Card hunter Ryazan oblast

In the framework of the project network edition “Card hunter” to create a single GIS portal hunting economy of the Russian Federation is created and published an interactive web map of the hunting economy of the Ryazan region.

Created an interactive web map of hunting grounds in Ryazan region

Interactive web map of the hunting grounds of the Ryazan region, made in accordance with the Scheme of the hunting territorial device of the region approved by the decree of the Governor of Ryazan region dated may 15, 2018 No. 71-PG “About the statement of the layout, use and protection of hunting grounds on the territory of the Ryazan region”. To create the web map used in the initial data on the boundaries of hunting grounds, officially provided by the Ministry of natural resources of the Ryazan region.

Includes all existing fixed hunting and public hunting grounds and protected areas of Federal and regional significance with the restrictions of hunting. A separate layer on the map marked with the monuments of the Ryazan region, to include where the visibility menu control layers located in the upper right corner of the interactive map.

Maps of the hunting grounds of the geoportal “Map hunter” are created in the form of a web geographic information systems (GIS) and are available for online viewing on any device with Internet access. In the map of the hunting grounds of the Ryazan region includes the boundaries of the very few public hunting grounds in the region, and boundaries of the fixed hunting grounds – private game farms with addresses and contacts of organizations – hunting users.

Caused also the boundaries of the territory with restrictions and prohibitions of hunting specially protected natural areas. In the Ryazan region there are 8 regional Zoological nature reserves, one Federal reserve “Ryazan”, Oksky biosphere state nature reserve and national Park “Meschera”, Amateur and sport hunting on the territory which is prohibited.

Attention hunters, fishermen and tourists!

Map of hunting grounds in Ryazan region are available for viewing and orienteering in a special navigation mobile application “Map hunter” for IOS or Android. The application provides navigation and geotracking user, control of intersections of the boundaries of hunting grounds and protected areas.

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