus, the diet of adult chickens are relatively different from the feed of young Chicks.

From a properly sized and well-balanced diet, is directly the dependence of parameters of productivity of the birds.

To get the most effective results from hens, you need to take care about their nutrition:

  1. Are feeding frequently, but in small portions. Perfect for this will become meals for birds. Should not overflow bird feeders, since chickens are able to continue eating even after full saturation, and when you consider their tendency to gain extra pounds, thus, you can earn a serious problem.
  2. In the summer you can include in the diet of the birds fresh grass and send them to green lawns. Here they certainly will not starve, and low calorie grass will not allow the bird to gain extra.
  3. If birds do become better, then you need to remove from their food all carbohydrates and fats, including as much fresh herbs as well as vegetables.
  4. In the process of laying eggs should be added to the feed mixture birds to 10 grams of chalk or shells, to fully saturate the body laying hens with calcium.

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