To build a chicken coop for laying hens

A very important point in the construction of a chicken coop is its internal arrangement. Many people who breed poultry are confined to the usual construction of the premises. And also, the maximum that these people are spending power is a topical arrangement of the house. This is a very big mistake.

If in the household there are birds, they surely is a major source of meat and and eggs for the family. Farmers gain oviparous hens and birds used for meat, used as food very expensive products, and then wonder low productivity. Eggs very little give laying hens. The owners can not understand what it is, why birds lay eggs.

And this unpleasant phenomenon can be found in a very simple explanation. Chickens inside your chicken coop experiencing some discomfort. In this case, no feed and breed birds will not play absolutely no role.

Well that chicken laid eggs, it is necessary properly to equip their dwelling. This can be done by hand. How to build a chicken coop for laying hens inside and will be discussed in this article.

Equipment bed

In any chicken coop should be built a roost for chickens. This device serves as a place where birds sleep and rest. Various biologists believe that at this point the chicken spends about half of his life. This means that the perch needs to be as convenient and comfortable for birds.

If the household has 10 chickens, and maybe more, then you need to do plenty of roosts inside the coop because the chicken should feel very comfortable in this place. Some farmers or gardeners prefer to reduce the number of perches in the winter. This is to ensure that the chicken could tightly pressed against each other. This will allow them to stay warm.

This is a very good tactic that you can use. To produce a standard perch, made good boards, smooth twigs or cuttings shovels. All this is perfect for decorating the bed of chicken. Besides, all of this is improvised material that you can easily find in the country or in a private home.

But when building a perch it is necessary to observe certain rules:

  1. Strength. Roost in any case should not SAG under the weight of chickens. Otherwise it easily breaks, it will cause all kinds of injuries to the birds.
  2. Security. In that case, if the roost is made from timber, then absolutely all the sharp corners have to handle a plane. Otherwise, the bird can be easily injured about the subject.
  3. Comfort. The size of the perch should be below 25 cm square was placed one adult. This is supposed to be her space. In winter, the planting density should be increased.

The recommended location of roost: distance from the floor shall be 50 cm, and 25 cm from the wall, from adjacent structures, the distance should be 35 cm.

Equip nest

The nest is a very important attribute for laying hens. Birds will lay eggs anywhere, that is why they need to be equipped with special comfortable space. There they will lay eggs and to breed their offspring. To build a nest with your own hands is very simple.

It is necessary to use the capacity that will be required size. As a tank, you can use any old basket or a wooden box or bowl. You can use any capacity, required size, which can be summer cottage or a private property. But there are certain requirements that must be followed in the manufacture of the socket. We are talking about size. If you do not comply with these dimensions, the chicken will feel uncomfortable.

Required dimensions:

  • height should be 40 cm;
  • width – 60.

To provide more comfort for the hens, nests need to pave a layer of good straw. As well as, suitable sawdust from the tree. A word of advice: laying Hens like to lay their eggs in secluded places, that is why when equipment coop nest, you need to arrange it so that your back does not get direct sunlight. Socket can be installed directly under the roost, but in this embodiment, because of hygiene, they have to install small sheds, as chickens can be messy, dropping droppings and feathers.

The “kitchen” for chicken

There are two ways of arrangement of the feeders for chickens.

  1. When building the inside of a coop you need to take care also about the place where the hens will eat. The manufacture of such a place with your own hands is not difficult. In that moment, when the birds walk free (in the summer) in a designated area, you need to pay attention to their behavior. Birds will constantly dig in the ground and something to peck. Is quality you can use to your benefit. They need to create similar conditions. How? In other words, food for them to sprinkle directly on the Mat. Of course, all this must be done at a considerable distance from the nest and roost. Chickens will peck at the food.
  2. You can choose a different path, in this case, you must make a special feeder. But better still not to do it. The fact is that the chickens are very quarrelsome nature. They are very sloppy. That is why in the trough will always be dirt such as you will understand, as well as their feathers. And laying hens can be very easy to quarrel over food. This will result in a small fight, resulting in the feeder is inverted, and the whole hen house will be very dirty.

That is why feeding chicken from the floor is a much better option. But, the water tank is necessary to produce and place inside the chicken coop. They can also be very easy to make from scrap materials. For containers you can use old tub. It’s simple and not expensive.

The place for bathing of hens-hens

All chickens and other feathered animals, love to swim. But they produce this process is not in the water like I used to do it people. But because the process of swimming from beginners to poultry farmers can cause shock. Chickens prefer to clean their feathers in the dirt. If you have a plot, a chicken coop, the “bathroom” is desirably made of containers in which to place the kiln ash. For the bathroom any suitable dimensional capacity. Simple device.

In the process of washing chicken is not necessary to interfere, she’ll do it myself. These procedures will help the birds get rid of various parasites that can cling. Those people who have been involved in breeding chickens, know that these birds are very often hook themselves any lice and other parasites. It is very hard to get rid of them after. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a comfortable bath for the birds to cope with this problem.

Space for range chickens-laying hens

Birds are unable to reside inside the hen house, as they need warm and fresh air. In that case, if the owner decides to produce chickens on his land, and after not control their movements, this will lead to a real catastrophe in the area. Chickens always act on the same principle: what not to eat, then you need to bite. That is why, if the chicken can’t peck all your planting in the form of cucumbers, tomatoes, for example, it is very much spoil.

Therefore, it is necessary to make a special pen in which you can freely release the birds, and not to worry that they will hurt your economy.

  1. To equip such a site, you need to cordon off the area around the coop. This must be done from the other side, where the door to the chicken house.
  2. Around the perimeter you need to dig posts, and they will be stretched metal mesh. This grid is best to drown in the ground about 50 or 60 cm. It will be a necessary precaution for the protection of laying hens. Otherwise, inside the cell can get a predator such as a cat, for example, who decides to fill his stomach with the hen.
  3. The fence should be about 2 meters tall. Those people who believe that the domestic chicken can’t fly, are very much mistaken about this. Even the fat and lazy chicken can easily jump over a fence five feet tall. And males can overcome the corral with a height of 3 meters. But not to worry, because even if they can move through the fence, the males will not stray far from the coop, and soon paramagnet back to the house.
Lighting inside the chicken coop

The arrangement of the coop must be done so that the inside was very good lighting. Hang the bulb inside the hen house by yourself, it will not be difficult. The holding of wiring and installing lamps – elementary matter, and therefore there is no need to describe the process. One only has to focus time on fixing the wire. It needs to be at the top, so the chicken got to him. And also all fixing elements must not be traumatic and not sticking out. Because the chicken can easily cut yourself on these items.

It is necessary to note a very interesting feature associated with chicken and dark. For anybody not a secret that these domestic birds can’t see in very dark conditions. Therefore, in the event that the owner abruptly turns off the light, there may be a likelihood that not all birds will have time to take their places. And in dark conditions then the chicken can’t find his roost.

That is why the lighting must be off in several stages:

  1. First, the main light is extinguished, but you must leave the dim emergency light.
  2. Once all birds are found in its place, you can turn off the light completely.

This factor means that you need to take care of the presence of two switches in the coop. It is therefore rational to install a dimmer. Such device will provide a smooth and gradual switching off light bulbs inside the room. If you purchase such device, you will not have any problems with the chickens. The dimmer is very simple to assemble.

As you can see, the internal arrangement of the coop can be produced very easily with your hands, it’s not too complicated. To better plan internal layout of the coop, it is best to draw a pattern to make the original design for the coop, and at first to mark on the paper, and then to come to this device home chickens.

Don’t forget to take care of their Pets very well and they will reward you with great productivity.

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