NiteSite Wolf Digital camera

The sight of the company NiteSite Wolf to strike medium-range, it reaches a level night vision at ranges of up to 300m depending on the model of the sight in zero visibility and allows the user to smoothly and quietly change the infrared output in the range from zero to maximum.

Unlike regular night sights for the night complex NiteSite is not required sources of natural light (moon, starry sky, etc.), it means that the hunter can successfully shoot in any weather and lighting conditions that significantly extends the range of hunting and their impact.

All the existing classic night sights quite demanding operating conditions and require special attention to avoid exposure of EOP from getting bright light, night NiteSite complexes not only afraid of external exposure, dangerous for a regular night sights, thus they can be used constantly – and is equally effective day and night.

The kit includes three Wolf infra red LEDs, which are mounted before the block of the LCD screen and backlight. The range of visibility is achieved thanks to a patented infrared system lens. The Wolf model is equipped with a block color camera for daytime vision in colour. Though at night the picture is black and white, the camera reproduces colors available. The NiteSite camera equipped with the soft, virtually silent button on/off located on the rear side of the camera unit. The Wolf kit also includes a lightweight battery, which is mounted on the sight, it allows the gun to stay light and versatile in use.

The battery life is 7.5 hours. (1.5 hours at full power infra red).

  • The vision range: 300 meters (330 yards)
  • 3 x members of the infra red 850 nm led
  • Weight without battery 528,
  • Lithium-ion battery 11.1 V 5500 mAh
  • Estimated time of 25 hours (7.5 hours with a maximum of infra red power).
  • Video output, There are

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