Panenska breed goats breed profile: saranskie goats

Some of the goats can rightly be called saranskoy breed. They were bred over a hundred years ago in the Swiss Alps using traditional breeding. The name of the goat received due to high fertility, excellent health and high performance.

One of the best breeds in the world believe saranskoy goat. Annual milk yield from one individual can reach thousands of liters of milk.

Panenska breed goats breed profile: origin, characteristics, breeding

The largest goat in the world is saranskie. They were taken a hundred years ago in the fertile valleys with lush grass of Switzerland. One of the most influential officials two centuries ago noticed high yielding animals. He talked about them all over the world. Thus, panenska the goat was imported to America, Australia and Russia. In each country panenska the goat has its name of breed.

Consider the main ones.

  • Panenska American.
  • Panenska British.
  • White Shorthair.
  • White Holland.
  • White German improved.

In Russia, they were in the early nineteenth century. First thoroughbred was brought twenty goats. And then, troops expanded to include several hundred full-blooded goats. But unfortunately, the war prevented the work of breeders. In peasant circles appeared Mudbloods saranskie. After it was liquidated the public goats, and many specimens transferred them to farmers.

Our country has once again delivered some beautiful pieces of Sayansky goats. Since then we have bred these animals. But the price of a goat is quite high. One goat can cost anywhere from forty-five thousand. In order to buy the excellent pet, it is best to seek the assistance of breeders and know all the features that are inherent in this breed.

Features Saanen goats

Unlike other breeds, panenska has a large size. Goat can reach a weight of eighty five pounds, while the goat, about sixty-five. There were cases when the animal had grown to one hundred pounds. In the withers height of goats is about eighty-five centimeters.

The torso of the animal has a broad chest and long straight back. Head real saranskoy medium size, slightly elongated in comparison with other breeds. In our country this breed is characterized by short white hair. But abroad you can find a goat with a cream color.

It is worth noting that the real goat of the Swiss output has only white color. So if you are under the guise of saranskoy goats to offer up another, but with a different color should not agree to this deal. The special features of this breed is attributed first place among other dairy breeds. They have the largest amount of milk yield and high productivity.

The features should include the following description of the appearance.

  1. A large weight. The best specimens can weigh up to 100 pounds. The breed are born only large goats weighing five pounds. Every month they gain five pounds.
  2. The skeleton in animals is well developed. They have strong legs and erect.
  3. The muzzle of the animal is narrow and has a broad forehead. The ears are upright, but the standardization of the breed allows the hanging ears.
  4. The neck can be skin growths in the form of earrings.
  5. Some animals are allowed with the lack of horns. Each goat of this breed has a beard, females, it may be missing or be less.
  6. Panenska has a large udder. The udder looks like a pear. Nipples are well developed. On separate representatives may appear on the body of the black specks.
  7. This breed is easy to care for. Any breeder will be able to take care of this breed easily.
The conditions of detention saranskoy

To the conditions of detention of the animal is attributed.

  1. Fully-fledged, diverse feeding.
  2. Regular walking in the fresh air with a variety of herbs.
  3. Stay in a dry room with no draft.

In order to get the female gave the highest milk yield, it is necessary to provide its diverse and quality food. In the winter season they eat hay. The rest of the time is freshly cut grass. In addition, it is recommended to feed a goat bran, potatoes and beets. With regular walking, panenska breed gets vitamins from eating the leaves. Typically, this leaves of birch, willow, and the bark of trees.

Animals of this breed can survive in the middle lane. They tolerate cold, but can’t stand drafts, dampness or poor ventilation in the room.

Breeding goats Saninsky

To breed this variety is always beneficial. She is precocious. She is ready for the coating to achieve her ten-month age. And the breed has a high productivity. Farmers should know that Saanen 80% of individuals are born twins. Goats at the time of birth have a weight of five kilograms. In addition, it should be noted that they are quite fast growing.

Kids to achieve their six months of age are fed only whole milk. Lactation goat feed their young for eleven months. Every lambing goat the amount of milk increases. Butterfat is up to 4.2%.

Proper care for a pet involves regular inspection of the animal. Every day the farmer inspects goats, and conducts a regular cleaning of hooves of the dirt that accumulates. In addition to proper care of a goat is attributed by combing it with a special brush. In addition, the breed needs constant grooming for spaces in the fields. For these purposes, farmers are constantly preparing the pasture, viviva the most delicious grass for their animals.

An equally important role in the maintenance of this species is the availability and preparation of balanced, comprehensive nutrition.

