Nipple drinker with his own hands, autodrinking for chickens

Not a pretty sight when your chicken or chicken were wet. The spectacle is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous, because wet Chicks may die. In order to keep the litter in the coop is dry, you can make a bowl with your hands. It will always provide an opportunity for the bird to drink enough fresh water.

It is understood that the chicken is two times more drinks than eating food. A bird that does not have free access to the drinking bowl, starts to hurt. Chickens often climbs feet in a bowl of food and then take a bath in a basin of water. So it turns out a complete mess, which is the hen and her litter.

This will not appeal to the owner who then must clean up the litter and change the water. In order to resolve this mess, can make the drinker nipple with his hands.

Nipple drinker with your hands: tips for making

The main condition proper troughs is that the bird can only dip the nose and to catch droplets.

These requirements correspond to the following models of drinkers.

  1. Siphon.
  2. Nipple.
  3. Vacuum.
  4. Cup drinker.

Such devices must not allow the chickens to walk freely in the water and carry the most dirt.

There are a number of specific requirements for drinkers that are worth considering.

  1. Automatic water supply for poultry.
  2. Constant filling of water throughout the day.
  3. The device must be fixed to the wall or raised on the stand.
  4. The drinker is required to be lightweight and durable design.
  5. The drinker should be well secured to prevent overturning and spilling water.
  6. Material for the manufacture of drinking bottles can be plastic. But it should not be painted and the sides should not be sharp edges.
  7. Capacity needs to be practical to care for.
Types of drinkers with their hands

Before you begin to make a birdbath, you should be familiar with all types of designs. Some of them are diverse in their models, others are too practical. But most often in the market you can find several options of modern drinkers. They should include the nipple, a vacuum. And also there are the Cup and siphon.

Many farmers as drinkers can use the container for drinking. The best way for drinkers, made with your own hands, is the pelvis (galvanized or enameled). Plastic bowls can also be suitable as drinking bowls.

But despite the fact that many farmers used basins and bowls, this way of presenting water bird has a number of disadvantages.

  1. You need to regularly change the water.
  2. Design tips.

Open saucers are not suitable for adults. They can only be applied for chickens.

Good reliability have a siphon drinkers. They contain little water and are created to water the small number of birds. The design may consist of: cups, tray and siphon system.

Nipple drinker with your own hands

Automatic water supply, saving money and good hygiene is the main advantages of nipple waterers for chickens. As a tank you can use a bucket. But the main component is a dropperthat works on team chicken.

The simplest system of water supply is the nipple. To make a nipple system for the beginner is not difficult. A primitive version can be suspended from the bucket protruding from the bottom of the nipple. Thus, the device operates from a tank. It can be accumulative or instantaneous.

To make nipple drinker for chickens with their hands, you need to take care of the availability of appropriate tools.

  1. You will need a nipple for calves and chickens. Need 3600. If we talk about adult individuals, then you will need about 1800. Thus, this is an indicator of the service sector.
  2. You will also need square and round plastic pipe. She must have internal grooves with a depth of forty-two millimeters.
  3. Caps on the ends with adapter to connect to the main line must also be present.
  4. In addition, you might need a flexible hose for carrying the liner.
  5. The clamps for the canopy pipe may also be useful for this case.
  6. Drill will be needed with a cross section of nine millimeters. May need a tap for threading 1/8 inch.

But it doesn’t matter what kind of hardware I need to install to a drinking bowl.

But the progress of the installation will be carried out in the following sequence:

  • Initially, you need to implement the markup of the pipe.
  • From the grooves need to carry out a small hole.
  • Need to cut a thread.
  • Will definitely need to twist the nipple.
  • Close the ends of the structure and installed the eliminators.
  • The last step is attaching the structure to the wall and can hold the water supply.

It should be noted that it is best to buy nipple European, as they have to ours. Plastic pipe and mounting the snap-in also purchase easy. It should be noted that the pipe is capped at the ends, is the markup.

The location of the nipple should be thirty inches. Next you need to drill holes and screw in the ribbon connecting them. Checking of tightness of connections and the flow of water from the tank is also an important step. In this embodiment, the drip tray can be plates or the bottoms of plastic bottles. Such cups will help to ensure dry bedding.

Autodrinking for chickens with their hands

The first option waterers made with your own hands is a nipple drinker. Offers you another alternative another appliances. This method is based on the glass containers of various sizes. As a rule, to build this construction you need to take the jar and flip it down the throat. Should drain the water as the bowl will be emptied.

The water will be maintained due to the difference between the pressure surface of the dishes and the inside of the bottle at the top. As soon as the water level decreases in the Cup, the bottle, the air will come, which will be determined by the amount of water. This drinker is able to make even a child. The bird is a curious animal. Therefore, the Bank can climb smooth and to take a leadership position. Other birds, seeing this, begin to fight for the championship on the place of pppaccount. Therefore, it is best to choose a stable structure as drinkers.

Quite often the farm used bottles from under the water. Such a five-liter capacity are in every yard. This lightweight and transparent tableware is perfect for drinkers. First you need to take an ordinary plastic basin with large boards. Thus, the bumpers will be at the level of the neck of a chicken. Up to fifteen centimeters need to drill a hole. When completed, lower the pelvis. Thus, the water flows and fills the gap between the receptacle and the wall of the cookware. Turns out, it will be above the level necessary holes.

Works autodrinking for chickens just. The bird drinks the water level in the basin decreases. Then, made a hole in the wall of the bottle. In a bottle will do the air and pressure will change. Thus, water will flow in the basin. A five-liter capacity will be enough to satisfy ten hens.

Another option for appliances is also of the bottles, but it has a different design. You will need to take two bottles from under the water of different sizes. Since we are talking about big bird, ideal capacity for eight and five liters. Thus, respectively, for Chicks you need to take five and three liters. Each tank needs to twist the tube.

From high capacity to cut a saucer of water (height of not more than fifteen centimeters). The second capacity we need to flip over and insert one into the other tube. To connect them together. On a small tank you need to drill a hole below the rim of the Cup.

Working the bird with his hands is quite simple:

  • Capacity is filled with water. Tube and Cup wind the top.
  • The hole that holds and capacity is installed on the wall.
  • The hole opens up and in the bowl water. In the upper part of the tank a vacuum is created.

Thus, it is possible to create another version of the waterers for the chickens. Suspension is recommended to arrange the bottom for fixing the bottle.

There are many other models to produce a wide range of drinkers for chickens. Everyone can choose the most successful. After all, to make yourself a structure for each. It is always possible to take any available materials.

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  1. Material for the manufacture of drinking bottles can be plastic. But it should not be painted and the sides should not be sharp edges.

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