What distinguishes the hare from the rabbit

Typically many of us erroneously rabbits and hares belong to the class of rodents, and also I think the main difference between a hare from a rabbit is that a hare is a wild animal and a rabbit is the same rabbit, only domesticated.

This, of course, there is some truth, however, it is not so simple as it seems at first glance. Let’s understand what the rabbits differ from hares.

The main differences

Both animals belong to the order Lagomorpha, and they both can be wild.

Similarities of the two animals a bit:

  • Lifestyle and the process of life.
  • The specificity of habits.
  • Attitude to the raising of offspring.
  • The physiological structure.
  • Taste preferences.
  • The common enemies.

This, perhaps, is where the similarity. But the differences between them quite a lot. First and foremost it is worth noting the geographical distribution of these animals. So, for example, a hare is an animal alone is almost not tied to a particular location. He lives wherever there are shrubs, which serves him not only a source of food, but also shelter. Europeans explorers of new lands and oceans, brought them to different countries, due to what happened so widespread.

Rabbits are much less, there are just over 20 species. Their main population resides in North America and Africa. Of course, they can be seen in other countries, but, most likely as a pet.

Than a hare different from a rabbit in appearance?

It would seem that both animals look very similar. Those long ears, fluffy tail and fur. But despite this, there are still differences. As mentioned above, rabbits do not sit still, and actively change their environment. Due to the high mobile activity they have a much better developed limbs, and are of a slightly larger size. Yes, and the hare, by nature, larger than a rabbit. The hare, unlike the rabbit changes its color according to the seasons – for winter it fades and turns to white and gray to fly.

The difference between them is noticeable in the behavior. Rabbit more nervous, constantly afraid of something, something distracted. He has well developed hearing, vision and smell. When you meet danger, he always runs away. The rabbit is a more calm and balanced. At the sight of a wolf or Fox, usually hiding in a hole which is nearby if no such, then digs a new one, in seconds.

Rabbits, even those that live in the wild are also different calm character. They are easy to domesticate. Therefore, one can often see them as a pet, not only in farming, but in an ordinary apartment. Rabbits also impossible to tame, it is full of wild animals, they cannot live in captivity, and therefore at the first opportunity to flee into the forest, in its natural habitat. However, they are of great interest to humans.

Because they receive a very valuable fur and very tasty and at the same time useful meat. Therefore, they are constantly hunted.


For anybody not a secret that reproduce and those and others. The gestation period of a rabbit is 32 days, the does walking around half as much – 45 days. Rabbit litter averages 10-16 rabbits. Rabbits are Thrifty animals and usually live in areas with the most favourable conditions, and throughout life and improve them. The offspring give throughout the year. Rabbits reproduce only under conditions of favourable weather conditions, we can say, as necessary and where necessary.

Newborn rabbits are blind, deaf and hairless. Rabbit feeding them up to four weeks, after which they can move to independent living. Also female rabbits have a high maternal instinct and from the beginning of pregnancy begin to prepare the conditions for the cultivation of their offspring. However, in spite of the maternal quality, they are very prejudiced against other rabbits, do not take them to himself, in the end, you can just break them. So to put other people’s cubs feeding will not work.

Rabbits are the opposite of them. Does walking around a litter of 2-4 cubs. They are born fully formed: of wool, see, hear and unable to eat independently, even food adults. The first few days of baby rabbits sitting in a secluded place. The mother feeds them with milk only once, then running away, leaving their children to fend for themselves, in the hope that they will not find a predator like a wolf or Fox. When the baby gets hungry, it starts to emit infrasound that is good to hear of does walking around. Here, only hope for luck that will run close to another female, after a recent childbirth and will be able to feed milk another buck.

The crossing of hares and rabbits

Probably many the question interests: whether it is possible to cross a hare and a rabbit? The answer is unambiguous. Representatives of these animals to cross not possible. The attempts by many breeders trying to improve the population of rabbits produced no positive results.

In this case, it all depends on the genetic characteristics of two animals. Rabbits have 22 pairs of chromosomes and the hares – 24. To the hybrid of these two animals has not yet managed to anyone. It’s easier to cross a human and a monkey. In addition, hare and rabbit are experiencing hostile feelings towards each other.

Let us summarize the main results, how to distinguish a hare from a rabbit:
  1. The hare is larger, with well-developed organs of hearing, sight and smell. And, with more developed limbs, due to which it is much faster.
  2. A change of color. Winter white, summer gray. Rabbit – winter and summer one color.
  3. Reproduction. Rabbits breed from March to September, rabbits all year round. The latter grow their offspring. And the first cast adrift.
  4. Hares are completely wild animals which cannot be tamed in contrast to their relatives. Also by nature they are solitary animals that are constantly changing habitat.
  5. Unlike rabbits, the young are born with immediately hair, can hear, see and to eat independently.

This, perhaps, everything. Now you know how to distinguish the two representatives of the order Lagomorpha.

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