Waterers and feeders for rabbits with his hands

Every breeder knows that in the keeping and breeding rabbits in household animals should provide quality food and clean, fresh water. For this purpose, cells or shed is equipped with special feeders and drinkers.

Such containers must be accessible and comfortable for the animals and service. They can be purchased at the pet store or make waterers and feeders for rabbits with his hands.

What are the feeders for the rabbits?

During the day the animals come for food from twenty-five to thirty times. So the inventory for the food to be convenient and always clean.

The following types of feeders:

  1. Zhelobkova capacity is quite easy to make your own hands made of plastic or metal. They are filled with the concentrated forages and root crops, the barn contains a large number of rabbits.
  2. Nursery practical and comfortable. Of them Pets eat hay and green fodder, thus scattering the grass they can not. The nursery are made from wood, and on the front wall order. Strengthen the products in the cage or on the wall of the barn. This significantly facilitates cleaning of the rooms and saves space.
  3. Ceramic bowls you can buy in the store or adapt a home ceramic kitchenware. However, they should have clamps with which the containers are attached to the wall.
  4. Cup fixtures can be used both as feeders for the rabbits, and as drinking bowls. They can be metal or plastic. Some farmers make them out of tin cans. Feed them sprinkled granulated or loose. Cups inconvenient fact that mobile animals often turn them over, with the result that food is on the floor and Mara.
  5. Hopper feeders for rabbits can be made out of sheets of tin, a thin Board or plywood. Design convenient to use and economical, since they hinder the spreading of the feed. As a result, to fill this capacity can be once in a few days. Hopper feeders designed for powder and bulk feed, which serves animals dosed. You can use them when maintaining a large number of Pets.
Requirements for feeders for rabbits

Design with their hands to make such that it meets the following requirements:

  1. Convenient and accessible for the animals. The feed from the tank Pets have to get some easily and not to scatter and not scatter them.
  2. The surface must be free of sharp edges and protrusions on which small animals can get hurt.
  3. Design needs to be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  4. To do it should be quite high or closed, so that animals do not climb into the container legs.
  5. The inventory is made spacious, which is convenient for the farmer who does not have several times a day to fill up food.
  6. When the content of a large number of animals required long and a large capacity, which can come multiple Pets.
  7. Made the design to be of high quality but inexpensive materials to result in it turned out at a cost cheaper than store bought.
How to make a bird feeder for rabbits?

With your hands you can make designs of different kinds, but the most optimal and convenient option for animals and for the farmer is the hopper feeder.

Manufacturer of hopper feeders for rabbits

This kind of design can be manufactured in two variants

Hopper feeder, galvanised iron,

Of iron sheets, you can make a container of any size, pre-sketched drawing.

The necessary materials and tools:

  • drill;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • pliers;
  • mallet;
  • metal shears;
  • rivet;
  • sheets of galvanized iron.

The production of their own hands:

  1. According to the required size and drawings made of iron with a special pair of scissors cut the side and rear walls, the front part of the pan, cover, restraints that will hold food. Door is needed if the animals are kept outside.
  2. All items are sharp edges, then using a hammer, scissors and mallets they need to cut and fold along the markings.
  3. Drill drilled holes in the places where you intend to install the rivet.
  4. All components are connected with rivets. First Assembly of the tray limiter, which are attached to the side and rear walls. The front wall and the cover are installed to last.

Design for feed ready. Now it can be installed and, if necessary, to adjust the angles.

Bunker feeder out of tin cans

If in the economy there is quite a large tin can, using tin snips and a drill you can make a convenient receptacle for food.


  1. The Bank had previously been thoroughly washed, cleaned and dried.
  2. With scissors cut the Bank in half lengthwise so that her bottom remained intact seven inches. Back capacity remains intact, and the front part should be cut to make the notch.
  3. The edges of the tank are processed and cleaned of burrs. They should not be sharp so that they don’t get hurt.
  4. A drill bit that drills the bottom of the jar. Get a few holes this size to feed one of them was able to sleep.
  5. The edges of the top cut pieces of bent banks, after which this item is installed inside of the part with a drilled bottom.
  6. The upper part of the back wall is attached with screws, and the design is installed on the cell wall or manger.

In the capacity poured feeds which will come from narrow after the wide bowl will be emptied.

Hay feeder

His hands can do like nursery design, which will be filled with hay and grass. Its base can be made of any material, and the side from which the animals will take food, set the grid or mesh.

