Rabbit risen: description and content

The history of the breed rabbits risen originates in the XVI century. It was at that time in Flanders there was the first description of the giant rabbits weighing 5-6 kg.

Originally the breed was called the Belgian giant, and under this name the rabbits giants were born in Germany.

Breed quality Flemish giants (the fleshiness and heavy weight) spodvignulo German breeders to work on further improvement of the breed in 1937 and registered its own line, giving it the name German giant Deutsche-Riesen.

The main characteristics of rabbits breed risen, features and disadvantages

Today, risen is the largest among all known breeds of rabbit-giant in the world. Anyone who has ever had to face this giant was impressed by their incredible size and external data.

Appearance rabbits risen Pets have the following characteristics:

  • Rabbit breed risen is massive and broad body with strong bones;
  • body length reaches 70 cm;
  • the head is broad and large in proportion to the body;
  • ears rounded, massive, length 17-20 cm;
  • eyes brown; hair thick and dense, long hair – up to 4 cm;
  • legs straight, massive;
  • the color is predominantly sand, grey, blue or black;
  • the weight reaches 6-10 kg, some individuals are gaining body weight up to 14 kg.

Rabbits are characterized by their clumsiness and sluggishness, so to confuse them with anyone is simply impossible. The breed is famous for its high gustatory qualities of meat – it is very fragrant, gentle and has no smell of grass.

Features of the breed.

The main feature of rabbits risen is their incredible fertility. One litter can contain 10-12 rabbits. Also, the breed is valued for its incredibly tasty meat diet and high quality skin. Nature is good-natured and sociable animals, who can get along with person. However, with young children to leave them still not worth it due to the massive size.

Disadvantages of rabbits risen

The main disadvantages of this breed include clumsiness and slow the growth of the animal. In addition, the size of the rabbit require a large space for its content.

How to feed, to breed and to contain the rabbits risen?

Due to the high immunity of animals rarely get sick and are frost. The German giants are not capricious, but very demanding conditions of detention. The room where they are kept, it is often necessary to remove, as animals do not tolerate dirt, dust, high ammonia concentration. In the cage also should always be clean.

The main conditions of detention, the German giants are:

  • The spacious open-air cages or cells, the length of which should be around 1-1. 1 m, width – not less than 0.7 m, height 0.5-0.7 m. ideally it is recommended to contain animals in a special rabbit hutches. From the size of rabbit home depends directly on the quantity and quality of meat products: the less space, the more the meat contains fat.
  • Cells it is desirable to expose the face to the South or South-East. Due to this, in the winter it is possible to provide rabbitry warmth.
  • Also, be aware that aviaries and cages should have good ventilation.
  • As mentioned earlier, risen can not stand the ammonia smell, so every day it is necessary to conduct cleaning and disinfection, change of bedding.
  • The air in the rabbitry needs to be always fresh, with no signs of stagnation, which can be achieved by ensuring a constant circulation.
  • The water in the troughs should always be clean. Dirty water can be a source of various diseases and cause bloating.
  • Trough is fixed so that risen could not overturn. After breeding, the females of water in the drinkers change more often.

The mesh floor of the aviary or cage is not suited for the German giants. If the bottom of the cage it is necessary to cover it with a rubber Mat. The fact that the giants need a solid floor or thick litter. Mesh bottom cant trigger the development of such diseases as the foot to me. As the substrate use the hay with sawdust.

Food rabbits risen

The giants diet should be balanced and varied, because it depends on the health, growth and development of animals. In summer the diet consists mainly of grass fodder. But fresh grass is not recommended – its pretty dry and to wait for her a little Pavane. Rotted or damp grass can lead to constipation and bloating. In order to prevent the accumulation of gases rabbits to add to food Biomitsin.

Menu giants can be as follows:

  • The mash – 2 buckets;
  • Biomitsin – 2 tsp;
  • salt – 3 tsp;
  • bone flour – 5 tablespoons.

This food will provide the body with all necessary minerals, including calcium.

German giants are additionally fed’s crust (preferably coniferous), branches of different fruits and vegetables. Rabbits love apples, carrots, potatoes. Of herbal feed them like dandelion and sow Thistle.

Also in the diet necessarily need to include feed, bone meal and vitamin supplements. Feed rabbits risen with a 2 times/day. Feed should be enough for such a giant, however, overfeed the animal is still not worth it. Because sedentary pet runs the risk of very quickly sageret.

Breeding rabbits risen

Compared to other breeds, females risen quite late reach sexual maturity. The rabbit only to 9 months ready to be a mother. In males, the optimal age for mating is considered to be 1 year. To produce healthy offspring take strong individuals, not necessarily from different nests.

Before mating it is necessary to release cells from feeders to the couple is not distracted by food. First start male. If you do the opposite, the rabbit will guard their territory and can not admit to themselves Krol. The average mating lasts about 20 minutes. A month later it is recommended to repeat the insemination.

If all goes well, soon you notice the first signs of pregnancy females. She starts to pluck the feathers from its breast, and in one corner you will notice assembled and prepared to build a nest of hay. Do not try to help the animal your excessive efforts can only hurt, especially if the breeding has already happened. Smell of man can scare off female from rabbits, so it’s best not to risk it.

The German giants is a pretty prolific animals. In one litter is found from 8 to 12 baby rabbits. For females, this breed is characterized by well-developed maternal qualities, one of them is a caring and affectionate mother. During lactation, the DOE needs to drink plenty of water, steamed potatoes, because it increases the amount of milk and improves its quality. Females feed intensively, but without any frills. Rabbits begin to eat in a week.

Disease rabbits breed risen

Rabbit risen is characterized by resistance to various diseases and strong immune system. However, they as well as representatives of other breeds in need of vaccination, including injection of viral haemorrhagic disease (VGB) and myxomatosis.

Vaccinations can be done independently, using the syringe for insulin or call the vet at home.

Make a shot in the withers, while carefully observe the sterility.

For the German giants, there is the following vaccination schedule:

  • 45 days are injected from VGB.
  • After 0.5 month – against myxomatosis, 3 weeks repeated.
  • After another 2 weeks, is re-vaccination against VGB.
  • In the future, animals are vaccinated twice a year.
Select rabbits for breeding risen

It is better to acquire animals from approved breeder who specializiruetsya on this breed. Best of all, if it is a local specialist, as the rabbits are already adapted to local climatic conditions.

It is recommended to purchase the male and female aged 3-4 months, when the animals will get stronger and will be well visible, their breed characteristics. When buying pay attention to the condition of the teeth, eyes and coat. This should meet standard parameters. During this period, the weight rizena should be not less than 6 kg.

Risen is one of the most amazing breeds of rabbit-giant. Although these animals are not bred on an industrial scale due to unprofitability (slow growing, later puberty, etc.), for the private sector is just perfect. Besides that the German giants are quite tasty and quality meat, they are also quite prolific, so you will be able to provide the products not only himself and his family, but all family members.

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