NiteSite Eagle model (500 m) Sight night Digital camera

Complex NiteSite EAGLE is designed for hunting with no restrictions. Thanks to infrared illumination, the hunter can easily identify the target at a distance of 500 meters.

Easy installation and dismantling NiteSite into Your day sights will take a maximum of 60 seconds.

A nice feature is that all options of your day sight will be as to function, as with ordinary shooting, whatever these options may be: deviation from the parallax tactical drums, laser rangefinders and laser designators, change of magnification, illuminated reticle, and saved myself the reticle, which are used arrows.

This is a very important point – hunters do not need to “re-learn” and get used to the new controls sight, a new reticle, etc., and, therefore, all the usual shooting skills and aiming are saved, allowing you to shoot without being distracted by night equipment, as well as with the day sight.

Features NiteSite EAGLE:

  • Strike range
  • 5-integrated IR illumination
  • All in one complex night vision
  • Does not require additional illumination
  • Video output
  • Ultra clear night vision
  • Detection range: 500 meters (550 yards)
  • Weight: 572g
  • Working time: up to 27 hours
  • IR Frequency: 850
  • IR LEDs: 5
  • Display screen: 3.5 inch LCD
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° to 60 ° (-4 ° F to 140 ° F)
  • Video output: 3.5 mm 4-pin connector
  • Water-resistant: Yes

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