The necessary materials and tools:

  • grill from an old refrigerator or MDF;
  • a hammer and a screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • nails or screws;
  • metal shears;
  • tinplate sheet;
  • sheets of plywood.

The production of their own hands:

  1. Feeder for hay or barn must conform to the sizes of the doors. Therefore, the plywood need to make a layout according to the size of the doors.
  2. With a hacksaw cut two side walls and the grooves are cut.
  3. The side pieces are connected by a bar, which is attached to them on top of the screws.
  4. Tin is cut the front part of the structure and attached to the side.
  5. Get grass and hay rabbits from the rear of the for which the lattice is used. It should fit to size and installed near the grooves.

Once the barn is ready, it can be fastened to the walls of the cells.

Feeder Zolotukhina

A convenient universal design that can be filled favorite kind of food. This equipment is simple to maintain and easy to produce with their hands.

The feeder will be attached to the door with the outside of the cell that allows it easily to be cleaned and filled with feed. Made this inventory may be of galvanized iron or boards and mesh.

The necessary materials and tools:

  • tinplate sheet;
  • boards of 30 mm thickness;
  • pencil;
  • roulette;
  • metal shears;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw;
  • hammer;
  • a metal grid or lattice;
  • nails.

Instructions for making:

  1. Of boards should be cut by two walls and make them seized, to which is attached a partition in the form of a grid-dispenser. Using this grid the rabbits will get food that they can’t sleep.
  2. The size of the doors from a sheet of tinplate is cut the part you want to bend in half.
  3. For the front wall of the prepared Board, which together with the sidewalls attached to the sheet.
  4. In the prepared grooves of the side wood pieces set mesh.
  5. The structure is attached to the cage. For this it is necessary to set the slot door and drive side elements on one nail.

The result is a feeder that can be rotated, making it easy to add feed and clean design.

Waterers for rabbits

Animals have always freely available should be clean and fresh water which is poured into a convenient drinking bowl. Rabbits differ in that their feet while a long time in the damp start to hurt.

Therefore, to establish for these Pets should be of such capacity that the animals will not be able to turn.

Types of drinkers for rabbits:

  1. Cup capacity in the form of cans or bowls are simply placed on the floor. But their animals are often overturned, resulting in the floor in the cell becomes wet. Therefore, such adaptations farmers try not to use it.
  2. Vacuum are a bottle of water, which is installed upside down on capacity. Bottom of a bottle open bottle, from which gradually a Cup of water.
  3. Automatic watering systems are used on farms which contains a large amount of rabbits. Water enters the tanks via a pipeline which is connected to a large reservoir. The bowl is equipped with floats, descending water falls to the bottom. As soon as the float is lowered, the capacity is filled with liquid. As a result, the pet is always provided with fresh and clean water.
  4. Nipple drinker are the most convenient and practical. Closed containers equipped with a special nipple, which animals chattering tongue and get water. In nipple fixtures water always stays clean and doesn’t leak out. When rabbits are drinking, the liquid does not spill, and enters them directly in your mouth. Convenient such troughs because with their help you can easily provide the animals with vitamins and medicines.
Manufacture nipple drinking bowls with their hands

Prepare in advance everything necessary for the construction of the nipple drinker can be done in just few minutes.

Materials needed:

  • the nipple 180 or 360 degrees, which can be purchased at the pet shop;
  • plastic bottle or small canister;
  • wire for mounting;
  • a piece of rubber strip;
  • an x-ACTO knife.

Stages of manufacturing:

  1. The bottle should be cut off the bottom so it’s easy to clean, and that inside the container are not a vacuum.
  2. In the tube with a utility knife, you need to make a hole. Its diameter should be two inches less than the diameter of the nipple of the nozzle.
  3. Cut the rubber gasket that is installed to seal the connection. You can check for leaking water and if a leak is, then the gap is sealed with adhesive or sealant.
  4. A drinking bottle with a nipple attached to the wall of the cage with wire. It should be set so that rabbits were easy to drink, and the owner to add water and wash the tank.

One water bottle is enough for several rabbits. If animals lot, then you can make the design by selecting the desired number of nipple in the hose that connected to a large reservoir.

Wholesome food and fresh water freely available healthy rabbits. Therefore, eating and drink they need from a convenient and safe feeders and drinkers, which quite simply you can do with your hands.

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