ATN X-Sight II 3-14x rifle Scope night vision

Core OBSIDIAN II from ATN allows for up to 1 000 000 000 (billion) operations per second and is a highly specialized computer with a set of sensors, designed for instant processing and compression of large files.

Digital scopes are very different from the usual day and night optics. Created on the basis of the matrix scopes the ATN X-Sight HD II is able to work both day and night in two modes – Green and Black&White (green or black-and-white image), always maintaining a very high level of awareness about the environment through a variety of built in sight of the sensors. It should look like a hunting sight of the XXI century!

The use of high-resolution sensor gives you the ability to clearly see at night any objects. To configure the ATN X-Sight HD II much easier than Your phone or tablet.


To manage ballistic calculator simple, no graphs, complex templates or calculators. The new function does everything for You. SYSTEM SMART FIRING automatically detects the wind direction, the angle and the distance to the target, so every shot was perfect.


New patented technology the SMART METER is only a few clicks allows you to determine the distance to the target. Adjust only once a SMART METER, and the sight will automatically adjust the aiming point.


Keep all ballistic properties and zeroing Your weapons in the profile Manager, X-Sight HD II. No longer need to worry and each time targeting a weapon, simply create once a new profile, set up and use at any time.


Unlike traditional optics, smooth zoom ATN X-Sight HD II will help to get to see everything that You want.


Take pictures and record videos in 1080p FULL HD quality. Not a single moment will not be missed, record any time, day and night. And upon returning home share your best moments and achievements of hunting with family and friends.


On the hunt You have a more important task than to record the video before shooting. ATN’s engineers have developed a system that automatically records the shot, Relax and focus on the goal, the rest of the work will make the core of Obsidian II.

If You enabled this function, system will be constantly recording, but as soon as You pull the trigger, it will automatically save part of the video that You could watch it later.


Spatial magnetometer, mounted in the sight ATN X-Sight HD II, constantly tells the user the direction in which you are monitoring. This electronic compass can easily be used on rough terrain and in the woods.


Smooth change of magnification combined with image stabilization on the basis of the gyro enables very flexible to adapt to external conditions and to obtain a clear image in any light, preparing an accurate shot.


A unique feature of ATN X-Sight HD II is a “geo-tag”; this feature allows you to create photos with a geo-stamp, tied to GPS data, which will subsequently allow you to restore the entire route and know exactly where it was created any photo. The marks are determined by reference to the altitude above sea level due to the built-in altimeter, which greatly simplifies the perception of complex landscapes.


Sight digital ATN X-Sight HD II connects via wifi to mobile devices running on Android and iOS. Using a special application ATN “Obsidian”, you can view the video captured by the sight X-Sight II HD on the screen of the mobile device in real time. You can also choose the type and color of the aiming mark and adjust its position, change the brightness and contrast of the screen, and more. All adjustments of the sight can be produced with the screen of the mobile device that much easier and faster than using the menu that opens when observed in the crosshairs.


  • The ability to fire day and night
  • Two night modes – Green and Black&White (green, black and white)
  • A smooth increase
  • The core of OBSIDIAN II
  • Profile Manager
  • Record full HD (video and photos)
  • Auto record shot
  • Gyro
  • Magnetometer
  • Accelerometer
  • Electronic barometer
  • Electronic compass
  • GPS Geotaging
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Generation (type IIT) Digital
  • Increase 3-14
  • The angle of vision, degree 9
  • Focal length, mm 50
  • Eye relief, mm 65
  • Diopter adjustment, DPTR +/-5
  • The minimum focusing distance, m 1
  • Infrared illuminator Yes
  • Time of continuous work: in passive mode, h 8 – 12
  • Time of continuous operation: in active mode (IR illuminator on max. output), h 8 – 12
  • The possibility of photo/video shooting Yes
  • Power supply AA Batteries – 4pcs.
  • Voltage, 4-6
  • The operating temperature range, ° C -30°C – +60°C
  • Relative humidity, % to 98
  • Integrity Yes
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height), mm 294x79x87
  • Weight, g 975
  • Country of origin USA

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