What is the chickens dominant, what is their main characteristic

In most farms there are chickens. This kind of agricultural activity is the most popular. Because these birds do not require a lot of care and throughout the period of the free-range, starting from early spring to late fall, is able to independently find their own food.

In the world there are numerous breeds of birds. But breeding work allows us to obtain new types.

At the moment one of the most attractive for farmers and ordinary householders is considered to be the dominant breed of chickens. Experts believe that this breed is an improved version of a standard laying hen. The bird not only has a high productive qualities, but also looks very attractive.

Each individual can give up to three hundred eggs annually. In addition, the hen starts to lay eggs five months.

Place of birth breeds

First breed chickens Dominants appeared in the Czech Republic. Local breeders set for themselves the task to bring a bird that can not only great to live in harsh conditions, but also to give the maximum number of eggs.

This was selected specimens of several species of chickens, and after several years of effort have managed to create a bird that combines all of their best qualities.

Scientists can be proud of the work done, because at the moment we can assume that this bird has no weaknesses. This characterization is given mind by the scientists after the testing of the breed.

Today chickens breed Czech dominant bred in many countries around the world. The breed is fully formed and recognized. In our country it became known recently, but has already become popular. Such popularity has provided a first characteristic of the species, and then reviews breeders.

Description of the breed

Single color dominant hens do not have. But in all representatives of this breed:

  • Sturdy body and short legs. And scallops from chickens and roosters are the same, but the roosters have red earrings.
  • The plumage of the dominant luxury and with a wide color palette. Found here for chickens and rare shade of blue.

In Russia, the most common hybrids:

  1. Curopalate. Gold their plumage blends in perfectly with brown hue. These are the hallmarks of the breed is the Leghorn, which easily adapt to the difficult climate of our country. Their eggs are white or creamy shade. The bird can carry up to three hundred eggs per year. The Chicks are developing rapidly.
  2. Black. Have good immunity. Have plain plumage. Black chickens are perfect sitting ducks. The amount of eggs more than three hundred.
  3. Poultry breeds Sussex has a white body. Color leaving only the tail and head. Weight individuals is quite large. An adult chicken can weigh up to two kilograms. In addition, the survival rate of Chicks here almost one hundred percent. The number of eggs, which gives each hen within three hundred pieces.
  4. Red the representatives of the dominant features bright red-brown plumage, they inherited from their regalando. Rush starts very early and give one egg daily. These chickens are usually a lot in the backyard.
  5. The blue dominant is very beautiful in appearance. But besides decorative qualities, it has a decent weight and excellent egg production. The weight of each egg is about 60 grams.
  6. Brown representatives of the breed in our country are the most common. They provide up to 320 eggs per year and thus well weigh.
  7. Red striped dominants have a good immune system is good egg production.
The productivity of dominants

In addition to a variety of colors, which are dominant, they have a high productivity. Their eggs are not very large, but very often they have two yolks. It’s good and bad. Because of the multiple eggs can’t get Chicks.

Youngsters often bring from abroad. But a great immunity allows the birds well to survive such a long and difficult road. Of course, for transportation use specially equipped trucks.

To laying hens Dominant start from the age of five months. Peak productivity occurs at the age of fifteen years.

If the chicken has a disproportionate torso or a lack of productivity, it allowed for meat.

Strengths and weaknesses of the breed

Bred in the Czech Republic breed chickens can live in almost any climate except extreme places. The birds of this Czech breed a calm temperament.

Their breeding is justified by a number of indisputable advantages, such as:

  1. The high productivity of laying hens.
  2. The capacity for carrying eggs in five months.
  3. The ability to reduce egg production even under short photoperiod. But it is only when a well-organized interior lighting of the house.
  4. The simplicity of the content. Even in cells with a small range, it is possible to get a great result.
  5. High endurance of the young.
  6. A fairly simple diet. Enough to give the crushed grain, scalded vegetables, and vitamin supplements. The total feed consumption is not too large. Each individual need only 45 pounds a year.

This species has virtually no flaws. The individual nuances in the form of Slavyane eggs in winter or aggressive behavior between individuals can be eliminated by adjusting diet and increasing the number of chickens.

Ways to grow

As in other types of dominant love fresh green grass, and freedom. But with good maintenance, these chickens can live in the cells with a small paddock.

In any case, the birds need the sunto in their body were synthesized vitamin D, which ensures productivity and enhances immunity.

In free range laying hens Supplement their diet needed for their livelihoods trace elements. The poultry house should be kept clean. In the feeding should always be clean water.

Chickens of this breed prefer cool and so an indoor range to do with the shady side of the site. If it fails, then you need to make a canopy, where the birds could hide from the scorching sun.

When the content of birds in cages, we need to more carefully monitor the hygiene of the room, often to change the litter, to keep warm. The microclimate has a great impact on the productivity of the captive hens.

Of course, you must correctly design the feeding system. The diet should have enough calcium, protein and other essential vitamins. In the summer months to give gently cut greens, such as clover or vetch and other herbs.

Despite the resistance of the breed to viral diseases, it is necessary to closely monitor the health of birds and, if necessary, vaccination.

Caring for livestock

After a few years of life, productivity of laying hens starts to fall and farmers should think about changing stock.

As dominants rarely become full-fledged hens, and eggs can give low-quality offspring, with the result that productivity will drop, then you should think about buying high-quality eggs for incubator.

But it is best to purchase already retired Czech Chicks, then your profit from the content of the household will be guaranteed.

With regard to prevention of diseases, the manufacturers before the sale of young animals are required to be vaccinated. This is evident from the characteristics of the species. So do not worry about the health of the old and new stock. But for security purposes it’s worth to take preventive measures, especially if you know that your area is developing avian virus.

And yet, we should not forget about maintaining cleanliness in the house, feeding and walking chickens. This will help to maintain the health of the hens, and hence increase their productivity. Only then the Czech dominant chickens will become your best purchase.

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