When the chickens pullets start to produce eggs, that is to rush

The benefits of a product such as fresh chicken eggs is obvious. Under a small shell contains a lot of useful to human body substances. However, the price of such products is steadily growing and therefore, many owners of household plots contain chickens in their backyards.

Novice breeders will learn a lot about bird species, their character, preference in nutrition and content. And of course, first of all, they wonder, when it start laying eggs young hens. It depends on the ability to have fresh produce from their farms on the table.

What influences the beginning of egg laying chickens

Birds of different species start laying eggs at different times.

  • This is a genetic predisposition. So, hens egg direction start to give the eggs in four or five months. Members of the meat and mixed types do it much later. On average getting a first clutch passes to twenty-second week. Especially long time to wait for the first eggs meat breed. Some of these areas, begin to delight breeder fresh products, just after eight months of detention.
  • The second factor that affects the time onset of the period of carrying eggs, is a competently composed diet. How and what do you feed your birds depends on how quickly on your table there will be fresh eggs. In the stern must have enough fresh herbs and minerals, their absence may affect egg production of laying hens.
  • Studying a question of when chickens start laying eggs, should be considered sufficient if the size of the coop, which contains birds. If there crowded and no extra range, you won’t get a lot of eggs. By calculations of experts, on one square meter should be no more than five individuals.
  • Not understanding why their chickens produce enough eggs, many owners think that it’s because of the rooster. But this view is mistaken. Roosters do not affect this process. Even if in your herd it is not, you will still get eggs. The only condition on which you want to have a male in the herd is the possibility of obtaining eggs from the chickens. If you do not plan to grow young, then the cock can be waived at all.

By definition, a chicken of any breed after reaching sexual maturity begins to lay eggs regardless of a rooster. But they will not be fertilized. However, the product quality is not affected.

For those who love chicken it is better to have hens of certain breeds. So, the members of a species Plimutrok, Chinchin and some others, in addition to a sufficiently large number of eggs, can give the perfect meat. But only expect the first nest you will have eight months. In the result waiting for when they start laying hens of these species, you will spend the money to feed his flock without the ability to profit in a short time.

In addition, to the circumstance, at what age do chickens start laying eggs is affected by the health of the birds. If your laying hens affected by any virus, you have to treat them, in order not to lose the herd completely.

Thus, each of these factors affect when they start laying hens. All links in the chain needs to be durable and reliable, so that the productivity of the birds has increased.

When a hen can give eggs first?

On average, under favorable conditions, development, the young individual starts laying eggs, at twenty-second week of life. The first copies are usually not very large. Their weight rarely exceeds fifty grams. But experts believe that these eggs are the most delicious.

The products obtained from young hens, gradually becoming stronger and taste do not suffer from this. Few weeks, each egg will weigh the required standard sixty grams. If a hen begins to lay eggs before they are due, they can stay small long enough. This is because the bird is not yet fully matured physically and therefore early beginning of egg laying can be detrimental to her health.

On this basis, to make sure that the chicken started to lay eggs until the moment attains the desired weight and get stronger. At the beginning of first clutches, the majority of laying hens of different breeds should weigh about three pounds.

Profitable farming

To have a large number of products every day, you need to purchase a few batches of chickens of different age. This is especially important for those owners who decided to build a business on selling such products. Thus, when the adult hens will be at the peak of its activity, the young individuals will only begin to lay the first eggs.

Exposing their products on sale, you will be able to vary prices. The smaller instances can be sold at a price slightly lower. This will attract more buyers.

If you decide to start selling agricultural products and, in particular, eggs, you will need to build for different categories of birds a few isolated areas. Compliance with such standards will not only establish a profitable farm, but also to preserve the health of all livestock. Birds with advanced age should be kept separately.

After the sale or liquidation of a particular batch of chickens, you need to carefully handle the room in which they were and then to disinfect this part of the house.

If you have bought hens with the purpose of obtaining eggs for my farm and do not plan their further breeding, it is recommended to keep them a year and a half. It’s time for the chickens the most active in terms of carrying eggs. Birds having higher age will not be able to bring lots of eggs, conversely, the pullets will produce more number of products with the same amount of food.

In the future there is a decline in productivity and, therefore, with the full feeding you will get minimum profit. For home and farming is not profitable.

From hens who have completed their period of egg laying can become swollen excellent meat and rich broth. This primarily applies to representatives of medium weight species, which are all decent and sufficient fat reserves. Birds, whose age is more than two years will give the perfect meat for your table.

If you decide to replace the part of the population, then it is best just to replace all the birds that do not bring enough eggs. Do not eliminate one individual. Replacing a significant part of his flock of young laying hens, you increase the efficiency of its economy after some time to completely recover its former productivity.

How to maintain high productivity of birds during the season

First of all, is to create chickens for the right conditions.

You will need:

  • To build a spacious chicken coop and separate adequate space for walking.
  • To make a balanced dietthat has enough nutrients. They should be enough for each individual. Besides dry food, it should be enough greens and vitamins.
  • To try to extend the light day, organizing in house artificial lighting. In the coop it needs to burn at least half of the day. This is especially important in the winter when the day is too short.
  • To monitor the number of birds and regularly update it. Pullets will quickly become a full-fledged hen.
  • When productivity decreased, then the reason may be that for some reason, the chickens have found another place for masonry. In some cases the eggs are drag rats or other animals.

Another reason for the decline in the number of eggs may be molting laying hens. At this time, chickens can’t lay eggs. Typically, this period lasts about a month. To speed up the process stop the process, the birds have nothing to eat or drink for several days. The stress will accelerate the molt.

But after that, chickens will need to be fed nutritious food, and to observe other rules of care. Then after a short time, egg production will be restored.

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