NP Phantom 3*50 BW long weaver rifle Scope night vision

Sight of night vision Yukon Phantom 3×50 BW 2+, Weaver (Pulsar) with a black-and-white electron-optical Converter, generation 2+. The device is made in high strength sotoserena waterproof housing made of CFRP and can be installed on weapons with muzzle energy up to 6000 joules.

The nitrogen filling prevents fogging of internal optical surfaces of the sight during temperature fluctuations and in humid conditions. Fast lens with internal focusing delivers a crisp and clear image at any distances within the working range, even at extremely low – from 5 m.

A powerful infrared illuminator allows you to use the sight in absolute darkness. The luminous flux can be focused from a scattered to focused. If you do not need infrared illumination it is easy to remove from the body.

The sight has the function of instant on, all operations with the device can be carried out using the remote control. The configuration of a reticle is red, you can choose from three options (half-cross, half-cross point or the point) and change a simple click.

The frame of the sight is equipped with a Weaver rail for mounting additional equipment (for example, infrared light or directional microphone). Lens cap is attached to the body. The battery compartment is located vertically, which ensures the reliability of power supply when shooting. It is possible to use one AA (1.5 V) or CR123 (3 V).

The sight comes with a Weaver mount, strap width 21 mm.


Magnification, times: 3
Magnification: permanent
night vision: Yes
Converter: IIT generation 2+
Brand of the inverter: EPM66G-2-U-WPT
Manufacturer Converter: JSC “Ekran-optical systems”, Russia
The magnification ratio Converter time: 1,0
Type of the photocathode: the photocathode S25 mnogosloinoi
The diameter of the working area of the photocathode, mm: 18
Photocathode sensitivity, µa/LM: 450/500
The conversion factor Rel. units, range/typical value: 20000/23000
Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm: 50
Diameter of exit pupil, mm: 7
The removal of exit pupil, mm: 50
Focal length, mm: 81,5
Relative aperture: 1:1,63
Angular field of view: 11
Field of view at 100 m distance, meters: 20
The range of recognition targets such as “the boar” at an illumination of 0.005 Lux (starry sky), m: 600
The minimum distance of focusing, m: 5
Diopter correction eyepieces, D: ±3,5
Focus: built-in
Resolution, angular seconds: 45/50
Precision alignment of linear, mm/step of 100 m: 16,5
IR illuminator: Yes
Wavelength, nm: 805
Equivalent power, mW, not more than 100
Voltage: 1,5/3V
Power source: 1 AA battery/CR123
The battery life, h: IR – 5/8
without IR: – 15/24
Mount rail: weaver
The options of mounting brackets on weapon: Weaver, Weaver Long, Weaver-Auto, “Moose”, BK, Prism 14/200, adapter MAK
“The ability to connect other equipment: Weaver
Remote control: remote
The operating temperature range, °C: -30…+40
Filling factor: nitrogen
Watertightness: Yes
Protection class (according to IEC 60529): IPX6
Additionally, the step between the centers of the channels of the MCP: 21.5 microns
Warranty period, years: 3
Weight: 1,0
Dimensions, mm: 278х95х103

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