Solidax for rabbits: application instructions, application for birds

Drug “Solinox” is actively used in rural agriculture as a tool against parasites and intestinal infections. Poultry and small animals like rabbits are very vulnerable to such ailments.

Without timely treatment, the animal will begin to seriously ill and losing weight, and over time becomes unsuitable in the economy. So here comes Solidax, and its application will be explained in detail below.

How to identify parasites in animals

Before talking about treatment, you should understand how to understand contracted if the rabbit (or poultry) by some parasite. Most often, Pets are exposed to coccidia. Speaking of rabbits: these little animals in a short time can get, ache and die and it can happen EN masse.

Coccidia is an insidious parasites that infect intestines and liver. To date, there are about 10 types, 9 of them are localized in the gut and one in the liver. And it so happens that a rabbit or a bird can have them in both bodies.

Living in small, damp and wet environments, without proper cleaning and constant drafts, and poultry, and rabbits have a high risk of infection.

In addition to the coccidia can cite the following reasons:

  • poor nutrition and stale food;
  • the high protein content in food;
  • the lack of minerals and vitamins;
  • poor conditions of detention (especially if in the cells of live animals of both sexes).

Infection occurs through the feces and stale, unmade bedding. Newborn rabbits can get infected with their mother’s milk. The first days are no signs of disease no, but then the animal begins to give no obvious signals that he’s not good.

And for poultry and rabbit the symptoms are the same:

  • lethargy and weakness;
  • excessive thirst;
  • diarrhea;
  • refusal of food;
  • bloating.

Once noticed these signs, you must immediately start treatment. For such cases to home medicine Cabinet must be drug Solidax. But without the help of a veterinarian is also not necessary: it needs to inspect all the cattle, to assess the degree of threat and, if necessary, to conduct additional treatment.

Dangerous that often the parasites and does not make itself felt for a long time, and their presence can be guessed only when the animal will bear offspring, and the offspring will begin to show all the signs of the disease.

Solidax: description of the drug and its application

The active substance of this drug acts has diclazuril, which is very effective against parasites, including coccidia, and it is completely safe for the health of rabbits and birds.

Description Salikoko

Drug Solinox is a gelatinous substance is translucent color,like jelly. It is ingested orally way.

When one individual falls ill, the treatment should be carried out throughout the herd. This is done to prevent such measures will help to prevent the development of coccidia in the body of other animals, if the infection has occurred.

Also, it is useful to prophylactic treatment of all animals, even if no sign of infection: Solinox need to give the rabbits and birds once a month throughout the animal’s life.

Instructions for use of the drug

Coccidia affect the herd very quickly. Just five days the animals can get sick and even begin to die one by one. Dosage Salikoko always assigns the vet, but if the situation is critical, and the time and opportunity to wait for the doctor not, the drug can be used independently, namely by calculating the number of drugs on the weight of the animal: 0.4 ml per 1 kg. the Maximum course of treatment is only 2 days.

Instructions for use Solcarsa for rabbits: the rabbits that are 1 month old, resettled from the mother and prevention is conducted. Take the pipette, with which all rabbits entered Solinox in a volume of 0.2 ml. following two days the dosage is increased by 0.1 ml of the previous one. The same scheme of prevention applies to poultry.

If prophylaxis is carried out in adult animals, the action here is much simpler: the drinker of water is added 2 ml Salikoko. In General, 10 liters of water diluted with about 1 l of the drug.

The positive effect of the drug, possible side effects

The positive qualities of the drug include the following:

  • treatment and prevention is given the least amount of time;
  • use in combination with other drugs;
  • eliminated from the body within five days after expiration;
  • apply Solidax possible in all weather conditions;
  • convenient packaging and release form.

In the study Salikoko was not revealed any side effects. This drug effectively fights parasites and does not poison the body of the animal. He can go in combination with antibiotics and do not cause liver damage. Are equally effective and safe for adult animals and young animals. The only thing you should pay attention to is the individual intolerance of the drug components.

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