The best egg breeds of laying hens for home

In recent years, the majority of farmers appreciated all the positive qualities of chickens and their advantages over other poultry.

Many breeds of laying hens are unpretentious in life and do not require close attention, but regular collection of eggs and meat should please breeders.

Chickens egg breeds, which is better?

This question breeders of chickens respond about the same.

Best chicken breeds farmers consider several types, which include:

  • Loman Brown;
  • White rock chickens;
  • The Leghorn;
  • Kuchinsky anniversary;
  • Adler silvery;
  • Hajseks Brown;
  • Lohmann-brown brown breed;
  • Tetra With L;
Description of rocks

To date, the productive characteristics of breeds of laying hens are constantly improving. By trial and error, farmers have chosen some of the most profitable for breeding breeds of laying hens.

Loman brown in the year can carry about 320 eggs.They are considered good egg breed. Puberty this breed Matures in age 133-135 days, at this time they are completely ready for puberty. Active egg-laying period lasts about 80 weeks. The eggs are large, weighing in at 63 grams.

After a period of egg-laying poultry is usually sent to the slaughter, because productivity is greatly reduced. Chicks of this breed are extremely hardy, about 98% safely grow.

In appearance it is a medium sized poultry with Golden-brown feathers, sometimes there are black spots. As usual, the roosters are larger than hens, we meet the black-and-white color.

The breed of chicken laying hen White most loved by the farmers. Many consider it the most oviparous breed chickens. Year, one hen is able to carry about 340 eggs. Weight small, not exceeding 2 kg, roosters 3 kg. Eggs produced by this breed are large, the yolk is saturated orange color. Puberty in this breed comes in 130 to 135 day of your life.

The color is mainly white, with bright red comb and white earrings. During the life of these chickens is changing the color of the legs-from light Golden with a bluish tinge.

The Leghorn came to Russia from Italy in 1925. Egg production is quite high, for the year one hen can lay in the order of 220-230 eggs. Mass weight average 2300 females g for males, about 2800 grams. Chicken breeds Leghorn tenacious, about 90% grow into adults. The young hen is able to lay eggs at the age of 4 months. Leghorn come in a variety of colors from black and white to Golden, copper-brown and even dark blue shades.

Kuchinsky anniversary kind of hens bred by farmers as alanoca and meat breed birds. Egg production 200 eggs per year, puberty comes on 180 day of life. Males have a weight of 4 kg, the females slightly less. Eggs weighing 60 grams, large, with a brown shell. A variety of colors, from black to copper-red. Characteristic patterns on the feathers.

Adler silver layer was first derived in Adler,the egg is considered a meat breed. The regular growth of meat does not affect the egg production of birds of this species. Per year, this representative of the breed blows about 180 eggs. This is a beautiful silver color bird, with black spots in the neck. Is peace-loving nature of the aggression is absent.

Hajseks brown small individuals, and to distinguish males from females in the first day of life. The cock lighter fluff fluff chicken, and the weight differs from the first days. The complexion of these birds is quite dense, though, and the weight of a small. Often have a copper color, sometimes white blotches. Personality traits are calm, coexist with other species, perch is not divided. Puberty occurs at 20 weeks of age, egg production is high, about 300 eggs per year. Eggs of large size, the weight is 65-70 grams, the shell is dense, white or brown.

Lohmann-brown refers to the egg-meat type chickens, by the title you can guess that the breed has a brown color. Quickly get used to new conditions, does not require special conditions of detention. Full puberty occurs in 5-5,5 months, egg production is high, about 300 eggs per year. The eggs are large, weighing up to 62 gr, shell brown.

Tetra s L absolutely not prone to obesity. The bird is a bit clumsy, has a calm peace-loving character, is friends with the “neighbors” and rarely satisfied squabbles. Full maturation occurs after 4.5 months, the first eggs are not very large, not more than 50 grams in weight. As they Mature, the egg weight increases and can reach up to 70 gr. Egg production is high, about 300 eggs per year. The eggs are dense, brown.

Peculiarities of keeping and breeding

All the above types of chickens is considered to be a purebred, so there are a few tips on proper care for them. The appearance of the chickens and the egg production is directly dependent on the conditions of detention. It is known that those representatives of this type that get the daily requirement of essential vitamins, even the egg yolk saturated orange color, and the eggs are much larger.

For the proper furnishing of the future home of thoroughbred poultry, you must consider some important aspects:

  1. Should be observed a temperature mode;
  2. To choose the right size of the premises;
  3. The best way to build a ventilation system;
  4. To choose the right light sources;
  5. Properly equip the roosts;
  6. Properly equip and position the feeders and waterers;

At low temperature the bird can get frostbite, will fall significantly egg production. At high temperature laying chickens begin to lay eggs with very thin shells, and even without the shell.

Experienced breeders recommend a very careful approach to the selection of the room. It is recommended that each individual to provide at least 0.5 meters of space. Floor cement is not recommended, as the bird can freeze the feet in cold season. Best of all floor to do bulk or wooden.

The simplest solution in the equipment of ventilation is the window. In the warm season it is possible not to close this will ensure the flow of fresh air. In winter, the window will closed, that will save heat in the coop.

From the right lighting depends directly on the poultry egg production. When the individual will start laying eggs, she will need 12 day. Best and most economical option would be an ordinary light bulb.

Once again not to heat the coop, breeders are advised to lay on the floor Mat. It will absorb excess moisture released by the bird. In winter litter will maintain the temperature in the coop of about 32 degrees Celsius.

The presence of roosts and nests in the coop is necessary. These representatives of the poultry is not able to sleep on the ground and to lay eggs they will be more comfortable in the nest. You must correctly calculate the length of the poles to roost. Each individual shall be at least 30 cm free space.

What to feed a hen

Fertility and weight gain depends on the proper feeding. Though chicken and considered one of the most unpretentious species of domestic birds and fed them almost everything scraps, weeds from the garden, uneaten food from goats, pigs and sheep. Choosing the correct feeding regime is urgently needed.

In addition to the regular diet in the form of grain, the chickens definitely need to give plant and animal food. Proteins, carbohydrates required for egg-laying hens.

It is useful component in the diet of chickens will be various additives, for example, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, beans, cake. Often due to calcium deficiency, chickens suffer from various diseases, so in the diet of chickens is it necessary to add powdered chalk, ash, table salt.

You can’t do without green feed. The grass the chickens to give a must. This will help to get the missing minerals, vitamins and moisture, so necessary for the chickens at the cellular level.

Chickens love dill, shoots of young peas, lettuce, and nettle. In the winter the chickens enjoy herbal hay, which is harvested in advance in the summer.

You can add to the main feed of finely shredded vegetables and fruits. In winter, this dressing is indispensable.

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  1. Eggs produced by this breed are large, the yolk is saturated orange color. Puberty in this breed comes in 130 to 135 day of your life.

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