Why you need Voskobitova eggs

Any poultry industry is faced with the need to replace productive offspring through time. This is due to the age of the birds and decreased egg production, but few dare remove chicken yourself.

In order to lay eggs in the incubator or under the hen and get them from healthy chickens, you need to properly sort the material. Helps in this Voskobitova chicken eggs, allowing for stages of fetal development to review all existing defects.

What is the procedure and what is

Procedure Boscoreale eggs is an egg candling directional beam of light. This allows to determine the presence of the embryo before placing in the incubator and in a timely manner to detect deviations in fetal development.

The device for carrying out Boscoreale eggs today represents a lamp with a directed beam of light and a stand with a small hole for the egg. This procedure appeared long before the invention of electricity, because poultry farmers already knew that to get healthy Chicks can not from each of the demolished egg. At that time, to determine the presence of embryos and the good running of the development used a conventional candle, gradually moving the egg at right angles to the light. Now the material for laying in the incubator can be placed on a special stand and enlighten from all the directions.

The procedure

Devices for Boscoreale chicken eggs have several models. Anyway, to get started, you must first enable.

After this, further actions depend on the variety of the device.

  1. If the candling is made in the form of a lantern, the egg, the whole process will have to hold between the light source and the eyes and gradually crank it up.
  2. If the device has a stand for eggs, then it is placed in the existing hole and look through the internal space without using his hands.

If there is no expensive device to enlighten the samples you can use normal bulb or a nice lamp. This requires you to place the light source in the box, and on the surface make a small hole, smaller than the size of the eggs. After turning on the light sample is slowly rotated and studied from all sides. It is important that the light falls only on the shell and passes through the gap between the egg and the walls of the box, it will degrade the quality of scanning.

In terms of poultry inspection is carried directly before placing in the incubator. For this purpose, all samples are browsing the experts, learning the proper placement of the yolk and its mobility. After inspection of the selected material are disinfected and placed in a incubator.

The need to verify

Voskobitova chicken eggs allows not only to determine oplodotvorennogo in the early stages, but also to watch over the correct development of the fetus.

The initial examination should pay attention to the following indicators: quality of samples:

  • the shell is homogeneous and uniformly illuminated;
  • the yolk is in the middle, a little closer to a blunt end;
  • the yolk is slightly movable;
  • in the area of the blunt end of a small air chamber;
  • in the inner space has no impurities.

Browse for the correct development of embryos should be at least twice, but to do it too often prohibited. Firstly, any interference in the natural process may be detrimental to the further development of the Chicks due to frequent temperature changes, and second, it is likely to cause mechanical damage to the shell. Remove the eggs from the incubator for testing shall be allowed not more than 25 minutes.

The first test

Voskobitova chicken eggs the first time it is necessary to determine the presence of embryo inside and the lack of mechanical damage of the shell. This is done before insertion in the incubator in order to sort the instances. These include eggs with rough, cracked shell or other surface irregularities.

The best samples to produce healthy offspring are the eggs:

  • with a smooth shell;
  • the yolk in them is centrally located, a little closer to the blunt end;
  • can see the outline of the yolk;
  • the yolk is slightly movable with fluctuations;
  • there is a small air chamber with a region of a pointed end;
  • no foreign impurities of blood clots, feathers and so on;
  • all the liquid inside homogeneous and moderately transparent.
Verification during development

To know what is considered normal development in certain moments, it is necessary to examine the following information.

To determine oplodotvorennogo eggs can be determined only on the 4th day after its insertion in the incubator. At this time, already visible blood vessels and you can feel a slight heartbeat. The next day the blood vessels are already filled almost half of the eggs, and on the sixth day – almost all of the interior space. At this point, one can feel the movement of the embryo inside.

Shape the chicken will become visible only at 9 or 10 a day, and from 11 to 15 days of the change does not take place, except for the active growth of the embryo and move it down the shell. Completes the move on the 16th day, and the growth continued until the fetus fills all the space in the shell. In normal development, it comes to 18 hours.

Because of the crucial moments in the development 11 is the day when stop the formation of, and day 18, when the chick completely fills the space in the shell, Voskobitova chicken eggs it is important to realize in these days.

Possible problems

Culling material for the production of chicken progeny can occur at all stages of embryo development.

The main indications for this when you first voskopodobnoe are:

  • damage of the shell;
  • spotting its structure;
  • the presence of blood clots;
  • the location of the aerial camera in the wrong place;
  • the presence of blackouts;
  • the presence of foreign bodies inside;
  • two egg yolks;
  • the stillness of the yolk or its sverodvinsk;
  • it is impossible to consider the shape of the yolk, and whole liquid inside the red-orange color.

Re-candling at 11 days should reveal the absence of abnormalities in the development of the respiratory organ of the embryo – allantois. If it is formed correctly, at the time of scanning must fill out almost everything inside the eggs and put it in the area pointed end. In the case when, on the 11th day the pointed end of the egg has gaps, it is urgent to increase the nutrition of the embryo because it develops too slow.

Final candling of eggs it is necessary to determine the readiness of the Chicks to the hatching. On day 18 of development in the shell shouldn’t be gaps anywhere, otherwise the embryo is an urgent need to increase the power, shifting on the middle level of the incubator.

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