Rabbits breeds Rex: reliable fur and gentle animal

In nature there are always deviations from the norm, that people like to call mutations. Rabbits breeds Rex and many other well-known breed of rabbits came out of these mutations.

It’s the king in velvet and silk: very short, dense and almost vertical fur is the hallmark of interesting rabbits Rex. Proper maintenance of these animals will bring not only profit, but also aesthetic pleasure.

As discovered this breed?

The first “real” rabbit breeds Rex was discovered by accident. This meant the emergence of a new breed. When the village priest Gillet from the French village of Luz-Pring found a farmer rabbit, he was completely enchanted. Rabbits from the beginning, differed from their counterparts. Their wool started to grow much later and was shorter than the other rabbits.

Gillet was so impressed by the originality of animals, bought from the farmer little rabbits.

By crossing the two kids Gillet got the desired result – Rex in the color of the castor (beaver). Five years after Gillet found a young litter on the farm, he presented six first animals at the Paris exhibition in 1924.

A few years later this breed was already known in many countries. Short fur was a sensation. Hardly was another breed, he talked about. Rabbits Rex was greeted with enthusiasm by breeders, traders, and speculators. But the high expectations of profitability and fur values were not justified.

Due to the constant crossing of different breeds, expanded color variety. But the original beaver color remains one of the favorite colors of breeders. Today Rex as an equal and took his place among brothers and sisters ‘ usual long-haired breeds. Its name and beauty will ensure that the breed will continue.

Looks like a short-haired animal?

Rabbits of this breed’s body is slightly elongated. The head has an elongated shape with a broad forehead and pronounced cheeks. Soft, vertical and closely spaced to each other, the ears have a length of about 12 cm body Silhouette is a little “sharper” and clearer than normal and long-haired animals.

Another property of this animal are extremely long and strong legs, which because of the short hair seem bigger. However, the main distinctive feature is the fur. The coat is short, about 1.5 cm long, perpendicular to the skin, acts directly from the body. The tips of the hairs are silver plated. In the middle of the back length of the fur increases to 2 see If the pet rabbit, the hairs will not lay down, and stand back. This is due to their strong structure. Fur should not be wavy. Only through the interaction of these various features provides a unique, velvety kind of fur Rex.

You can see Rex in different colors. In addition to the original color, “beaver”, the famous black rabbits – white, black, blue, colors rose dog, the Dalmatian.

The maintenance and feeding

Breeding animals of the breed is not always easy. Especially if you want to get or to maintain a certain color of fur.

Rabbit Rex – growing. Feeding animals is very important. Rabbits readily eat a good meadow hay. In addition, you need to offer them oats, barley and wheat. As an additional pleasure Bunny wants carrots, sprigs of trees (oak, hazelnut), weeds. Long-term observations of breeders prove, that the feeding of bad hay, or scanty food, make animals more susceptible to disease. Calcium and magnesium are responsible for the development of bones and fur, so the food should be varied.

Do not forget about vitamins and minerals, they strengthen the organism of rabbits.

Because of its structure of fur animals are not suitable for long content. They must be provided with sufficient protection from the cold in the winter, as they have thin skin and short hair. Rabbits do not tolerate heat. You may notice that the animals feel sick already at 25 degrees Celsius.

Where better to have Rex?

All rabbits need a space where they can move in accordance with his nature. With the breed Rex , the situation is the same. So bought a small cage is not suitable. The best option – it’s a barn with a large, open paddock. For rabbits it is very important daily issue in the garden or vegetable garden.

Rabbits Rex (especially from dishonest breeders) sometimes have perforated, fur and bad skin. Such animals are not suitable for year round use outdoors! Although healthy animals can do, but in winter must be good insulation and a secure place for rabbits.

Rabbits Rex slowly and gradually become accustomed to life outdoors.

Rabbits are very social animals. It is better to have at least a pair. This also applies to rabbits breeds Rex.

Sizes and weight classes

Animals are divided into two classes by weight, which correspond roughly to the original breeds:

  1. Rex with a normal weight of 3.5 kg and a maximum weight of 4 kg;
  2. Rex with a normal weight more than 3 kg and a maximum weight of 4.5 kg.

Also were bred dwarf rabbits, Rex rabbits are small and medium in size.


The breeding season is an important part of raising animals. The appearance of the coming generation largely determine the characteristics and hereditary conditions, which are combined during mating. Success through the use of sustainable and healthy males. Also important to the overall performance and milk yield. When choosing partners for mating should take into account that any minor defects one must be compensated by others.

When breeding, one should not forget about the good care of their animals and their health. A prerequisite is the cleanliness of the barn and the trough. Cleaning is necessary as often as possible (at least 2 times a week). Rexes like being clean. They are well accustomed to the tray. Conventional cat toilets will suit this animal.

You need to regularly check the fur on the infected ticks, to inspect the nose and ears. Behavior, movements, respiration, condition of fur also give information about the well-being of the rabbit will either show the possible changes.

Rex is not very fertile, the number of rabbits in a litter is often no more than 5-6 kids. For this breed is characterized by high mortality. Therefore, it is particularly good to monitor the socket with the completion.

Vaccination of rabbits

Mandatory vaccinations that need to be done:

  • from myxomatosis;
  • from viral hemorrhagic fever;
  • against rabies.
Features of this breed

There are two other species of these rabbits, which differ from the French Rex. Both come from England.

It’s a Possum-Rex, which was developed in 1924 Pluck from Kent. He has longer fur (2.5 cm), which curls on the ends.

The second variation was developed in 1930 year, but now it is rare. The fur of this breed fits tightly to the skin and twisted.

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