Nipple drinker for chickens, making their hands

When the content of chickens in the household poultry houses should be equipped with feeders and drinking bowls, which will be convenient for birds and maintenance. If the feeders you can use almost any container, with water troughs for chickens is more complicated.

Ordinary bowl bird flip, with the result that the water is on the floor in the coop is at all times damp. To such situations, experienced farmers benefit from nipple drinkers. Such devices can be bought in pet shops or make your own hands.

Requirements for drinking bowls for chickens

Water tanks to be used in the coop must meet certain requirements. If you put the bird simple basin, they will be out of it not only to drink but also to bathe in this water. Therefore, the choice of drinkers for chickens should be approached with great responsibility.

They should be:

  1. Convenient. The birds should have free access to water, a farmer should be easy to fill containers with water and disinfect them. A good option when maintaining a large herd is to connect the watering system to the water supply.
  2. Safe. Capacity can be selected from materials that do not emit harmful substances. If the drinker will be made with your own hands, then you must ensure that it does not remain sharp edges and burrs.
  3. Closed. In an open container is easily absorbed food, and feathers, chicken excrement, whereby the water quickly becomes dirty. Much more convenient and practical to use closed-drinkers. In them water is not contaminated and does not come out. In this case, good fit nipple waterers for chickens.
  4. Heated. When keeping poultry in the coop is not insulated in the cold season will need to ensure that the water in the tanks was not too cold and not frozen. If waterers are installed heaters.
What kind of waterers for chickens are?

To provide birds with water, you can use several types of containers, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

Simple bowls

Bowls, cups or other open simple containers should be low, so the birds could easily reach the water.

They are convenient for laying hens, but have their disadvantages:

  • the water quickly becomes polluted, so it is necessary to change several times a day;
  • easily overturn.

In this embodiment, the farmers almost never use.


Vacuum design consist of a flat Cup, which holds the bottle with water. The water in the bowl is discharged under pressure and only after the bowl will be virtually empty. To completely pour out the liquid does not vacuum, which is formed in a closed container.


  • can be made from scrap materials with your hands;
  • the device is comfortable for the chickens and maintenance.


  • the water in the Cup gets dirty easily;
  • birds can flip the bowl.
Nipple drinkers for chickens

Such structures are the closed container, which is a special nipple. To drink, the birds have to tap on the nipple with their beak. Nipple waterers are very comfortable, so are used by many poultry farmers.

Their advantages are:

  • the water is in a closed container, therefore, does not shed and is not contaminated;
  • when using the valve in the hen-house floor will always be dry because the liquid is delivered directly into the beak of a bird;
  • design easy in maintenance;
  • water from closed tanks do not shed, so will need to refill it too often;
  • to make the nipple drinker can with your hands.

To make a nipple drinker as you can from one container, and using pipes. The first option is useful for small number of hens, and the second option will automatically and is suitable for a large herd.

Nipple drinkers with their hands

To make the design from scrap materials, pre-purchasing only to nipple drinkers, which is sold in pet stores.

Nipple drinking from a plastic bottle

For the manufacture of their own hands will need to prepare:

  • plastic squeeze bottle or other convenient two-liter capacity;
  • nipple;
  • drill or screwdriver;
  • electrical tape;
  • silicone adhesive.

Stages of manufacturing:

  1. Turns away from the bottle cap, using a screwdriver go drills need to make a hole. If possible, the hole diameter must match the diameter of the nipple.
  2. The nipple is wrapped with electrical tape and inserted into the hole.
  3. The bottle is filled with water and checked the tightness of the nipple design. If water flows, the gap between the nipple and the cover smeared with silicone adhesive.
  4. The bottle is inverted and installed on the wall of the cage or coop.

This design was convenient to maintain, the bottom of the bottle can be cut so that it has acquired a kind of lid. In this case, the capacity can be easily add water. If the bottom is not cut, then when empty the bottle every time will have to be removed to Unscrew the cap, fill with water and reinsert.

Automatic nipple drinker

If the household contains a large number of chickens one bottle for them will be enough, and a lot of the containers inconvenient to maintain. So you can with your hands to make a kind of water pipe, making her nipples and connecting to a large Central reservoir of water or even running water.

For manufacturing will need the following materials and tools:

  • plastic square tube with internal grooves, blind cap and section 22*22 mm;
  • adapter from square tubes to round;
  • the required number of nipples;
  • tap under the diameter of the nipple, drill and drill;
  • the water tank and the hose;
  • the drift eliminators (small Cup) for the number of nipples;
  • marker, tape measure;
  • sealing retrieves the clamp.

The nipple should choose depending on the age of the bird:

  1. Fit 3600 work in all directions and therefore convenient for the chickens.
  2. Nipple 1800 is better for adult birds, as they work up and down.

For one meter of pipe is recommended to install not more than three watering points. If the distance between the nipples is less than thirty centimeters, about the chickens drinkers will be crowding and pushing, which can lead to their injury.

Capreolata can be done by hand from plastic bottles. To do this, they cut off the bottom with sides and set under each nipple. These cups are better set at such a height that the chickens can get to the water, which can drip into them if you are using a nipple design.

Instructions for making:

  1. On the side of the tube with grooves is the markup, which will be installed in the nipple. In this case, it will be possible to avoid leakage of water.
  2. Using a drill and a drill of the necessary diameter into the marked locations drill the holes.
  3. In the resulting holes with a tap tapped.
  4. For a better seal of the nipple wrapped FUM tape and only after that screwed.
  5. Under each nipple , you need to install the Cup (cablewallah).
  6. The pipe endthat does not attach to the tank is closed by a cover which is necessary to secure clamp.
  7. The second end of the pipe connects the tank with water. To do this, use a flexible hose and adapter.

Automatic nipple drinker is ready. The farmer will be only from time to time to fill the tank with water and regularly disinfect it.

Nipples necessarily should be installed below the water level in the pipe, otherwise they will not work. You also need to make sure that the pipe was not a vacuum, because with an insufficient amount of air water to the nipple do not.

To the drinker to make a fully automatic, pipe can be connected to the water, if there is such a possibility.

Vacuum drinking bottle with their hands

To produce such a design can be of materials which are always present in the economy. Such materials include:

  • Bank from-under a sprat, or other similar capacity;
  • plastic liter or-liter bottle;
  • wire.

First tin you need to completely release from the lid and to process it edge so they are not left burrs and they were not sharp.

After that you can start making drinkers:

  1. At the bottom on the side walls of the containers of plastic apertures. You need to make sure they were not above the edges of the banks. Through these holes in the bowl will enter the water.
  2. Bank from-under a sprat or other oval, the Cup slides between the walls of the cells. If the troughs will be installed in the coop, it is possible to use as bowls and cans of any shape.
  3. The bottle is filled with water, closed the lid, turned over, set on the Bank and attached with wire to the bars or to a nail in the wall.

Vacuum drinking bottle ready. Now chickens can drink out of cans, in which water will flow gradually.

Nipple drinkers for chickens can be installed in cages and poultry houses. To use them, and maintain such fixtures will be convenient everywhere. And to make nipple design can quite easily with their hands.

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