Hunting with night vision goggles

Night time hunting is for ducks, geese, foxes and big game. More recently, the hunting was chosen or the daytime or hunting with lights. It would seem, than a bad lamp, which is mounted under the butt, worn on the head or fixed arms?

In practice such a device, even of good quality and high cost, causes a lot of inconvenience.

Keep the torch elementary uncomfortable, from a lantern on the head quickly gets tired neck, visual acuity is reduced from the voltage of the cervical and hunting requisites. In addition, the flashlight can’t hide from the beast, and will give the hunter.

  • Hunting with night vision goggles

Night vision glasses make night hunting more comfortable and safe. The ability to see everything when you did not see anybody, especially useful in boreal conditions, where the attack of wild animals. Now the hunter can always be on the alert.

The visibility of the night vision device is 200 metres away. To select points with less visibility impractical, especially when hunting birds. A range of 200 meters will provide an excellent visibility will give you the opportunity to aim and make accurate shot.

Glasses are attached to a broad strap on the head without causing discomfort, while requiring some getting used to. Design is lightweight and ergonomic, so it does not cause restricted movement, pain and muscle tension.

  • What points to choose?

Devices are divided into three generations, of which the third-generation phones are the most expensive and the most convenient and effective to use. Professional hunters who have spent more than a dozen overnight outings, I advise you to save money in the model of the last generation, not exchanged for a more simple and outdated.

Modern models of vehicles provide an excellent clear picture in a complete dark, which is important for forest conditions. For devices low price category require at least minimal natural light to give a clear overview.

The first 2 generations of the devices for hunting at night often have a range of 100 meters or less. Such a device can be useful during tourist outings and travel, but it is not suitable for hunting animals.

The third-generation instruments have a higher price category, but if the hunter is confident that there will be a lot of time to dedicate to the night raids, the purchase justifies the money spent. A quality device will ensure a productive hunt and safety.

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