Phantom G3 4*60 with a ceiling mount. Prizm 14/200 rifle Scope night vision

The Phantom 4×60 (3rd generation) takes into account all requirements for modern night hunting. It features a simple design and maximum functionality. The sight is waterproof and can be operated in precipitation of any intensity.

Gas-filled optical channel protects optics and internal cavities of the instrument from fogging, which can occur as a result of the temperature difference or high humidity conditions. Housing of optical sights is made of high-strength special plastics.

The design of the body Phantom and the reinforced host of the EOP provide impact resistance when using powerful ammunition, including 9.3×62, 9.3×74 and 375H&H. the High gain of light allows you to hunt in the conditions of critically low night illumination, up to 10-4 Lux* (the night sky in clouds). System voltage regulation precludes the withdrawal of the aiming mark, even with a strong battery drain.

Effectively addressed the question of the choice of the aiming mark.


  • IIT 3rd generation, sensitivity to 1800 (which is much more than 2+)
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable control
  • High shock resistance
  • Qualitative high aperture optics
  • Lens with internal focusing
  • Gas-filled optical channel
  • Protection class IPX6 (waterproof)
  • High quality image and resolution
  • Efficiency in all conditions of natural night illumination
  • Custom configure the reticle.
  • Power supply with voltage regulation
  • Powered by item type CR123 or AA
  • Indication of battery discharge
  • Function instant on
  • Detachable, focusable IR illuminator
  • Remote control connector high reliability
  • Planck Weaver 7/8” housing
  • Protected against loss of lens cap
  • The possibility of replacing the mounts


  • Sight Phantom (complete)
  • Case
  • Remote control
  • The manual
  • Warranty card

Characteristics:Generation EOP: 3

Sensitivity: up to 1800

Visual magnification, x: 4

Lens diameter, mm: 60

Field of vision, degree: 11

The removal of exit pupil, mm: 50

Resolution, lines/mm: 45

Detection range, m: 800

The limit of refocus ocular, DPTR: +/-3.5

The minimum distance of focusing, m: 8

Battery: 1xAA / 1xCR123

Working voltage: 1.5 (AA) / 3 (CR123)

The hours (with IR / without IR), hours: 5 (AA); 8 (CR123) / 15 (AA); 24 (CR123)

Grade of water-resistance: IPX6

Dimensions: 320x95x103

Weight, kg: 1

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