  1. The variety of feeds that are of natural origin.
  2. In the morning offer the animals to eat hay.
  3. After a few hours, give willow twigs or leaves of birch. After sending in the paddock.
  4. While walking the goats get to eat grass, extract the bark of trees to find the leaves, they are delicious.
  5. The evening meal can be presented in the form of soup. It is prepared based on potatoes, bran or food waste.
  6. Before bed also animal feed, she will eat some fruits beet.
Breeding goats Saninsky

To saranskoy breeding of the variety was successful, it is important to consider several factors.

  1. The right choice goat.
  2. The best age for mating. Usually is from two to five years.
  3. The presence of the goat good health, the hallmarks of Saanen. Account the origins of the parents. High degree of efficiency.

To happen goats, they are taken in certain quantity. As a rule, together with the male holding them for several months. The ideal period for mating farmers believe the autumn and winter. To reduce you can start from September and finish in February. In that case, if you take into account all the rules of mating. Then the goat will be able to cover all the females that are around him. But if this happens, then farmers apply the method of artificial insemination of the herd.

Lambing saranskoy species occurs naturally. If everything goes well, then the goat to cope with it alone. But in some cases, the presence of a farmer with a goat may be necessary.

To determine the approach these dates in characteristic features.

  • Restless behavior of the female.
  • Reduction of normal appetite.
  • A small swelling in the external area of the labia.
  • The search space for the future admission of the offspring. As a rule, the female scoops the manure limbs.
Features remove the young Saanen

An important role in the breeding of this breed is played by the feeding procedure. If the female has a sufficient level of milk, she will feed the children themselves. The owner of the animal needs only to monitor the condition of her udder. The goat should not be stagnation. If it exists, then the farmers themselves are forced out the remnants of milk by hand or using a milking machine.

Once the kids grow up to twenty days of life, they require mineral complexes, which are introduced in the daily diet. Seven days after birth, goats can be allowed in the pasture. They are taken only with my mother.

To distinctive features of the breed saranskoy include the fact that when crossed with another breed, you still get signs saranskoy. One female can appear up to three babies. Girls are born with a weight of three pounds. Boys with a weight of five kilograms. Animals grow actively. At the age of six months they will be ready to lie. But experts in the field of breeding is recommended to wait for the full formation of the body and to give preference to one year of age.

The amount of milk will constantly increase. The fourth birth will be seen as the percentage increases milk yield. As a rule, in the day female can produce about three liters of milk, but sometimes a larger number. Lactation lasts for eleven months, but the start saranskoy breed goats are recommended two months before lambing.

What are the advantages of Saanen

Undoubtedly, panenska breed, in contrast to the Nubian, with which it can be confused has a high degree of productivity. Six litres of milk can a goat for a day. But in the period of peak milk production and in the presence of a healthy and balanced diet can give up to eight liters per day. Swiss goats are capable of delivering even twelve liters of milk. Traditional milk yield period can last from eight to eleven months.

Milk, which gives the goat of this breed has a pleasant creamy taste. Unlike our goats, the percentage of milk fat a little less. It can be from 2.5% to reach 4%. In the diet of infants allowed to include goat’s milk, but only Saanen.

High fertility is something that can boast of this breed. For every hundred females have no less than Doust fifty kids. Most often, the breeder can rely on the fact that females give birth to twins. The astonishing precocity of this animal is indeed the predominant feature of the breed. The reduction of age the animal can be considered ready for lambing.

The main thing that distinguishes saranskoy goats milk from any other species, is the absence of specific unpleasant smell!

Advantages and disadvantages of Saanen goats

Mainly farmers, who made some of Saanen goats speak of them only from a positive point of view.

Summing all this, it is worth noting the following advantages of this breed.

  1. High milk yield. After the birth of their first offspring the goat produces less than seven hundred liters of milk per lactation. After the fourth birth, this amount increases several times.
  2. Long period of lactation. Unlike other breeds, panenska feeding their babies for eleven months.
  3. High fecundity. Can have 250% more than other breeds. 100 goats accounted for about 250 kids born.
  4. Goats of this breed in a short time Mature and gain weight quickly.
  5. Tasty milk. Taste of product quality excellent. Milk is moderately fatty and has no peculiar smell.
  6. Great adaptability to climatic conditions. In Russia panenska breed is completely acclimatised.
  7. Good genes. The males of this breed can fully Ocotal at a time several females for one productive period.
  8. Walking on any terrain. Unlike other animals, this breed can graze in the mountains and ravines.

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